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  1. Yeah I was talking more moving objects.
  2. soon, we got 8k sensors, so its not too far out. I don't really even edit in 4k much though lol.
  3. Definitely, the issue with Panasonic is the focus isn't very accurate, so the touch to focus can be useless at times for video.
  4. I am waiting to buy the XT3 haha. I am kind of doubting the XH2 IBIS will be satisfying enough for me, but hopefully. If not I'll wait for the XT30 for a B cam(hopefully it'll have 10 bit).
  5. Try shooting in standard, or maybe one of the cine settings. Slog2 has the most noise, which isn't necessarily a bad thing you'll just need to use neat video (or another NR software) in post sometimes.
  6. Understandable but also silly. Would be good for them once they get past the loss in investment. Much smaller camera delivering what they need. I feel like most people using an FS5 need the cinema camera layout not just the image quality.
  7. Maybe they'll surprise everyone and put 10 bit 420 in the A7000. I think its going to be the camera you want except for maybe dual card slots.
  8. I'm with you. I was really considering Canon until I looked into Fuji, and they have better video specs generally. I mean a Canon C200 would probably be ideal for me buts its very pricey haha.
  9. I love the 35mm look. Though I agree its kind of an unnecessary focal length on APSC.
  10. I am betting the features will be slightly better. They have to stay competitive.
  11. Canon has really pleasing color science, Panasonic doesn't have that. The 10 bit codec on the GH5 and S is definitely more robust. Most people aren't that good at color grading though. Having nice colors out of he box is easy. Fuji has nice colors though which is another reason I'm buying it. Banding is another issue for log profiles that 10 bit handles much better then 8 bit. Not everyone needs log but it definitely gives you more dynamic range.
  12. I'd be going with the Black Magic if it modern age auto focus but it doesn't. The nice thing about the Pocket is it has quite good ISO performance. Still Fuji is the camera for me. A cinema cam will definitely have advantages, being able to use more reliable cables like SDI rather then HDMI or micro hdmi. I like a really small setup though so its hard to beat the Fuji, especially with 10 bit internal 4k.
  13. The battery life on the Fuji XT3 is about 45 minutes continuous recording. Auto focus is now as good as or better (in some areas) then Sony. No IBIS with the XT3 obviously and low light performance isn't as good. Speaking of innovative though Fuji is really being innovative right now which was a reason for me to go with the system. Plus lenses that are like 3 times smaller then full frame.
  14. Unless they do a large redo of their color science I'll stay with Fuji.
  15. I would say the main benefit of the Sony is clean high iso's in video and jpegs. I think you'll be happy with Fuji based on what you said. I haven't had a chance to play with Flog on the Fuji, but BM P4K is really impressive. It really blew the GH5's vlog out of the water in terms of highlight and shadow detail. I mean 14 bit raw is hard to beat. That said for me its the choice between the XT3, BMP4K, and the GH5S. Fuji wins it for me. The auto focus alone puts it above the other two. 10bit log is all I really need.
  16. Why switch to Fuji if you are happy with Sony tho? ISO seems to be the big step down if you switch to Fuji. Also no IBIS, though I don't really know how useful Sony IBIS is in video. I've found dynamic range on the XT2 to be beyond good, but I've never used a full frame sony to compare it with.
  17. I'm tempted to get this for vlogging. Flip out screen, canon color, and auto focus. Where else can that be found?
  18. F4 on full frame is pretty good tbh, for most situations. Especially when you can use 6400 and 12800 iso.
  19. The A7III is a bit out of focus in the everyday dad video. The Sony skin actually looks pretty good, though the fuji is a bit better blending the color around his eyes. I think the Fuji would shine more in mixed lighting conditions or harsher light. Flog would be an interesting comparison.
  20. Seems hard to believe. Could you post example photos?
  21. interesting, I wonder if its as easy as taking the back off and switching. I have a Nikon rear mount I'll have to check.
  22. Yes but its becoming everything. Everyone drives now. Heck I'll be out sometimes and there is like no one on the streets. Its all cars. Depends where you live obviously but technology changes everything. There is skill even to using auto focus though as silly as it may sound. Panasonic announced an AI auto focus system for their full frame cameras, there is the future.
  23. I do agree random auto focus would be kind of fruitless. Most auto focus is based around a certain area of the image(center or wherever you select). I do a lot of touch auto focusing on the fuji. Object tracking can be super useful though.
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