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  1. 29 minutes ago, Django said:

    @kye ..why don't you compare it to a GoPro again?¬†ūü§£

    I repeat for the millionth time:

    I don't see how I could be any clearer but you conveniently leave out my clarifications every time only to keep arguing about unrelated camera specs. The images and dimension/weight info you found are indeed not telling the truth since you'd have to rig up those DSLRs substantially to get equivalent cine cam specs.

    I've even posted pics of rigged up R5C & Z6 to further prove my point.. but I'm the one that has trouble "comparing objects in photographs"? you sure about that lol.

    I'm not trying to get under your skin but again you present just a bunch of unrelated armchair data that miss the point entirely. 

    FYI I've owned the C100 and the 5D3 together, shot with them for years so I really do know what I'm talking about.

    Bringing up your GH5 in every topic doesn't make you any more of an expert on gear you've never used before.

    Nothing personal, relax. Just stating the obvious, no need for further arguments on said topic.

    Welcome to EOSHD, where all topics lead back to Lumix cameras.. 

    Well, if I can't talk about cameras I haven't used, don't get to join the discussion even if I bring facts, and can't talk about the ones I do have, I guess you're banning me from having any involvement at all?

    I mean, you are the internet police, right?

  2. 23 hours ago, MrSMW said:

    It’s been like learning to juggle. I started with just 2 balls, added another each year, dropped them more times than I’d care to remember but otherwise dedication.

    Plus the tech these days is better than it was 10+ years ago.

    I’m always amazed that MORE are NOT doing it, but as long as it is not the norm, good for me and my business!

    After my own experience learning video after being a stills shooter, and reading many threads on photography sites talking about learning video, I'm not surprised that there hasn't been a huge migration from stills to doing both.  ...and considering the level of skill and speed required at weddings, I would imagine that would make such a transition even more daunting for those contemplating such a thing!

    TBH though, the biggest challenge that I saw online from stills photogs was that they simply weren't willing to try.  Even when someone who had developed some video skills gave simple advice about how to start, most wouldn't even do it, despite how simple the assignment was.  Combined with the mass layoffs of photogs from newspapers and magazines that was occurring at that time, I got the sense that most had just given up on trying to adapt and stay relevant.

  3. 23 hours ago, Django said:

    OK so once again armchair expertise. You tend to make a lot of strong assumptions and present opinions as facts on subjects you really have zero experience with. Googling photos, watching a video on YT.. then arguing online against people with actual hands-on experience on the subject matter. Its a recurring theme I've noticed..

    Again you lumped the C100 & C300 in the same category. Anybody that has used those two cams knows they are day & night in form factor, weight, operation despite them looking similar on internet pictures.

    As for context, OP uses a Z6 plus an Atomos. Fully rigged that's already bulkier and heavier than a stripped down C100. To use your analogy its more like a sedan.. with a camping trailer attached to its rear!


    ..and again the C100 has built-in NDs, fan, all day battery life, WFM assist tools etc. even when stripped down.

    Rigging the equivalent on a large sensor mirrorless will not be smaller or lighter, hence my point withstands. 

    Do you have trouble comparing objects in photographs?

    I would have thought it was pretty straight forwards, but maybe not for everyone.  



    ......but maybe those photos are somehow lying!

    Let's see, the C100 is ~1020g, and:

    • Approx 135 x 170 x 129mm (thumbrest attached); => this is about 3L in volume

    • Approx 182 x 170 x 129mm (grip attached); => this is about 4L in volume

    My 700D is ~580g, and:

    • 133.1 x 99.8 x 78.8 mm => this is about 1L in volume

    So, the C100 with thumb rest is:

    • Almost identical in width
    • 1.7x taller
    • 1.63x deeper
    • about 3x as large in volume (however the C100 is quite curved, so this is much more subjective than the other measures)

    In terms of my 700D, I shot with it for years, and it is quite similar in size to my GH5 and XC10 once setup.  I have shot many thousands of clips and tens of thousands of photographs across dozens of countries across many continents with those setups.  Those cameras are not small.  

    and yet, I am expected to believe that a camera 1.7x taller and 1.63x deeper is somehow TINY.


    20 hours ago, TomTheDP said:

    @kyedoes a lot of travel so I can definitely see how a GH5 with vari ND and a small lens is a better setup for that usage. You could probably pocket that if you have the right Jacket where as you'll never be able to pocket a C100. 

    Also for situations where you want to film and not be noticed a GH5 or other camera just looks more like you are doing casual photography. C100 not as much. But if you rig out a DSLR it stops looking like a stills camera and you stop looking like a hobbyist. 

    I did a video using the ARRI Alexa, C100, and GH5. The C100 was my favorite out of the box look. It was a lower dynamic range scene but the colors were just really pretty. 

