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  1. Thanks for pointing that out!!! Have you used the video micro yourself? Any thoughts on it?
  2. I hate it when amazon does that!!!
  3. Thanks. The phrase "practically usable" leaves me a bit concerned though Anybody know if there is a cheaper extension cable than the $30 SC8 cable? Thanks for the clarification. I am assuming that it is not meant for use on a phone then???
  4. Thank you for the elaboration. It seems to get a lot of one-star votes on Amazon, but seems to be better rated on B and H. Wondering if the people who buy from Amazon are getting counterfeit versions??? Have you used yours with something like the zoom H1?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Is there anything in particular that you really love about the Rode Video Micro???
  6. Thanks. Yeah, that might be the best option (at least for outdoor). Wondering if there is a non-shotgun mic as well that is comparable as well.
  7. Looking for (boom) Mic options that are below $100 and hopefully below $60 (and yes, I realize you get what you pay for). I already have an inexpensive Lav mic and a Zoom H1 and a Sony a6500 already. I have plenty of light stands that could serve as a boom stand. Since the a6500 doesn't have a headphone jack, I guess the preference would be to record to the H1... I mean, I GUESS that would be the best thing to do, right??? Prefer something for low-budget interviews / commercials (most likely INDOORS but possible outdoors as well) where it will be "quick and dirty". Unlikely would be able to prep the room much. Most likely just a SINGLE person talking. Also, I might use it for voice overs in a (relatively quiet) indoor bedroom setting. Also, I realize there was another thread that was recently started about no-budget mics, but it seems like the cheapest mic that was specifically recommended was over $300 (maybe I missed it), so I am truly looking for something else. Also that thread descended into oneupmanship pretty quickly. Hopefully we could avoid that here. Please. Thanks in advance.
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    Also, if you pull focus, the focal length does not change. With non-parafocal lenses, if you change the focus point during the shot, the lens would zoom in or out slightly.
  9. Judging by this video, it would appear (to my eyes) that the NX1 has somewhat better 1080p at 24, 30 and 60fps, and SIGNIFICANTLY better 1080p at 120fps, than the a6300 does. Part of it might have to do with lenses, of course. The G7 seems to be somewhat better than the a6300 at 1080p. To my eyes, the 4K of the a6300 and NX1 are real close.
  10. I have owned an a6300 since about August of 2016. I also have an a6000. These are a few observations that I have, and that others in various Sony forum groups seem to share. 1) The a6300 probably has the sharpest 4K footage around. Maybe the D850 footage is sharper??? But for APS-C cameras, for pure resolution, I don't know if any other camera beats it. 2) The high-iso / low light performance is probably the biggest reason (along with the excellent resolution) to buy one over other cameras. 3) The 4k seems to me to have better moire handling than the GH5 or the D7500 / D500 in the sample I have seen, but I would try to verify that. 4) The 1080p is significantly worse than the 4K footage, but I don't know if it is really worse than most 1080p cameras. Some people say that it is worse than the 1080p footage of the a6000. Some other people say that the 1080p footage of the a6300 gets better if you DON'T use the XAVC S codec and instead use a codec with a lower bit rate. 5) The screen of the a6300 is highly reflective. It also dims when shooting 4K. They released firmware 2.0 to help reduce (not eliminate, but help reduce) overheating. Now with firmware 2.0 I think the screen gets EVEN DIMMER. It is very hard for me to see in bright conditions. 6) I have experienced overheating a couple of times. One time when it was about 85F outside (about 30C) and I was trying to shoot 4K video. I do tend to shoot short video clips (I am a real estate photographer / videographer) and my video shooting workflow is like this: Set up tripod / slider -> pan back and forth / slide back and forth for 10 seconds -> review footage -> move tripod to new location -> repeat process. So even though I only shoot for 10 seconds or so max before moving to a new spot and setting up again, my a6300 overheated in about 15 minutes time. Worse than that, I then switched to my a6000 to shoot some 1080p outdoors and after about 15 minutes the a6000 overheated, too!!! So I waited around and probably after about 20 minutes time I was able to use the a6300 again but I only used for about another 6 minutes before it overheated again. This was BEFORE the new 2.0 firmware. So now it will probably do a bit better. Another time the a6300 overheated on me when again it was about 85 degrees outside and this time when I was shooting STILLS. I shoot stills with the LCD 99% of the time (I almost never ever use the EVF). 7) Sony colors are kind of weird. You will most likely need to either purchase something like the Pro Color PDF or learn a lot about the different color spaces. 8) Sony a6300 controls are... different. Some people HATE them. Personally, I hated them when I first got the camera because I was use to photographing with Nikon D750 and D7000. Recently I broke my a6300 and I used my Nikon cameras again (for stills) and I soon discovered that it was hard to switch back to Nikon. The a6300 has a control dial on the back that does four or five different things (exposure compensation / ISO / drive mode / screen display settings / focus point selection are the defaults, I think), and although you might press the wrong part of the dial and end up adjusting ISO when you meant to adjust drive mode, it is so much easier (now) that to use the D750 where you have to use two hands (one to support the camera and another to both press down on a release lefer AND turn the drive mode button). 9) a6300 works excellent on a gimbal like the Zhiuyn Crane (although panasonic cameras do, too, as far as I know). 10) a6300 might have a bit better audio than Panasonic cameras??? No headphone jack, but people say the preamp on a6300 is better than preamp on GH5 / G85. But I would definitely research this. 11) For still photography - and for my type of work - my a6300 and Sony 10-18 is as good as my full-frame D750 and 18-35 AF-S G for all practical purposes. I don't know if I can link to the videos on youtube, but Max Yuryev has a couple of videos comparing the GH5 to the a6500, and the g85 to the a6300 (I think) he uses both sony and panasonic cameras in his professional work. Also, regarding low light / high iso , you might want to look at this thread regarding how some forum members view the lowlight capabilities of their GH5
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