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  1. I am aware that features have been made with all sorts of cameras, including phones. But huge compromises have to be made. I shot on a GH4 for years - absolutely love the camera. But the DR alone would have me pulling out my teeth if I had to shoot a feature with it.
  2. There are intangibles that set aside the image from proper cinema cameras over prosumer cameras that go way beyond the spec sheet. If Panasonic really are putting all of their highly-regarded Varicam / EVA science into a $4K tool, then that is a remarkable facility to have available. Perhaps looking at the incremental steps up from GH5 and S1 is the wrong way to look at this camera, and it is better to measure the incremental step down from the existing cinema lines. As an example, if it lives up to the way Panasonic are selling it, this could be an option for micro-budget feature films, could it not? £4K for an image you could potentially put up on a movie screen?
  3. The footage is well shot, lit, and graded, but am I the only one surprised at how soft it looks generally? I know clinically sharp is not an ideal to chase anyway, but the majority of the footage on that compilation looks soft and mushy to my taste.
  4. Using 'girl' or femaleness as an insult in this day and age really is quite pathetic. Learn to 2019.
  5. I think this is going to be priced out of reach for most indie filmmakers and jobbing one-man-bands. Where I can see this being really popular is as a b-cam, tricky-corner cam, backup body, etc. on professional crewed shoots. If I was DPing on something critical with a top end cinema camera, I'd really love to have something like this sitting in a bag on standby. It looks like it's capable of being tuned to deliver footage that could live alongside top level stuff quite convincingly (based on how the S1 is shaping up). I can't think of a better combo for that particular usage (which is big money if it really catches on). Also, small productions (web series', multi-cam doc, etc.) might be interested. There's a lot of money to be saved over full-blown cinema cameras, especially if you're buying several units. I just can't see solo operator / owners coming in in large numbers. So far, there's not enough to suggest value over the other fantastic cameras in the sector. Plus, if you really need to step up in quality the fully-featured cinema cameras start to come into range for just a bit more. Also, the inbetweeny market is starting to come to life a bit (Z Cam), so there's that temptation too. I'm not so fixated on either FF or 6K as selling points. Of course, I'm happy to take them if on offer, but give me a really super-functioning S35 camera at 4K and my money's yours. The market as a whole may feel differently! So far Panansonic's L-Mount offerings all seem perfectly interesting, but from a selling POV, a bit niche. I hope they know what they're doing.
  6. Do Panasonic's R, H, and S suffixes have a clear identity now? I'm getting a bit baffled.
  7. Leaning towards being a FF GH6-type camera (and a bit of an S1 killer!!!) perhaps.
  8. If the H really is for 'hybrid' then that's a bit confusing. Isn't the existing S1 marketed as a killer hybrid system?
  9. I'm happy with my Sigma 18-35 Metabones combo. Any reason why I should be considering this lens? (not that bothered about weight or AF capability).
  10. Not 8K. (latest L5 Rumour) https://www.l-rumors.com/l5-the-new-panasonic-l-mount-cine-lumix-camera-will-not-record-8k/
  11. No, once it gets 'smart' it will try to take over the worm ?.
  12. Another matter to consider is if you're really managing to be present at all these amazing experiences with your family if you're juggling so much equipment. Of course that's entirely a matter for you in the end, but I would be concerned about trying to capture everything instead of actually living it.
  13. The point at which you're operating two cameras yourself is the point at which you're bound to end up with a certain amount of crappy footage. Wouldn't it be better to just pan to yourself occasionally, or have another family member wear a small body am or something?
  14. Good luck focussing on club subjects at that aputure and sensor size. Extremely difficult task.
  15. Fragile masculinity much? Also looks horrendous to use.
  16. It does seem really odd that focus assist is not enabled during recording on the GH5. I know it might be a hardware limitation, but that just seems really hard to believe. The omission of this feature is what leads me to rig up a monitor most of the time.
  17. People not impressed with my budget EVF then?
  18. I recently put together a Zacuto EVF and Z-finder - that's the original EVF that predates the Gratical stuff - for quite a reasonable price. The resolution is low in comparison with contemporary camera EVF's, but it's sufficient for nailing focus, and the device is exceptionally well-featured (False Color, 1:1 pixel zoom, even Anamorphic de-squeeze!). I don't know if these are still in production, but there are still brand new items available in the wild. I got the EVF Flip brand new (clearance discounted) for 369 Pounds ( 480 US $), and the Z-finder Grade A ex-demo, with an additional mounting plate for 246 Pounds (321 $), which is not bad overall. Probably someone like SmallHD is gonna make a great budget EVF to make me regret my purchase, lol.
  19. Mmmbeats

    Galaxy Fold

    A foldable Galaxy bar could have it's uses, but I reckon the hinge bit would have to be made out of Curlywurly, and I'm not so keen.
  20. Another thing to consider is that filters apply the effect to the actual light entering the lens. Post effects are added to the heavily compressed data you end up with in your edit codec. Even the most efficient codecs are massively compressed when you also consider chroma subsampling, debayer, etc. The physical filters have a considerably greater amount of 'data' to manipulate.
  21. This episode of Go Creative Show (which I love) is pretty relevant. I wouldn't pay the several thousand dollars the guest charges for his courses personally, but he does seem to know marketing in this sector very well. https://gocreativeshow.com/mastering-the-production-and-filmmaking-business-with-paul-xavier/
  22. SmallHD Focus, which is a very good monitor, I would recommend replacing the mount, which is very well designed apart from the cold shoe connector which has come loose on me a few times (and I'm reading, others as well).
  23. Most likely I think is an L-mount mini-cinema camera, priced just below the EVA1 (as per a rumour). Too soon for EVA2 I feel. ETA: Might be a bit of wishful thinking on my part, though ?.
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