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  1. It's alright. It was a no-budget project between friends. They got no label and I didn't have a production company. But they really wanted a video for the song, so the deal was that they could use my footage to make their own, official version and I can show my version with the song to people as long as the video isn't public.
  2. I personally do ungraded and use a LUT on top footage + VFX, just to see how it behaves when graded. VFX can look weird in log but look right when the export is graded.
  3. @Mark Romero 2 Sure, bud My only short to get into a couple of big festivals. Also a no budget project with a few friends, shot on a hacked GH2 (Flowmotion) with vintage Nikon AI/AIS lenses.
  4. Unfortunately my best video can never be released publicly due to a fall out between myself and the band, but that didn't stop me from completing the video and showcasing it for my skills. Shot on hacked GH2 (Flowmotion) with a set of vintage Nikon AI/AIS lenses. No budget, simple gear and a couple of friends. PW: MyVersion
  5. Beastgrip could be something, saw some other videos of someone using Moondog Labs' adapter on a Panasonic m43. Looked decent stepped down, not so much in low light wide open.
  6. Like the title says, which one to go for? Personally I don't care much for 1,33 or 1,5 stretch, 2x is what I prefer. But the priority here is to keep it small and light weight enough to not having to build a rig with rods. And sharp enough at f2,8. What are my options or should I keep on dreaming?
  7. Hi all was testing out the clear image zoom on the a6500 to reduce RS for some handheld but felt the quality was off. So I did a comparison, static wide with the Sigma 30mm f1,4 and the Sony 16mm f2.8 with 2x CIZ. Both at f5,6, shot in 4k. And the later was indeed awful, see attached snaps (SOOC). Top is 16mm+CIZ, second is 30mm. This is not even close to the good results I've seen of others' tests online. Any setting I need to change?
  8. I'm wondering too how to use that to create noise profiles. What advantages does it have over a regular color chart (which I've used on every camera)?
  9. Anyone got any low light Blackmagic Pocket DNGs? Got a project coming up and want to try out different NR methods.
  10. Hi everybody getting into anamorphic and can't decide between these two. I've been reading and watching my eyes off for the past weeks and I'm just running in circles now. Unfortunately I got no chance of testing them and have to make a "blind buy". My main cameras are GH4 and Red Scarlet-X with native MFT lenses and Nikon AI(s). Will shoot in 4:3 for proper ratio and I'd like to go as wide as possible (think Primo 40mm, or close-ish) Which would work the best for me and my setup in terms of sharpness and fast-ish aperture (I like low light, sorry)? Any advice and thoughts are welcome since I'm a complete noob in this area
  11. Having a blast with your files, Luke!
  12. My area is the same as you and I just got the Canon 1DX mkII because it fits all my needs: - FF for photography -1.3x crop (right in between s35 and FF, which I really like) in 4k up to 60p for video along with proper 24p and DCI resolution. - Internal 8bit 422 sure, but it's not limiting at all, that's more than enough data for pushing it around in post (both for color correction/grading and VFX). - Great motion cadence since it's not Long GOP compression + fast sensor readout, RS is about 14ms. Not bad for APSH in 4k. - Autofocus is wonderful, especially on the Canon lenses that support user defined speed of the pull. - Great in low light, I could easily use 12800 ISO with just some color noise reduction since the noise is quite filmic thanks to the compression. Double that ISO if downscaling for a 2K finish. - There are several "C-LOG" profiles out there now, but only one truly match the 1DC and reacts as it should to LUTs and profiles like Filmconvert that were created for the real deal. Expensive? Yes. But I look at it this way: With this camera I got everything I need without external batteries and adapters and whatnot and all the problems I've encountered in the past like focus issues and having to charge a dozen batteries and keep track of all the little pieces. There is a lot of money I don't spend on rigging for power solutions and speed boosters, a second high res monitor (and more batteries) for a focus puller. It just works! And all the lens choices... Hidden gems like the 35mm/f2 are cheap and a knock out! And Canon won't replace it next year with mk87 of minimal improvements like Sony and why should they? 4k60p will hold up for quite some time. This is a battle tested work horse that will last for years! It's very liberating to have all these features and not worry about the technical stuff like I've done with other DSLRs/mirrorless/hybrids in the past. Oh, and don't let the size and weight stop you. It's extremely ergonomic and so well balanced that I didn't get tired at all despite going handheld (without any rig) an entire day. I was really tired before lunch with the lighter (and also well balanced) Digital Bolex, despite the comfy pistol grip and a small lens.
  13. hempo22

    DPAF Lenses?

    btw @Shield3 is it parfocal? Would be great if people would post clips showing the speed of different lenses, canon with or w/o "slow focus transition" and third party. I got some testing lines up next weekend with borrowed lenses: Canon 50mm f1.8 II (real one!), Sigma 18-35 + 50-100 and Canon 85mm f1.2 II.
  14. hempo22

    DPAF Lenses?

    Cool, Shield3! I've looked at it, but never really considered it since the f4 mkII and the Sigma 24-105 (and canon 24-70 f4) always steals the light, but I'll look into it! Do you know the t-stop at f5,6? Original 24-105 was like T5.something... Sigma is T4.2 I believe.
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