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  1. As a sony shooter, I hope it DOES put the hurt on Sony. That will pressure Sony to keep innovating.
  2. Just to clarify, by ISO capabilities do you mean lower noise at higher ISO? Or do you mean going down to 50 ISO? As @Matthew Hartman said above, I could deal with nice clean 1080p if it had good dynamic range. I would get an original a7S if it weren't for the fact that I am looking for something to shoot stills as well and with only 12mp (and the price of sony lenses), it would be too costly because I wouldn't be able to crop stills as much (as I can with my a6500 and the cheaper lenses).
  3. I prefer Mint, which is based on Ubuntu, but I wouldn't ever discourage anyone from trying ubuntu. Mint is nice, but sometimes it is a pain adding some repositories / software sources that are natvie to Ubuntu but for some reason.
  4. Well... it is 10MP, so that CAN BE pretty skimpy for photos. One reason I have a hard time parting with my a6500 is because I shoot more stills than video and the ability to exploit all of those 24MP for cropping in is really nice. I can bring a couple of lightweight prime lenses on a hike and know that I can zoom in by cropping in. I have a phantom 3 advanced that shoots 12MP stills and I do feel very restricted when it comes to cropping those shots. My clients generally demand at least 3,000px across. The 12mp sensor of the Phantom 3 Advanced only gives me 4MP across. I am really tempted to get the GH5s, but I guess I would want to get the G9 for stills as well. And then I have to start buying lenses...
  5. In other words, it has great character!!! (Actually, now that I think about it, that whole description sounds like ME looking in the mirror on a Monday morning.)
  6. First online video review posted: https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/embed/957f4fae-5dca-48e5-85f7-4e2bfdca9541?autoplay=false"
  7. If you are both saying what I think you are saying, which is, "Let's just call it improving image quality instead of converting to 10-bit," then I am in agreement.
  8. Just one man's opinion: The 1080p of the a6500 (and a6300) is pretty bad. If I need 1080p, then I switch out my a6500 for my a6000 or my a5100, which means a max of 60fps 1080p. Or shoot in 4K (up to 30fps) and then downscale to 1080p in your NLE. Also, be sure you can live with the screen dimming, the rolling shutter, the overheating issue, you will want to get EOSHD Pro / Pro Log (or spend some time getting some good profiles, GFilm like is nice for S Log), and the ergonomics / UI. No camera is perfect and I like a lot of things about my Sony cameras, but I am also dissatisfied by a lot of things with them. Hope this helps.
  9. I am pretty envious of anyone talented enough to pull off casual stills or casual video (street shooting). Not something I have ever been particularly good at.
  10. @kidzrevil Thank you. {Light flickers on over head} So you mean you were shooting your original footage in 1080p, right? Thanks again.
  11. @Elliot M I own an a6500 and an a6300 (deceased) and an a6000 and an a5100. I think that @Kisaha might be right. However, the 1080p out of the plain old a6000 is better than the 1080p out of the a6300 / a6500, so if you need 1080p (up to 60fps), then the a6000 might be worth it. You won't have picture profiles / slog with the a6000 though. I generally use the portrait creative style and then reduce saturation and contrast by -2 each. Just my two centavos.
  12. @kidzrevil How are you upscaling to 4K? Was this covered already and I missed it? Is it something that Neat can do? Thanks and sorry if this is a dumb quesiton(s)
  13. I like the lift of the shadows on the third one by @Stathman Might not be brooding enough though... somebody remind me where the "Pensive" slider in resolve is again... Just pointing out you missed the perfect opportunity to write, "And stop calling me Shirley!"
  14. Canon fires a warning shot across Nikon's bow... ...and across Sony's, Panasonic's, Fuji's and Samsung's sterns???
  15. Thanks for all this. Would love it if anyone can do sort of a real world demo on a clip shot in slog with a sky that might have suffered from banding where this upsmapling is not used. (I would do it but I don't have neat noise nor resolve studio).
