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    Matins 2 reacted to TomTheDP in What will it take for digital camera manufacturers to catch up with the film look?   
    I mean the Alexa comes close. RED Komodo is global shutter. 

    I do think the Alexa surpassed film. It has great color rendition and amazing latitude. 

    What I was saying is that there hasn't been a digital camera on the market that has matched the look of film in all its complexities. Of course shooting on an Alexa you can mimic it with post processing due to the flexibility of the files coming off that camera. Same goes for anything that can shoot RAW. 
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    Matins 2 reacted to TomTheDP in What will it take for digital camera manufacturers to catch up with the film look?   
    The 1DC is nice but I wouldn't say its on par with film. The color science is nice but its not mimicking any certain film stock. It also won't respond like film does to under or over exposure. Over exposing the 1DC will result in a digital clippy mess. 
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    Matins 2 reacted to helium in HBO Max streaming controversy - Christopher Nolan versus Warner   
    Oh, come on.  The empty and grandiose filmmaking of Nolan and Tarantino helped bury cinema long before streaming.    Essential human drama?  Please.

    VHS cassettes, unsocialized audience members and multiplexes killed the "theatrical experience" for most thoughtful adults, years ago.  The Hitchcock ideal of 2000 people coming to the Church of Cinema once or twice a month was dead before he was.  
    There are people now who see more drama in a day than most of humanity did in a lifetime.  No form of art or entertainment can survive that much accessibility.  These days, everything is a passing diversion.  King Lear or reruns of Two and A Half Men, it's all the same.
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    Matins 2 reacted to Andrew Reid in HBO Max streaming controversy - Christopher Nolan versus Warner   
    Add up the total box office revenue for those 30 films. Streaming will not pay out.
    This isn't about streaming being evil and multiplex experience being great. Actually it has left a lot to be desired for a long time and is overpriced.
    Streaming is great.
    But it cannot come at the expense of cinema culture, independent cinemas, art-house cinemas, and millions of jobs. That's what is on the line now.
    As far as what's popular, of course it's all going to be comic book escapism and family friendly - that's what consumers want. You're not going to have dark, brooding 18 rated stuff dominating the box office! It doesn't dominate Netflix by view-count either! If you look at the top 100 of the music charts, that's 99% artistically shallow as well - you don't expect to find complex themes appealing to the mainstream, because most people just want some escapism or a family day out... most people don't care about cinema and craft, like we do. It's obvious every time you go to a cinema isn't it?
    Mainstream and popular has always been derivative and lowest common denominator stuff. Although I think Joker at $333m box office isn't to be sniffed at, for what's essentially an art-house movie... Albeit one that uses a super hero carrot to entice the general public! And you have the occasional Nolan, or quality popcorn movie doing well. 007. Lord of The Rings etc.
    But if we destroy those communal cinema experiences and box office revenue by making all new major releases come to streaming at same time as cinema, you really damage the entire movie industry financially, not to mention piss off a lot of talent who as Nolan said, went to sleep one day working for cinema, and woke up working for a HBO Max bait and switch.
    It's a great thing to have your work destined for the big screen and illustrious cinema-land.
    What would David Lynch make of it? Can you really experience cinema on a laptop screen? 
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    Matins 2 reacted to Andrew Reid in HBO Max streaming controversy - Christopher Nolan versus Warner   
    Here's how the music industry is...
    Big profits for Spotify but talent kept completely in the dark.
    We cannot have our culture controlled in this way and pimped out over the internet whilst live audiences become obsolete.
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    Matins 2 reacted to majoraxis in Apple M1 crushes Intel – benchmark results   
    Looks like I was wrong about using my iMac in target mode as a monitor. I just read
    "iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014) and later iMac models can’t be used as Target Display Mode displays."
    Bummer - looks like I need a new monitor for my new iMac when I purchase it.
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    Matins 2 reacted to MicahMahaffey in Cinematic Car Edit Shot On A6300, Mavic Pro 2   
    First time flying a drone, I think it came out ok. Thoughts? 
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    Matins 2 reacted to barefoot_dp in Nikon could leave camera market   
    Granted the Mac Pro might not be for mass consumers, but there's a much wider market than just filmmakers. And It's not actually a niche product; it's just a high-end version of a product nearly every home and office uses. Any professional who needs a powerful desktop for any reason might consider it. And many more people with more money than sense will go out and buy it simply because they think "it's what professionals use and I want the best". The real genius of Apple products is in the styling and marketing, not in the design or features.

