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  1. XC - 10 Limiting lens. The non-constant aperture can drive one crazy while shooting at multiple focal lengths…The maximum aperture difference between wide (F2.8) and tele (5.6) is too large.Not enough assignable buttons. There are only 3 of those and that’s very limiting. After assigning 1-Magnification, 2-Display and 3-Push auto focus, had to dig into “FUNCTION” in order to change ISO values, engage the internal ND filter, use the focus peeking or enable zebra.After changing a value in “FUNC”, when starting to record, the menu screen will still be present, preventing the possibility of quic
  2. So, when will Canon release a new DSLR with better Full HD video?
  3. At first they planned to release episode 3 to complete the triology but I dont think there will be a 3-rd episode
  4. As far as I know, 5D Mark III can only record RAW on a fastest CF card. I read a spec of Blackmagic Pocket, it records RAW on a SD card. How is it even possible?
  5. I agree with you that they do have talent. They even copy from the Russian Su27 fighter aircraft and made their own jet, camera is nothing.
  6. Well, it doesn't suprise me since China can copy or fake pretty much everything with a cheap price and decent quality
  7. Well, I think for aerial shot there is a flycam for that with better gyro stabilizing system.
  8. I worked only with 5D Mark II and Mark III, sometimes with 7D, 60D, 550D. So can't really name the top 10...
  9. I'm also curious about it, there are few different Sankor lens like 16C, 16D, 16F. Im currently waiting for my 16c.
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