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  1. Hello, I was wondering what would be the ideal safe filter size for the SLR Magic Rangerfinder Cine Adapter? The front filter size is 82mm, however I want to be 100% since anything close to it like a 4x4 mattebox has the sides very visible. 82mm or larger? What are you filter solutions when using the SLR Magic Rangerfinder Cine Adapter? 82mm? 4x 5.65 mattebox? Thanks! John
  2. It's a great production job for sure! On the subject of the Zacuto shootout, I never found Den Lennie's work to be filmic at all, his work looks like video out of the camera, the FS700 test looked too video too but it's probably the colour grading. I've seen better "filmic" work out of the FS100.
  3. Can you guys recommend any anamorphic zoom lens? Or is it just anamorphic primes that are available? I can't seem to get an answer on twitter after buying the guide. Any input is appreciated. John
  4. Seriously $10K for the 4K DSLR? It's still primarily a DSLR...otherwise they would have given it a video cam form factor. I am still confused about Canon's plan for the 4K DSLR.
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