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Kineraw S35 priced to kill - 2K 12bit Raw (from 4K sensor) for $6K

Andrew Reid

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I Got a email from Kinefinity.com (sm) about the news from the trade show,

1) Quote: [Besides, i got hundreds of emails from different countries. But i have no time to reply to them in time. I will communicate with them soon.]

So please give them some time to reply as they are very busy right now.

2) Quote: [People love the image quality, [edit]. If our first 20 units work well as expected, we may get many orders in China.]

They got pre-orders at the trade show and are I guess going to ship about 10 to 20 units for advanced field testing, and when any issues that come up are workout on those cameras gear up for mass production.

3) Quote: [We did a great exhibition in Beijing. Our booth were crowded everyday nearly, and we missed lunch some days.]

4) They say they still have plans for the S8 and S16 models but are looking into the details in light of the other cameras that are under development in the market.

5) The new target body price for the KineRAW-S35 (tm) is about USD $6300.

6) The have worked with a company called MOVCAM (tm) to get accessories, you can check the MOVCAM (tm) web site to see more details and look at the photo (you can email me for sine I am out of photo space here) about what those look like with the camera.

So a lot of progress in the past year!

My Brother was shooting some lighting tests last night for a science fiction short he wants to see how the S35 looks under that short of lighting so we were shooting with the 2800K Tungsten "look" in the KineColor look group at EI ISO 800, that gives a slight blue cast to some of the lighting and better balance for the bulbs on a VariAC to control the lighting ratios. We were using a LOMO 100mm f/2.0 at T/2.8 and 144 degrees on the shutter. He seemed pleased with the results so far. The grading range is quite wide and there are no block artifacts of the kind that show up in H.264 recording cameras so it looks much like a 35mm film scan would, maybe with less grain and no processing marks like film would show.
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I got time to convert the 2048x1080 version of the video Alvin Somwaru helped shoot in Golden Gate Park into Letter-boxed MPEG4 1920x1080 for posting on Vimeo,


I used TEncoder â„¢ set to 12000 kbps and two pass compression for the conversion from the graded uncompressed AVI but there are still some compression artifacts that show up here and there, anyone have suggestions for a better free, or maybe not free, encoder for making H.264 video files that Vimeo will accept?

I was using just the MPEG4v2 option in VirtualDUB â„¢ but that is one pass and shows much worse compression artifacts. If you see the video as looking too light and washed out on your MAC notebook let me know about that, I may try to post another copy graded darker. It seems there is a bug in Quicktime â„¢ where it shows videos too light and washed out looking, under Media Player â„¢ on my Brother's PC with the CRT monitor set to 1920 resolution it looks OK as far as brightness. Viewing on a LCD or HD monitor it may look like the highlights are burned out and the shadows too dark since I encoded it full range for PC viewing.
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