    Well said, however you have perhaps underestimated the attention that you get when you have a camera even the size of a GH5.  Remember that a 5D is universally recognised practically the world over as being as professional a camera as you can get, and it's not so much larger than a GH5.

    Of course, the discussion wasn't about what was palatable in public, it was on camera size, and when I made a simple remark about an absolute statement, for some reason instead of clarifying, our friend just doubled down on an absolute statement, and then tried to make it personal.

  4. 19 hours ago, Django said:

    Just out of curiosity and please answer honestly: have you ever actually shot with a C100 & C300 camera? Because you lumped them both in the same "large" category.


    I looked at a bunch of pictures online that showed both the C100 as well as various other DSLR bodies and saw that the C100 was around the same size as other cameras that I knew to be large through my own experience.

    I know everything is relative, but if someone says "I drive a large sedan and I'm looking at the Tesla truck" replying with "the Tesla truck is tiny!" because the Tesla truck is a truck and you're now comparing it to a triple road train then it's still not really in context.

  5. 13 hours ago, TomTheDP said:

    The white balance was set the same on both cameras but yes they are a lot different in how they interpret it. 

    I've seen this a lot on camera comparisons.  Two images look like they have a different WB, but when you compare them the neutral greys are both neutral but there will be different tints with the highlights/shadows or on hues that are beyond a certain level of saturation.

    It makes looking and comparing images very confusing - they look different but sensible adjustments don't seem to be effective in making them match.  The good thing with the FP is (I assume) you can CST back to a neutral point and then apply whatever colour science you want, side-stepping any oddities from a particular colour science or other.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Anaconda_ said:

    Oh yeah, with the actual EVF this wouldn't work at all.. Althought the same idea with a M42 ssd might. There's also this option, which is by far the neatest way to go.


    Wow, that's definitely a neat setup!

  7. 2 hours ago, Anaconda_ said:

    As it happens, I took the velcro off the vf soon after writing that post and have a new roll on the way. But here's a couple photos using an elastic tie (and 28mm fd) so at least you can see the sizing. With the velcro, you can position the cable a little nicer though, as the ssd is more stable and secure.




    Ah, that makes more sense.  For some reason I was imagining the little electronic EVF accessory (EVF-11) and wondering how that worked!  

    Yes, that is quite a neat package if that suits your shooting style¬†ūüôā¬†

  8. 1 hour ago, Anaconda_ said:

    I got one of those hotshoe phone holders, and put a T5 drive in it.

    But my favourite solution is velcro on the top of the LVF11, and on the T5. With a bit of cable management, you barely notice it's there. This setup with a 35mm 2.8 Canon FD lens is a lot of fun to shoot with. Add a pistol grip for even more points.

    Are you able to share a photo of the rig with the SD on top of the EVF?  I'm curious as rig size is important for me.

  9. 14 hours ago, Django said:

    weights about the same as a Z9, R3, S1H etc..

    You have proven my point - they're huge cameras!!

    The C100 is tiny....  for a cinema camera...  but it's not tiny...  as a camera.

    If someone says "what cameras would you say are tiny?" your answer is much more likely to include GoPro or GX85 or maybe a 360 camera, but you'd be crazy to say "the C100!".

    The context of the conversation is Nikon Z6 - and the C100 isn't remotely tiny in that context.

  10. 17 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    That's a funny way to spell "S-o-n-y F-X-3-0"

    Kids these days....  they can barely spell!

    14 hours ago, Django said:

    joking aside there is a strong tendency here from Lumix users to talk up their cameras in every single product thread. I don't mind camera comparisons but if you're eyeing an FX30, chances are you're probably interested in AF, APS-C/S35 format & the Sony ecosystem. Let's at least compare what is comparable.. just saying.

    In that case, let me talk about if you should buy a GH5 instead of an FX30......  don't.

  11. 1 hour ago, zerocool22 said:

    Hello guys,

    Never been into autofocus for video, but lately I see def a use for it. Which are your favorite Full frame autofocus lenses? On canon or sony (panasonic is still behind). As I am thinking about buying a canon or sony camera just for autofocus. I will keep using panasonic S5 or blackmagic camera's for manual focus stuff. 

    - With the least lens breathing. 
    - Slowest aputure I would use is 2.8, 35mm 1.4/1.2 is prolly all I need. But a runandgun 24-70mm might be handy as well. 


    If you're concerned about breathing then it's worth mentioning that Sony have lens breathing compensation built into some of their newer bodies.  The lenses still breathe, but the camera knows their 'profile' and crops into the image a small amount and as the lens changes focus the camera adjusts the digital zoom to keep a perfect frame and eliminate the focus breathing.

    In the tests I've seen the results are absolutely perfect and it's one of those things that I didn't think I cared about much until I saw images where it was eliminated and you see how much of an improvement it is to have it gone.  

