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  1. I can really appreciate that post, and identify with the grievances you raise. I know how a drip drip of small slights can add up to a major frustration. I also think you are right to strike out at the fraudulent and self-serving nature of the camera release world. More power to you. I'm glad also that this post is a bit self-reflective. Like others I posted that your article was a bit of an own-goal - I was actually genuinely a bit worried for your state of well-being. I hope you achieve great success in challenging some of these goings on in the industry - and I hope you learn some lessons from this that make you better equipped to do so!!!
  2. Not quite sure what you mean. But leaking personal data actually *is* illegal (in the EU at least).
  3. This honestly doesn't reflect well on anybody, least of all yourself. Freezing the thread for a cool-off was a good idea. My advice (unsolicited I know!) would be to take that down for a similar period and then consider if you really want it out there. It comes off as sour grapes, and just isn't a smart response.
  4. Some low-level rumours out and about (not usually that reliable, but worth discussing I guess). Certainly enticing if anywhere near accurate: https://www.43rumors.com/ft2-confirmed-and-unconfirmed-details-of-panasonic-ff-camera/
  5. It's also a physically bigger sensor. Why would Panasonic be concerned about potential GH5 buyers getting the even more expensive GH5S from them instead???
  6. When I walk around London I see small crews at least a couple of times a week, doing web-based stuff, factual, doc, fashion, whatever. I usually like to have a peek to see what they are shooting on. Lately there have been a few Ursa's and a few FS5's floating around, but still, and this has been the case so far as I can tell for many years now, I mostly see C100's and C300's (maybe C200 now as well?). I don't know the sales figures at all, but from the evidence of my own eyes I would say that Canon has a *massive* market advantage in the entry-level pro sector, and as such has much more motivation to protect it than it's rivals in prosumer video. I actually think their policy probably makes perfect sense for them (while being a bit of a shame for us).
  7. Yes, 120d is reportedly 20% brighter. I assume the 300d is brighter still though. I've been disappointed with my Boltzen 30w. Heavy for what it is, and low output.
  8. I've not used either, but two fixtures that come up a lot for this sort of thing are the Aputure C300D, and the RAYZR 7. https://www.aputure.com/products/ls-c300d-1 https://www.rayzr7.com/
  9. You've given the marketing department a tough task - selling a photo-oriented camera with a 10 megapixel sensor!
  10. The ease of use of the GH series is a real winner in fast-moving pro environments. I'd often take that over other factors.
  11. Yeah, definitely works going a little bit faster from time to time (I shoot 25fps at 1/50 ordinarily). 1/60 I doubt it makes much difference (possibly even nicer to the eye sometimes in fact). 1/80 can just about work. 1/100 is already too much for me for 'average' levels of motion. Was forced to shoot some camera B stuff above this recently (newly purchased body, didn't have an ND I could use) - the footage just didn't cut into the piece at all and couldn't be used. True too that if there's no motion then the ND comes off and it's any number you like on the SS (if I remember!). ETA: Don't like slower though - seems 'effecty' to me.
  12. I don't quite get it. The main point of 180° shutter is to emulate typical film motion blur, no? Switching to 1/200 SS is going to reduce the motion blur and leave you with that (to my taste) yucky video-ey feel. If so, the idea is dead in the water. Or have I missed something?
  13. Can you pull multiple exposures off a sensor and still achieve 180° shutter?
  14. I noticed you are selling your GH5S.  I was interested to know why you are moving on from that camera.  I didn't want to bother you on that thread as you're likely to want to attract buyers there, rather than point out it's flaws!

    1. AaronChicago


      Hey! No worries. So the main reason I got it was to shoot a few projects in lower light with a few anamorphic lenses. Master Anamorphic, and Kowa set. I don't have any more scheduled this year and I'm planning on getting the Blackmagic Pocket 4K. If I had to pick one gripe about the GH5s - it's the codec. It's SO slow on my computer. I have to transcode everything to ProRes, which isn't too bad, but not when I just want to review footage. 

    2. Mmmbeats


      Ah, cool.  I'm thinking of picking one up (new though, and in the UK).

      Glad that's your main gripe though, as I always transcode from native anyways (to CineForm on Windows), so I won't be too affected by that I don't think.  

    3. AaronChicago


      Yeah you're good to go. It's such a huge jump over the GH5 IMO. I'm blown away at the images at 3200 ISO. 


  15. The 4/3 lenses are the reason I see it as a realistic possibility rather than just an idle want. Of course they would be clunky and pricey, but for many pro shooters they would still be a godsend. A quick aside about light and portable setups - I love it that the M4/3 systems can do this, but I use it as an *option*. Sometimes it's great to be nifty, others it's better to utilise the functionality of adapted lenses, rigs, etc. and go a little heavier. Different tools for different jobs. I value the versatility overall.
  16. I totally agree with the need to take a fresh look at manufacturing a general purpose fast zoom for M4/3. It's frustratingly just about the only thing I can't do within the system. I'd like to be able to wander around (chest rig or monopod) following live-action as it unfolds, with a zoom that gives me slightly wide to slightly beyond portrait, and shallow DoF options for when I choose them. This is all possible with a plethora of f/2.8 lenses at 35mm, but sadly options are very compromised (or non-existent) at M4/3 where it would require f/2 or greater really.
  17. Focus peaking is a great tool. I use it a lot for live events, etc., where you have to focus on fast moving things. But it is a bit hit and miss to be honest (my experience is with the GH4. It doesn't always detect focus, depending on conditions (sorry I can't be more specific, I haven't quite worked out what factors make it more likely to work), and even on a high setting it isn't accurate enough to set focus for a very shallow dof. I'm not trying to put you off using it, just mentioning some of the limitations. Best used in conjunction with other tools in my experience. Btw - monochrome preview is an excellent partner tool with peaking.
  18. Just bumping this a little in case anybody does want to have a listen to my errant file. My photography is way further advanced than my sound recording - something that I must address. So if anybody has any insights into what particularly might have gone wrong here, I'd be eager to hear them. Particularly paging @IronFilm
  19. Here's the clip. Was recorded on Rodelink radio mic straight into the GH4 (I have a pre-amp which I foolishly didn't use on this occasion). I believe that gain was set to -20db on the transmitter, and -12db on the camera mic level. The limiter in the camera was set to 'on'. audiosample.wav
  20. I've messed up an audio recording on a job I did recently. I'd like to get some opinion on whether it is recoverable or not. Would this thread be an okay place to post it up? Actually - scrap that - I've just heard we're doing a re-shoot. Not nice to have that fall on my head, but to be fair, the client is being really good about it all. It's a long-term client who I always deliver good work to, so I think they just appreciate it as a rare mistake. It helped that I just put my hand up straight away and said I'd messed up actually ?.
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