    It's worth noting that if Apple put out a cinema camera they would likely not be able to include ProRes raw recording internally - they already challenged Red's patent in court and lost.

    And being Apple, they would probably have a proprietary lens mount with very limited, overpriced lenses. You would have to buy an ipad or iphone as the monitor, there would be no headphone jack, the audio inputs would be some new proprietary type, everything would be touchscreen only, and the mounting threads would be 1/2" instead of 1/4" so that you have to buy a special Apple baseplate for $2499 just to put it on a tripod. Plus it would probably have an internal media and an internal battery that cannot be removed and which does not last for a full 10hr production day (and the charger would be sold separately).

    Apple are the last company I would want to see release a cinema camera.
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    Matins 2 reacted to D4cl00 in Pro camcorder ergonomics - why are they so rubbish?   
    It lacks certain design aesthetics, values. It is the layout, grouping, hierarchy, how and when you expose information, contextual aware design, affordance, terminology, interface design etc that is wrong. Different font sizes, pixelated menus, overload in terminology, too many irrelevant options, no clear understanding of the user, etc...
    Japanese companies often are “tech/engineering first”. Their engineering mindset echoes in the user interface and user experience. 
    Which is weird - look at Japanese gardens, modern Japanese interior design and architecture; they are minimalist and balanced. Look at their cuisine; minimalist, simple yet rich, delicate and artful. Almost the opposite of tech hardware design. 
    An evolution of ingraining their (beautiful) cultural design values into their cameras still needs to happen. It requires their companies to be structured differently and I fear their traditional org structures and formal approach prevents them to keep up with modern times.
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    Matins 2 got a reaction from sanveer in Apple M1 crushes Intel – benchmark results   
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    Matins 2 reacted to SigurdW in The Arctic Forklifter - A Portrait of a Dreamer   
    A portrait of a dreamer, who moved to the arctic archipelago, Lofoten, to unite his love for nature with his love for forklifting. In this heartwarming documentary he also tries to tear down the stigma he feels is attached to his craft. A story about life and its ups and downs. And forklifting.
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    Matins 2 reacted to Andrew Reid in Pro camcorder ergonomics - why are they so rubbish?   
    New blog post
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    Matins 2 got a reaction from TheRenaissanceMan in Apple M1 crushes Intel – benchmark results   
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    Matins 2 got a reaction from Juank in Apple M1 crushes Intel – benchmark results   
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    Matins 2 got a reaction from Vintage Jimothy in Best system to invest in for videography?   
    Right now, I'd say Sony.
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    Matins 2 got a reaction from BenEricson in iPhone 12 Pro Max - "ProRAW" and 5 axis IBIS   
    I totally agree.
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    Matins 2 got a reaction from John Matthews in iPhone 12 Pro Max - "ProRAW" and 5 axis IBIS   
    I totally agree.
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    Matins 2 reacted to John Matthews in iPhone 12 Pro Max - "ProRAW" and 5 axis IBIS   
    I have taught 200-300 teenagers in the last few years. Phones, social media, and gaming have stifled their development in a traditional sense. It's not one or two- it's the majority! Doing something without their phone is a problem. The thought of going only one day without playing a video game is a problem. Is that addiction? I'm not sure, but sure does lack variety and it's so bad that now they don't allow phones at the school anymore. You're right, it's not at gunpoint, but do you know anyone who takes heroin at gunpoint? That's not how addiction works.
    Unfortunately, I don't really see the value in these devices. 5G? ...4G and 3G were good enough for me. Camera? ...I'm happy with my proper camera. Screen size? ...I prefer the smaller screens if it's supposed to be portable. My point is "progress" is a very subjective term. I don't like what I see.
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