  16. Mark Romero 2

    Ikan vh8 99$

    Will this work with 4K hdmi out from camera or just HD out?
  17. Thanks for posting this. In the steps above you mentioned Neat Noise, but you also stated that the built-in nosie reduction of Resolve should work as well. Have you been able to test that out yet just to confirm? Also, in a real world workflow, would one apply the noise reduction effect on the Edit page to EVERY clip and then just go about grading on the color page as usual? I am not familiar with Neat Noise and I don't have the studio version of Resolve (just the free version), and am not sure if noise reduction is applied on Edit page or on Color page.
  18. Probably not :p Although Mattias guestimated that the D750 had 13 stops of DR in Flat profile. He compared it to his black magic cameras shooting in raw and prores, if I remember correctly. To my untrained eye, Nikon seems to have some kind of magic going on with their Analog / Digital converters that sony still doesn't seem to have mastered
  19. If it will shoot longer without overheating in 4K, and if it will have a better screen / less dimming than the a6300 / a6500, and a bit better DR than the APS-C models, and better rolloff, and same accuity in 4K, and good 1080p, then I might move from Sony APS-C to full frame. If it is at $1,900 that puts in about same category as new Fuji X-H1. So please, Sony, 14 stops of DR without using S Log and good image quality in 4K and 1080p. Is that too much too ask?
  20. Yeah, 105 f/2.5 is a classic lens, but it's good for anyone looking to pick one up that the latter versions with the advanced coatings really are the best (completely subjective, I know).
  21. Although I didn't actually shoot any footage, I set the camera up for 120fps and turned it to AF-C and panned around and the AF seemed to adjust fine. Didn't give me any warnings. This is with the SEL 10-18 f/4. Tomorrow I will try and confirm by shooting some footage. It's 10:00 at night now. I imagine the 120fps of the a7S II would be significantly better. all of the 1080p on the a6500 / a6300 is not good. It is like some of the Canon cameras shooting 1080p in MP4. Maybe a bit sharper but with more aliasing and moire. 120fps on the a6500 is supposed to be even worse.
  22. Thanks for the clarification / update. That does make sense. Off Topic: Do we know yet that the D850 sensor was made by Sony??? I know people were claiming it was made by TowerJazz, but as Thom Hogan pointed out, that is doubtful. Not familiar with the 105 AI-S lens myself. Probably great for video, less so for stills. Even the D750 with its lowly 24mp full frame sensor and with an AA filter could out-resolve some of the vintage lenses and AF-D lenses for stills. If the D850 screen is anything at all like the screen on my D750, you might not need focus peaking. My D750 screen is very sharp, and when you press the center button, it will automatically punch in. Much easier to manual focus my D750 than it is to manual focus my Sony a6000, a6300, a6500, a5100, even though the sony bodies have focus peaking and can punch in as well. In fact, I often turn OFF focus peaking when using my a6500 and just rely on punching in, because, Sony. The drawback for the D750 is if you want to move the AF focus point (which is the punch in point when using MF), it is slower to move around than the Sony bodies (at least it is for me). Plus the focus point is one size. I don't know if on Canon bodies, for instance, the focus box can be different sizes when you are moving it around or not. On the D750, the focus box is small, which may or may not be good depending on your needs. Oh... forgot; focus ring on Nikon turns backwards compared to Canon, so there is that...
  23. Maybe I am going blind, but after watching your comparison, I don't know if I would use the word "better" to describe the D850 4K video... at least at higher ISOs: It looks sharper than the A7R II and III models but looks pretty noisy to me. Am I missing something? But for me, the real reason I don't own one is because I don't think it would work so well on a single hand gimbal, which is something I use most of the time for my filming. I imagine I would need at least a Ronin M, which I can afford, but would not find that convenient. And Nikon LiveView autofocus... As much as I hate my a6500 for the ergonomic / UI issues it has, it works pretty darn well on a one-hand gimbal.
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