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Kineraw S35 priced to kill - 2K 12bit Raw (from 4K sensor) for $6K

Andrew Reid

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where`s the big advantage over the bmd camera? i mean 4000$ advantage.. (actually 5k if you consider the software..)
oh, you need to buy a monitor as well (we`re at 6k now)
ok, more sensor real estate, and maybe the mount options (extra $$) but that`s it...
is the eos mount capable of stopping down lenses?
if your`re on a budget you should rather buy glass.
anyways, would love to see a "shootout"...
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I actually played with some of the footage. It's amazing. Worked great in premiere pro CS6.

I think this can be the camera that most of us been waiting on. The only question really is support. Hopefully they partner with someone to tackle this. I actually read somewhere that they were going to try to partner with someone so if something goes wrong you won't have to ship your cam all the way to China.

This is the camera I'm most interested in. Then the BMCC.
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It's a welcome addition to the party and the footage looks great. But it seems to me that (apart from sensor size) you get more for less with the Blackmagic Camera. But Blackmagic needs to start shipping soon, because their competitors are moving forward too.
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I love the look of this one. I do prefer the footage I've seen from this to what I've seen from BMD too, plus the form factor with lots of buttons looks solid.

I hope they keep the OS as simple as Alexa too, that'd be wonderful. Alexa is so robust and easy to use. It's easier than an EOS.
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[quote name='rungvang' timestamp='1345646247' post='16210']
Well, it doesn't suprise me since China can copy or fake pretty much everything with a cheap price and decent quality

This doesn't give them enough credit I'm afraid. The technical expertise and talent you need to build a cinema camera like this is extraordinarily high. They didn't just order everything from Germany, or copy some white paper by Arri.
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I feel sensor size is an issue. Even if it's twice the BMDs price I'm sure Kineraw S35 is gonna help you capture the deep, movie feel more easily than the heavy crop of the BMD, with equivalent lighting etc. BMD has a lot less physical space gathering light than S35...

I have the RX100 and it's a bit dead but it's useful. Try out a medium format stills camera with no AA filter and you're looking at creepily 3D pictures (if you light it well of course), a huge area gathering light. IT definitely makes a difference. Roll on medium format video! ;)
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