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  1. Surely @Neumann Films wasn't showing us the (dual) base ISO's, was he???
  2. Can dual iso be implemented on that sensor?
  3. I know nothing about sensor development. Are there any other chips that match (or are close to) the rumoured resolution, that are *not* the Starvis monster* ? *If that's not the name of a Dr Who baddie yet, it ought to be.
  4. One thing that everybody seems to have forgotten about, is that when the original announcement of the GH5 was made they kept IBIS off the list, and kept everybody guessing right up to the launch proper. It was a successful bit of marketing as it gave the model a big buzz lift at launch. If they are ambiguous about IBIS on announcement there is still a chance it might be there on launch. Personally I think it won't be a feature, which would of course be a great shame.
  5. So here's my quick prediction (just based on the same bits and pieces as everyone else). Low resolution sensor (but not the super low-light starvis thingy). An improvement in low-light over the GH5 of around 2 stops. A sensor dedicated Log profile (V-log or variant, but not shackled like V-log-L) No IBIS No ND Some additional exposure tools (perhaps false colour) Personally, I'd be happy enough with that. They would have my money.
  6. I really enjoy each stage from conception through production to editing. But yes, sometimes I wish the process could be more fluid and spontaneous. I'm especially interested in putting together some small, nifty productions that are viable, but don't need a cumbersome crew and production package. That would be awesome to work on, but probably a tricky formula to get right! Those made-in-a-day corporate screeners are a great idea. Hard work I'll bet, but very good value for the organisers. I'm just not sure I have access to clients who would pay me enough to produce this kind of thing, that would make the sweat and stress worth my while! eta: The thought of waiting for Media Encoder to render out the final edit while the event grinds down to a halt is making my skin crawl!
  7. Exactly. The main point is that the GH5 and G9 don't have it, so presumably it's there (if as speculated) as a marketing wedge. ETA: that was in response to @liork
  8. Rumoured to have 14-bit RAW for stills, too.
  9. Just comments on the rumour sites (purportedly passed on from two separate Panny sources).
  10. No IBIS is being said quite a lot. Would that cool people's interest?
  11. Yes, I think there's that, but I was thinking more of the timings.
  12. This is how I imagine Panasonic's consumer department has been conversing: Enlightened Panny consumer bod: This GH4 is great - but it's a video-centric camera, and it's only real weakness is low-light situations. Let's fix that for the GH5. Panny corporation: Sounds good, How do we do that? Enlightened Panny: Well, we lower the pixel count and... Cautious Panny consumer bod: Woah, hold on there! Yes, the GH series is video-centric, but this is still a consumer unit. We absolutely need to appeal to stills buyers as well, and they want to see more not less megapixels. Corporation: Hmmm... tough one! Well I can't give you both what you want. Or can I? How about we split the range - a hybrid camera for the masses, a stills oriented version, and a super video oriented version. Panny Professional division bod: Woah, hold on there! I couldn't help overhearing. Just how super video orientated are we talking here? I don't know if any of you read our memos at all? You know - about the EVA - the big super charged video camera we're going to be launching right after your launch window! You sure you're not gonna be cannibalising our sales? Corporation: Hmmm... I see where you're coming from. Okay - let's stagger the whole thing. We do the GH5 as normal, and the stills version; then we give the EVA a bit of room to breathe; and then we do the video version after that. Might have to delay a bit so as not to piss off the GH5 purchasers too much. Agreed? All: Agreed!
  13. By the way: (not an officially confirmed image)
  14. I'm not so sure. In nautical terms a large inlet bay like the one shown is called a 'sound'. Sound is a synonym for noise. I think he's trying to tell us that the noise he observed on the full resolution footage was unacceptable, but that the Instagram compression and resolution would hide that fact. Any opinions?
  15. @Neumann Films How did you find the noise levels at ISO 12,800?
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