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  1. DWX

    Canon EOS R5C

    The Z9 does mostly everything well, but the R5 has the better AF & is waaaay lighter. Sometimes I just need something light to get-in & out. R5 will be the BCAM in my studio shoots & as well as the backup for events since I need 2 cameras. I do prefer the R5 as the primary when doing portrait stills due to color science.
  2. DWX

    Canon EOS R5C

    I can confirm the R5C AF is not up to the task. I wasn't expecting it to be so bad. Couldn't reliably nail focus on simple subjects. The R5 runs circles around the R5C AF wise. I'd rather deal with the overheating on the R5 then the AF of the R5C. I sent mine back. I loved most everything else about it. I'll have to go dual system with the R5 & Z9.
  3. DWX

    Canon EOS R5C

    I think we've just gotten spoiled with the latest batch of cameras. I was planning on picking up the next Black Magic Pocket when it included 8K but going to add the R5C to go with my R5. Had both the BMPC4K/6K and enjoyed them but the autofocus of the Canons won me over. Love the flexibility 8K gives me in post for stabilization, cropping & zooming. Basically can leave the long lenses at home. As far as the R5C missing IBIS, it is unfortunate, but what Cinema camera has it? Plus I'm thinking the lens IS & EIS would still perform better than the IBIS from the latest Sony cameras. Canon probably should have called it the C5 to hammer home that it's a cinema first camera.
  4. Any word on if the battery hack still works to reset the overheat timer?
  5. DWX

    Stills from video

    We've been at this point. I've been doing this with my NX1 for the last 5 years. Beats having to switch back and forth between stills & video mode.
  6. So I can get 30 min 8k raw with the latest firmware on my R5 with crappy heat dissipation and Sony is giving you 30 min with superior heat management, less resolution, 420 and only 400Mbps. The R5 bitrate is 2600mpbs & 1300 for HEVC, so that lowering the bitrate option should help significantly with the record times. Really puts in perspective how versatile the R5 is, even though they blew the initial execution. Glad the Canon pushed the envelope and Sony answered. Looking forward to see what the new firmware bring...
  7. Gave my R5 a workout a few days ago. Outside Temp 59F, Shot varying 8K Raw, 4K HQ/HDR 30s - 60s clips at a park. The RF 50 1.2 AF is loud AF. Wasn't expecting that with a 2300 lens. Where the nano USM? Over the course of 2 hrs got the timer down to 5min but not even a overheating warning. Not expecting that when summer comes back around. I was able to shoot until the battery ran out. I was able to get by with just 2 batteries on my A7III for an entire day, but that's not going to be the case with the R5 going to have to get more than 2. Loving the 8K RAW/4K HQ footage. Finally a camera worthy to my NX1. Really impressed with the HDR PQ, but couldn't get it to play back on my HDR TV via USB. Viewing it on the DPP software is stunning. Now I need a resolve workflow to keep the HDR PQ & metadata when I render it. Just my initial observation... ,
  8. So you can do 4KHQ externally for an over 1hr in the heat then switch to 8K internally for 20 min...smh.
  9. DWX

    Sony A7S III

    Since this is a purely a video camera I don't understand forcing it into a photo camera body. I would have definitely preferred a VG900 style A7SIII. Would have been great with 6K & internal raw...
  10. Well I finally gave up hope that Canon would announce a way to mitigate/reduce the heat issue and reduce the recovery times so I just cancelled my R5 order. I applaud them for being ambitious enough to try after years of abysmal video in their cameras, but I'm sure this will just push other companies to just release incremental updates after their heat issue. I'm just underwhelmed by A7SIII since I've been spoiled by my NX1 and can't deal with the 12MP stills. I haven't been blown away by my A7III and it's been relegated for stills and only B-CAM video shots, but I guess the future A7IV will best suit my needs as a hybrid camera, I'm guessing it will do 4K 60P and oversampled 4K 30 from a 24MP+ sensor. That and the new Sony codecs will have to suffice even with their crappy IBIS & less than stellar skin tones, don't know how much longer the NX1 is going to last. Just don't see any other companies getting their act together. Dammit Canon....That R5 with the RF 50 1.2 would have been so perfect.
  11. DWX

    Sony A7S III

    Shouldn't the R5 be able to do 120fps to the Ninja if the A7SIII can? I know there is a big difference megapixel wise between the 2 cameras but with all the "heat" Canon is getting maybe they could add it in a firmware update since it's already doing 4KHQ to the Ninja.
  12. Good grief that's crazy. I'm not trying to get a RTX Titan. I was able to export the raw file to 8K DCI h265 30mpbs in Premiere Pro with basic color corrections with out it crashing. Once you start pushing it will crash. The 15 second clip to over 4 mins with the CPU @ 98% GPU 8% (come on Adobe) with hardware acceleration activated. I'm trying to get away from Adobe completely but until Resolve becomes more efficient I'm going to have Premiere on standby when I need to edit 8K.
  13. I have not had any success exporting the R5 test 8K Raw file in Resolve 16.2.4 with the latest Nvida studio drivers released yesterday. Getting GPU memory full. I7-9750H/RTX 2080 Max-Q. Quicksync disabled. Choppy playback on 8K timeline full res, CPU 98% GPU 55%. Playback smooth when set to half res. No issues with 4K timeline, CPU 65% GPU 32%
  14. The H265 80mbit outclasses Nikon Z6, Canon EOS-R & Sony A7III with the S-Lenses, scary to think what 180mbit mod will do.
  15. My NX1 is by far my favorite. It's like Samsung reached into the future and brought that camera back. Paired with the 'S' Lenses it can go toe-to-toe with any camera on he market today. The level of detail is astonishing. When I deliver at 1080p my clients are amazed at the quality. Have not been blown away by any camera yet and will continue to use my NX1 for video. A7III video is good but nowhere near the NX1 so it's been relegated to stills & B-CAM.
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