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  1. XNYC

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    8K and crop to 4K would be great for wildlife, extending the reach even further. Panleica 100-400 instantly becomes 200-800. Maybe better IBIS another improvement? I currently keep my GH5 for wildlife only. S1H for most everything else.
  2. XNYC

    Exposure tip

    Loving the S1H viewfinder, coming from GH3, 4,5. Am I the only one that uses monochrome live view with colored focus peaking? I find it much more practical and effective to visualize exposure in black and white than in color. B&W has less distractions. Bonus: focus peaking stands very nicely. I like the bright green or orange. Just offering this out as a neat little trick.
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