    I think that unless you have a huge amount of money to spend on lenses then you'd be better off going for a system like this that adjusts digitally rather than paying a lot for a lens without much breathing, as I'd imagine those are likely to be more expensive cine lenses.  Happy to be proven wrong, but the Sony compensation seem to do a great job.

    Sony AF is also very impressive so you wouldn't be compromising there either.

  12. 8 hours ago, A_Urquhart said:

    Is this a camera thing?

    Are there forums out there with carpenters spending this much time and effort arguing about why their Makita drill is better than the others DEWALT drill? 

    Two post in a row!¬†ūü§Į

    I subscribe to many YT channels across an extremely broad range of topics, and I can say an emphatic YES that there is bizarre pedantry in virtually any hobby on earth.

    Artists get hate comments about their paintings based on if they use natural or artificial bristles in their paint brushes, woodworking channels get hate comments if they take a large piece of wood and cut it up into smaller pieces, people who make outdoor off-roading videos get hate comments on how they choose to drive around corners, people who talk about coffee and coffee-making equipment get hate comments if they put milk in their coffee (and don't get anyone started on milk-alternatives)....

    If anyone out there can find a hobby that has more than two people interested in it where there aren't people arguing about some minute aspect like the fate of the world depends on it then I'd be curious to see it because I haven't found one yet.



  13. 4 hours ago, herein2020 said:

    @gt3rs @Django @kye I am cautiously optimistic that I might have found a fix for my problem.  Version 1.5 of the FW added a new option: "Suppress lower frame rate" to the display performance menu. This Reddit thread was the first time I had seen that mentioned. I dug through all of the menus when I first set up the camera but did not know they had added this option with FW 1.5. Of course, this thread says it affects AF so I guess I will need to wait and see which is worse.

    When I am using flashes for runway shows and studio work it is low light until the flashes go off. It is possible that the issue described in the referenced Reddit thread was my problem. The lag was so significant that I just didn't see how I would be able to estimate movement that far in advance, but now it makes sense why it is affecting me so much; the times I need the most precision are with flashes and specifically in lowlight which happens to be the exact same time the R5's EVF is performing the worst. I checked the R7 and it has this option even with its current FW 1.0. The R6 probably also has this option and the R6II will probably ship with this on day one like the R7 did. 

    This option seems to come with a lot of caveats as per Canon's website. I can definitely now say without a doubt that my 5DIV was better in this situation than the R5 has been so far. So basically, until you combine low light (EVF slows down), with flashes (no burst mode options due to flash recycle speeds), with a need for precision (fashion shows, ballerina), you won't see this issue. Ironically that's exactly the scenario I shoot quite often.



    Good to hear you're learning more about the issue and might have found a fix.

    One of the things that I think really dominates our discussions and how we use cameras and how the manufacturers design and build their products is that combinations of features really matter and everyone is different and the manufacturers are pushing the tech on many fronts at once and need to make decisions on what they sacrifice and what they don't.
    So one manufacturer might try to offer the highest resolution and frame rates but sacrifice bit-depth to do it, and another would keep the bit-depth and limit something else instead.  Manufacturers try to give us lots of options (especially regarding resolution / frame rate / bit-depth) but there are other things in there that they're not giving us the options to choose, like which modes (if any) give availability of things like colour profiles, exposure guides, sharpening and image processing, etc.  These options are essentially hidden from the user by most manufacturers.  Of course, if they gave access to all the functions then not only would the firmware be incredibly difficult to program, but using it would be like trying to fly the space shuttle!

    The other thing that dominates many discussions is that people don't understand that other people shoot in different situations for different style projects and with different aesthetic preferences, so rather than just acknowledging that we're all different there are these "well, you should just be more like me..." style comments which don't do much except show that the poster doesn't really understand life, business, people, or many other things ūüôā¬†

  14. 1 hour ago, FHDcrew said:

    A used canon c100 II or c300 could be a dream camera for me. They are so cheap, built in ND filters, downsampled 1080p. How does the CLOG image hold up?  If I went fro my Nikon Z6 10 bit NLOG to say the C300’s 8 bit 50mbps image, would I lose much you think?  Or if I got the c100 mark II and paired it with my Atomos ninja star to record 8 bit 4:2:2 prores in clog1?

    Not many direct comparisons likely to be out there, so I'd say just watch a bunch of C100ii and C300 videos and see what you think.  If you watch videos / footage that is more targeted to interviews and documentaries then you're more likely to see what the cameras are capable of if used properly and not screwed up in post - watching music videos / camera bro footage / etc is more likely to have bad technique and crappy grading.

    If you watch enough test footage you can get a feel for what a camera is capable of.  

    Those cameras are both pretty large though - are you looking to change to a professionally sized cinema camera type setup?

