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Hey guys teaser for my new flick "Boxed In" and chance to win a brand new 5D Mark III

Andy Palmer

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Just shot a new teaser for an thriller we are hoping to produce this year called "Boxed In"
We are currently raising funds through Indiegogo for not only "Boxed In" but a second feature as well to do it as a Micro-Double Feature. The trailer for that will drop in two weeks. If you like what you see from the first trailer mosey on over to our Indiegogo page. We have some unbelievable prizes. One of which includes a brand new Canon 5D Mark III! Once we get over 400 donations of $25 or more, all the donors names will be thrown in a hat and one will win the camera. So even if the flick isn't up your alley, you have a chance to win a $3500 camera for $25 bucks. We have other amazing prizes as well, and honestly I hope you just love the concept of the movies, because we are extremely passionate about getting them made.

Thanks for watching guys
-Andy Palmer
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Thanks so much. Yeah the Scarlet is just a little piece of awesome. I've shot my last few projects on 5D and 7D, and I love them. I can move fast the image looks great, but you just have to be very careful. With the Scarlet I could just play more. The CU shot of the guy with the gun, was a 3-shot of all the bad guys. Re-frame 300%...No problem. We could have could very warm with the colors, but once I found that burnt, blue green look in Cineform's Firstlight I was hooked. I'll attach some behind the scenes shots to give you an idea, how far we could push the looks with the Scarlet.[img]http://www.eoshd.com/comments/uploads/inline/20980/50373941e5314_ED9C9430.jpg[/img]
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very nice. you did very well for $1200 all in. looks very good. nice location. nice makeup and costume. nice shooting, and nice editing. id love to see it a little less saturated. same color palette but less actual saturation. If I saw this trailer in the cinema, with slightly better graphic design and maybe a re edit of your edit by a pro trailer editor I recon this would pass for a big screen worthy piece. Also, the music was good but a little cliche. sometimes less is more in creating that feeling of isolation from the outside 'safe' world.
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Great notes sir, and thanks so much for watching. I might just try the color change and send it to you. The great thing about First Light and RED, is I could test that out in a matter of minutes. I agree we went a little more "Kodak" punchy, but I wanted to be a bit more aggressive with it for this go around. It's funny I edit reality shows for a living, and as I sat down to do this, I realized what a different beast, trailers were. We will definitely hire a pro, if we can get this sucker off of the ground on Indiegogo. Thanks again for your support guys. EOS HD is my first stop every morning to catch up the latest and greatest.
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What's up guys, just wanted to check in on progress. The trailer is doing very well with almost 18k hits on youtube and almost 2k on Vimeo. We're almost at the 3K for indiegogo. Just wanted to attach a little preview for our 2nd film in the double feature. Bloodline.[img]http://www.eoshd.com/comments/uploads/inline/20980/50397af294f9a_BloodlinePoster.jpg[/img]
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