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  1. thanks. the a7iii has very little noise at high iso in dark settings but i'm avoiding that camera because it only does 8 bit color. can't wait for the a7siii but it seems like it is a long way away. the s1 tests i've seen online appear to have similar performance to the a7iii and a7sii. i haven't seen another camera that comes close to those for lacking noise at high iso in low light. i completely understand the gut feeling that 1.4 and 1.8 are very fast but i have spent the last year watching footage captured in dark nightclubs and i feel that i am hyper sensitive to the amount of noise and detail that can be captured at in those dark environments. my goal is to try to get the best possible exposure... full frame, 10 bit and around f/1.
  2. but going sub f/1 will double the amount of light from f/1.4, correct? making an image twice as bright with no increase in noise? it seems like a significant difference. I will look into the 7Artisans, thank you. but with either lens it requires an adapter, correct? aside from losing the features of the lens like stabilization and auto-focus, is there a negative effect to using an adapter with a lens that is not native?
  3. there is a Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmaster 50mm f/0.95 III Lens for Sony E but I can't find an E to L adapter... only EF to L and SA to L from sigma. Mitakon makes the same lens in RF but not EF. My purpose is to shoot video in dark nightclubs in low light. I want to spend up to 4000 for the camera, adapter and lens. Is this setup even a good strategy? Thanks for any advice.
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