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  1. Another question - which codec do people think is going to yield the highest image quality? Sure, XF-AVC, ALL-I at 410Mbps seems like a winner, but I have a feeling that H.265, Long-GOP at 225Mbps might be even better because of efficiency at the allocated bitrate.
  2. In terms of a straight-up image quality shoot out - do people expect the C200 (with RAW Light, but an older sensor) or the C70 (with DGO, but video compressed codecs) to win? I'm seeing the DGO sensor outperform the C200 in the chart tests. Does C200 RAW still have any advantages (over the C70 video image) do people expect? Obviously a bit speculative until there is more footage available, but still...
  3. I purchased, not too long ago, one of Zacutto's legacy EVF's (the Flip version). They are discontinued, but I found a brand-new one in a store. Affordable, very well-featured (False Colour, Peaking, etc.), but only 800×480 resolution (from 1080 max input). It's functional, and I can monitor focus and apply an additional point of contact with it, which are the primary requirements I have of an EVF. I got the EVF brand new (clearance discounted) for 369 Pounds ( 480 US $), and the Z-finder Grade A ex-demo, with an additional mounting plate for 246 Pounds (321 $). There's even a (quite old!) review on this site: https://www.eoshd.com/review/zacuto-evf-flip-review/
  4. New Z-Cam EVF looks a potential decent match... https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/08/29/z-cam-evf-electronic-viewfinder/ $799
  5. I'm going to wager that the grown-up conversation going on on the other thread about the exciting new camera and it's capabilities is going to be a lot more interesting than this one. Just a hunch.
  6. The string rumour has been C200 sensor and 8-bit only for the C50.
  7. A big *want* from me. Will start saving fairly soon. Sadly will be a long process as I also need to move house soon. But this seems so close to perfect for my needs. I'd prefer it to look a bit more 'cinema camera' just for client perception, but that is literally the only major flaw (from my own POV). The price is lower than I was expecting. Unless the FX6 is in some way extraordinary, or another camera emerges prior to me being able to gather the finance (EVA-2?) I'm feeling inspired to purchase at this point. Obviously, I need to see more footage, and wait to see how some of the tech holds up. I hope the new thin NDs are robust enough for example. External RAW would be nice. They might just be holding off on that so as not to upset C300 III sales and recent purchasers. But honestly, on first look - I'm thoroughly impressed.
  8. Interesting. The biggest problem I find with ETC on the GH5 is increased noise, which is often problematic. Will try digital zoom with that new info in mind next time I use one. My main cam at the moment is the GH5S, so unfortunately none of this applies really.
  9. I'm thinking this and the RF 28-70mm F/2 could be a gorgeous combination. Upside: Shoot beautiful footage for events and doc with no lens changes! Downsides: Makes an affordable camera into an expensive package. Bit long on the wide end. No stabilisation in either body or lens. A bit heavy (but that will help with stabilisation). Tempting!
  10. Okay - I know this post is going to be unpopular to a certain extent, but here goes - I'd love to invest in a cinema camera. At the moment I make my living using mirrorless cameras. The possibilities for improving my creative options and technical quality really excite me. Add to that the convenience of having integrated features like internal ND and XLR sockets, and I would be a very happy customer. However, there is another important factor motivating me to fork out, what for me would be a major amount of money - it's that sinking feeling I see from new clients when they've hired a filmmaker and I pull out a camera similar to the one they take with them on holiday. Impressions count, and if I do spend thousands on a piece of equipment, I'd really like it to look like an impressive bit of kit. The original EVA1 (which I've rented plenty of times, and really enjoy using) has serious styling problems. It resembles a 90's camcorder, and not in a cool, retro way. It might sound superficial, but that, and the build-quality problems at launch (wonky handle), really put me off buying one. I have some other minor feature requests, but that is the number one thing that stands in the way of me actually purchasing a similar release.
  11. Looking forward to comparing this to the (rumoured) Canon C70. Really not sure which way I'll lean, but excited about both cameras.
  12. Also, I'm not so sure there will be another C200. It seems like it was an opportunistic 'right place, right time' camera designed to exploit their existing line for (relatively) high-end RAW shooters. Doubt that has as much cache now. I still like the camera very much btw.
  13. The sensor, if as stated, had been well reviewed, with its dual gain DR extention. I doubt the mirorless tech that people are putting this up against is comparable to be honest. Not talking from experience yet though. Full frame is not a big consideration for me either.
  14. I think currensheldon meant that 6400 or below covers 98% of use cases, rather than that most were actually shot at 6400.
  15. This all day long. I feel like we're at where we were many years ago with photography, when stores were selling cameras based solely on 'megapixels' - the more the better! It took a while for the buying public to re-educate themselves about this. The jump from SD to HD was amazing. I was a big enthusiast and early adaptor. I was boring people silly about it! The jump from HD to 4K was pretty cool, but that's about all. From a filmmaking perspective it added some nice options for delivering in 1080. HDR made more of an impact on me overall. For me the whole 8K / 12K thing is being driven by the sales floor. People like a bigger number. One thing though - 400Mbps can be improved on I think. It's very similar in quality to the 150Mbps LongGop.
  16. As far as I recall, mad-professor celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal popularised these quite a few years ago. They are chips (as in oversized french fries, not what you would call potato chips) cooked at three different oil temperatures consecutively to provide crisp exterior and fluffy interior. Superb gastro tech, for sure - but nowadays as common as, well... chips.
  17. Zacuto will ship to the UK by the way. eta: I've had a few small parts sent over before. Didn't work out too bad (or maybe I just didn't notice cos it's all so exorbitant in the first place!).
  18. Too late for that, but you can word things differently, place the emphasis on different features, etc.
  19. I also use the GX85 as a b-cam / backup to my GH5S. Works really well. Gives me access to IBIS too! The image is very good. It's feature-packed. Obviously where it lacks is in overall ergonomics and usability as it's a little compact thing, and thus a bit fiddly. But I can squeeze it into awkward places, carry it on hikes and trips, and throw it into my camera bag as a virtually weight-free backup body. Awesome.
  20. I wish there was an external tally lamp that would work with the GH5S.
  21. How about something like Cineform rather than ProRes? Would that be cheaper to implement? I use it as an intermediate codec and it's great (supposedly better image quality than ProRes).
  22. For me the GH4. It was such a joy to use. Solid and dependable. Battery life that meant I rarely had to crack out the spare, and frankly, could have saved money on not buying any further batteries if I had more faith! It was the features and function buttons that got me - the first camera that I could really set up the way I wanted and work with like an extension of myself. Unpopular nomination - but I've also really enjoyed using Adobe Creative Cloud. Yes, the subscription model is a pain, especially when work is scarce, but as someone who shoots, edits, and does a bit of animation, having all of those tools to hand in an instant has been fantastic. Knowing that you have apps sitting there, paid for, has spurred me on to dig deeper into motion graphics and audio. Also, thankfully, I haven't had the technical frustrations that others have experienced. Using Premiere on Windows has been a mostly pleasant ride for me (though there have been some annoyances, both minor and major, along the way).
  23. Using the game model has hampered vr in my opinion. It would have been better had it launched as a blank slate with immersive storytelling as it's mission. Instead it got lured into the commercial space of gaming and overall titles became too gamified. Don't get me wrong - there are some fascinating experiences available, but i think the whole thing could have done with more mould - breaking, rather than trying to occupy the same shelf as games.
  24. I'm just gonna flag up the Plantar Fasciitis thing again: Both myself, and three friends (not filmmakers) have had it. Very common. More or less eradicated mine with calf raises.
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