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  1. One big idea behind blurring the backdrop is to keep the viewers focus on the subject. However sometimes it works against itself. The background blur can draw attention to itself. I see this in a lot of movies these days. Everything is shallow DOF and it looks distracting and unnatural sometimes. If I care about the show or movie I'll be focusing on the subject not a car moving by in the back.
  2. How would a lens not be as sharp when being closer to a subject? Makes little sense to me.
  3. The really awesome thing will be 6 years from now when the XT3, A7III, EOS R, etc... are all outdated and much cheaper. I am not really big on 4k, the bigger things for me are 10 bit log, and PDAF which aren't found too much in older cameras. I had the Sony F3, but found out I really liked the SLR form factor better and wanted auto focus. Speaking of 1080 cameras with PDAF, the Canon 70d is a pretty good deal used these days. Tempting.
  4. Film school seems pretty overrated. Lots of good info and of course in the end you just have to put in the work. and then there is me who is color blind ?
  5. Andrew seems fair about it to me. He ripped on the camera a lot initially but it surprised him when he actually went to use it. Color science is more important then specs when it comes to a nice looking image. That said I don't think Andrew is defending the 120fps usability or the crop factor. But you can't deny it when you shoot with a camera and get nice images in 24/60p at least.
  6. Its definitely a bummer and not an innovative camera. However the Canon advantage that was present before the EOS R, is still present after the EOS R. Canon hasn't changed much so if you were happy with it before you probably still are now.
  7. The Nikon and Canon seemed to have less highlight retention then the A73, XT3, and GH5S. The A73 definitely held highlights best though by a small margin. It seems like the best way to see how much 10 bit makes a difference is to do a dramatic color grade across all cameras and see if the XT3 and GH5S come out on top. I have already seen comparison's between a GH5 and A7S2 with a heavy color grade and the GH5 held together significantly better.
  8. I turn down sharpness all the way but I never add sharpening in post. Same with photos. The bad thing about canon is their 120fps is pretty poor. I think Canon's 4k is nice. Their 1080 tends to be really noticeably softer even without punching in. Thats where the problem is for me. Haven't seen any 1080 EOS R stuff yet or at least not comparisons.
  9. I meant I only use it for vlogging sometimes or home video, where the ramping effect doesn't really matter.
  10. I rarely use auto anything and when I do I usually don't care that much about the quality. But yeah it isn't super smooth, though I wouldn't say its super obnoxious either.
  11. In the Video CINEMA5D posted it looked better almost everytime. It picked up the subject quicker. I don't think firmware will help. The lenses are just outdated. Like a fellow youtuber said its like putting a wooden wagon wheel on a Bugatti. The 18-55, 23 f2, 50 f2, 90 f2, and 16mm 1.4 seem to be the best ones. I have also heard the 18-135 and 55-200 aren't as fast.
  12. Woah, the camera race is crazy right now.
  13. It would be quite amazing if they remove the 30 minute record limit!
  14. Yeah the fast lenses looked nice but they were too expensive and don't perform well enough. I have old minolta lenses if I want a super shallow softer look. I would highly suggest the 23mm f2 and 50mm f2 they are very fast and sharp. I got both of mine used for pretty cheap. Next lens I am getting is a 18-55mm 2.8-4 for when I need OIS or just want an all in one lens. A pretty cheap kit all in all. Yeah its not going to give you as good of low light performance as a Sony with an F2 lens though.
  15. I would say ability to record in prores internally is a huge plus. High frame rates in RAW and 4k. Pretty large community surrounding black magic cameras, which is always helpful. Unlike a lot of cine cameras the BMP4K can also do high ISO's.
  16. How is the IBIS compared to a GH5?
  17. Didn't grade at all or color correct. Flog Eterna Lut 2048 x 1080 24fps -4 sharpening -3 NR (thought it was all the way down)
  18. There is no way the Sony won't match the XT3 in specs. It would just be suicide not to IMHO. In fact I think it will have specs that outdo the Fuji in some ways. That said Fuji color will still be fuji color and why I chose to get a fuji in the first place.
  19. I am confused as heck. XT2 higher dynamic range then XT3??
  20. For me Flog with the eterna LUT gives a great image. It honestly looked very close to what I was filming as far as colors go, very natural. Handheld shots are useable, I was just filming really poorly. Quick panning like I was doing is a bad idea, due to rolling shutter. If you do a controlled pan it looks fine though. Also I was filming with a 50mm lens. 50 is too long for handheld. A 35mm or 23mm would have looked a lot better. That said the 18-55 or 16-50 lenses are great for handheld, OIS works a charm. The rolling shutter isn't great (worse then the GH5) but its not bad either. A large step up from the A6300. Its better in 1080 as well.
  21. Here is a test I made with the XT3. Kind of sloppy shooting. This was shot -4 sharpening 400mbps - Long GOP, 4K, -4 sharpening, -4 noise Reduction, Flog, eterna Lut, no grading, no ND filters, indoor shots were auto WB, handheld
  22. Would be cool to see some 10bit footage out of the camera. It is a step in the right direction at least. Maybe internal 10 bit in their next mirrorless model?
  23. Interesting, so its superior to turning up regular noise reduction?
  24. Just discovered the XT3 does 400mbps in Long GOP, I am quite surprised. The GH5 and other cameras do 400mbps in All-I but not Long GOP. Should yield some noticeable quality increase.
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