  15. 8 hours ago, MrSMW said:

    I don’t really understand why Canon for instance make their RF Mount to EF lens only and don’t have an RF-RF because if I ever went to Canon, I would mostly like to use RF lenses.

    Are you asking why there isn't an RF to RF adapter with a vND in it?

    That would be a bit of a challenge, because either it has no glass in it and therefore has to be zero thickness and can't fit an ND, or it isn't zero thickness and therefore needs glass in it to keep infinity focus and can't fit an ND as the glass would be in the way.
    The EF-RF adapter works because the adapter must have some thickness to align with the right distances for those mounts.

  16. 1 hour ago, IronFilm said:

    Interesting, I didn't know DaVinci Resolve had added this

    I think it's literally just been added in the last day or two.

    Obviously that video only showed a few different scenarios, but how well do you think this compares to other third-party options?  

    I'm not that familiar with the professional audio processing tools, but when I first got Resolve I remember some of the features were equivalent to separate packages costing many times what Resolve cost (eg. Twixtor which used optical flow for interpolated slow-motion) etc, so maybe it's right up there with the alternatives, or maybe not.  

    I think this feature would be really useful for the occasional shot that I might have with someone talking in a loud environment, so it's caught my attention.

  17. The latest Resolve has a few AI audio cleanup tools including Voice Isolation and (from the examples in this video) it seems to be witchcraft or something....

    Maybe this could help you clean up some of your dialogue?  

    @IronFilm - keen to hear your thoughts on this too.

  18. Here's a video of a colourist grading some A7Rv footage - it looks like it held up pretty well including when he pulled a key on the skin at 12:45.  Other Sony cameras have been a mess when pulling keys, so this is seems like a good outcome.


  19. 40 minutes ago, Anaconda_ said:

    Christ. WeChat sounds absoultely terrifying.


    One of the privacy challenges of data is when you are able to combine different types of data.  

    Almost every useful (and private) thing that can be known about a person depends on being able to combine different types of data.  
    Knowing if someone is rich or poor only tells you about their wealth. ¬†Knowing if someone buys lots of camera equipment only tells you about their interest in cameras. ¬†BUT, if you know both, then you can find the people who are poor and also buy lots of camera equipment, and now you can now know that not only are they poor and interested in cameras, but you can also deduce that they're probably mentally challenged in some way ūüėȬ†

    The more you know about a person the more that you can exploit their psychological weak points, which is why governments and big business love this stuff, because it gives them more power over us.

  20. On 11/9/2022 at 11:21 PM, fuzzynormal said:

    I honestly have never heard of WeChat.  I'll brag about that.  (I think?)

    On 11/10/2022 at 4:25 AM, MrSMW said:

    Just not a big user of social media and never heard of WeChat either!

    You're excused for not knowing about WeChat - it's not really known much outside China.

    Calling WeChat a "messaging app" is kind of like calling a smartphone a "portable telephone" - it's not technically incorrect and that's what it was at the start but it's so far from the truth as to be so misleading that it's worse than useless as a description.

    Here's the first paragraph from Wikipedia:


    WeChat is a Chinese instant messaging, social media, and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. First released in 2011, it became the world's largest standalone mobile app in 2018,[2][3] with over 1 billion monthly active users.[4][5][6] WeChat has been described as China's "app for everything" and a super-app because of its wide range of functions.[7] WeChat provides text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, video conferencing, video games, sharing of photographs and videos and location sharing.

    It also does a bunch of other things too, like payments, booking restaurants / movie tickets, calling taxis, ordering food, etc.  Workplaces use it to communicate with staff.  It's used in China as the official vaccine passport.

    WeChat is kind of like Twitter + Facebook + Instagram + SMS + Apple Messages + Skype + YT + ApplePay / your credit card / cash + Uber + Uber Eats + lots of things that are done manually (aren't apps) outside China.

    The Chinese government loves it because it's highly censored and a valuable piece of their massive surveillance apparatus.

    I read a long article about it some years ago now that a foreigner living in China wrote about their life before and after getting their WeChat account.  The account is hard to get I think because it has to link to bank accounts and other offical things, so they'd been living there without one for some time.  
    Essentially they'd struggled to do day-to-day things in China without a WeChat account, and when they got it they tried doing everything with it and found that they could do almost everything they wanted to do just in the single app.  Apparently lots of users kind of use WeChat like it's the operating system on their phone - they use their phones just like we do only they do everything inside WeChat rather than from lots of apps all written by different companies.

    If Musk can make Twitter into anything that even remotely compares to WeChat then $44B will look like the money spent buying a winning lottery ticket compared to collecting the prize.  Assuming he doesn't screw it up of course.

    But either way he's guaranteed to piss off the people who like the status quo, which is what we're seeing.  Silicone Valley types like to go fast and break stuff, and while they mostly get things wrong, they've also built almost all the cool stuff too, so we'll see.

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