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  1. @DBounce Thanks for posting the footage. Seems to be quite smooth. Would the GH5 when NOT using an anamorphic setup balance well on your Crane Gimbal? (I have an original crane and I MIGHT end up with a GH5 some day... who knows???) Also - and I am not trying to be a hater so please understand that first - there are some shots that are out of focus. Was that an artistic choice? Or was that just the GH5 having a hard time acquiring focus? Or were you shooting manual focus? I ask because SOME people say the AF on the GH5 is not great. Thanks in advance.
  2. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
  3. Drive for Uber??? I would NOT recommend my Sony cameras to anyone who lives in Spain and is planning on shooting out in the bright sun. You just aren't going to like the LCD screen and the overheating issues. It's doable, just not recommended. The a7III screen is supposed to be similar to that of a6300 / a6500 (except no dimming in 4K / 1080p 120fps), so maybe not much joy in that, either.
  4. Yeah, IF the GH5 CAN do that via firmware update... look out!!! Seems like it would be a true monster of a camera.
  5. This looks REALLY good. You might mention though that it MIGHT be NSFW because of minor male nudity. I'm not a prude and it doesn't offend me personally, but someone might be working in a place that frowns upon this.
  6. Thanks for the links. Have you tried any of the course you linked to? Which one(s) do you recommend?
  7. I vote yes!!! I love Resolve. I am glad to see that Fusion is being interrogated into Resolve 15, but learning Fusion has been kicking my keister up and down the block. Fusion would be so much better if there were some tutorials produced by Black Magic that made it easier for us beginners. I've check out a lot of tutorials on Youtube and on Lynda.com and they are all kind of meh...
  8. Ahh... I see my posts are clear as mud... I actually meant that - for me, the end user - that buying lottery tickets would pay off better (for me) than trying to petition Sony / Canon / Nikon to add RAW over HDMI output from their older cameras. Sorry it didn't seem like that was what I was trying to say. As for ATOMOS, since it seems like it was mostly a firmware thing, then yeah, they are probably going to do fine with it.
  9. Well, good to know that it is technically possible. On the other hand, Sony still seems to sell the original a7S new, so maybe it would breed new life in to it??? Yeah, I can see your point.
  10. I think this is good advice. Finding a camera that you WANT to shoot because it is enjoyable is going to be a very big factor in how much you want to shoot. Sometimes I dread shooting with my a6500... The dim, small and not all that sharp (yet highly reflective) screen, the stupid recessed record button, the funky menu system, the difficulty in seeing the AF point selection when using the touchscreen, the inaccuracy of focus peaking (at really shallow DOF apertures)...
  11. So Atomos just announced the Ninja V and also announced a firmware update to their other recorders that will allow them to record ProRes Raw over HDMI. The trouble is that apparently no DSLR / Mirrorless cameras are actually outputting RAW over HDMI (think the BMPCC4K WILL do that, but I have been known to be wrong in the past). So, during an interview at NAB, ATOMOS CEO Jeromy Young said to petition your camera manufacturer to add RAW output over HDMI. He mentioned this would be great for the a7 or the 5D Mark IV, so I assume that HE was assuming that adding RAW output over HDMI to an existing camera via a frimware update is a thing. Does that seem even remotely likely??? I mean, how likely is it to be technically feasible that Sony is going to add firmware to the original a7, or that Canon is going to add firmware to the 5d IV to output RAW? And beside the technical difficulty, how likely is Mr. Sony or Mr. Canon to actually be influenced by whatever we ask for cameras that were released a few / several years ago??? Seems like buying lottery tickets would have a higher chance of paying off.
  12. Glad you brought that up. I still seem a bit confused by the HLG workflow if outputting to SD You just shoot in HLG profile and then is there a LUT for converting from HLG to rec.709??? Or is there more that needs to go into this? And if so, do you need to use a whole different lut (and re-grade everything) if going to rec 2020???
  13. A Ha!!! Now you know how we sony a6500 owners felt when the GH5 came out... In all seriousness, I might sell my Sonys and buy an GH5 and some MFT lenses and then pick up the BMPCC4K when it comes out in September. Otherwise I was going to get the a7 III.
  14. Probably should have just mounted the a7S II to the dashboard of the taco wagon behind him and used that for stabilization...
  15. @IronFilm Thanks for the clarifications about the codec upgrade and the overheating problem of the a5100. Yeah, I think for most sane people, a used panasonic would fit the bill. Wondering what the DR will be like of the new BMPCC4K when it is released. Well... I am a fountain of misinformation today. You are correct; no mic jack. Just a usb jack and a micro hdmi jack. (Just checked on my a6000) I can say with (almost) absolute certainty that the a6000 does have the multi-interface shoe that allows for one to plug a sony mic into the hotshoe. After a brief search of SOLD cameras on ebay in the usa, looks like: Used G7 body only starts around $500 Used a6000 body only starts around $375 Used a5100 with 16-50 kit lens starts around $225. This was a quick search on the SOLD listings so please don't quote me on this. Hope this is helpful. Apologies in advance if it isn't.
  16. just to add on to what @Inazuma mentioned, if rumors are to be believed, the older (and cheaper) a5100 is supposed to have even better 1080p than the a6000. I don't think it has as good af as a6000, and it doesn't have a mic input. It does have a flippy-up screen though if you are in to vlogging. Doesn't have as many buttons as a6000 so more stuff is done in the menu system. I actually own one of them as well!!! (I just forgot that I own it) I bought mine for about $150 used off of craigslist. Mine was an international version, meaning that you can set it to ntsc and it records perfectly fine, just every time you turn on the camera you get a warning on the LCD that the camera is set to NTSC. For audio for the a5100, you will either need to: 1) use built in mics, or 2) use external recorder and sync, or 3) Use one of the Sony mics that mount in the hot shoe and take advantage of the multi interface feature of the hotshoe. As mentioned above, a6000 has a mic jack but no headphone out.
  17. @Charlie If deciding SPECIFICALLY between the a6300 and the a6000, then you need to ask if you want to shoot 4K or 1080p. The a6300 for 4K and the a6000 for 1080p. I own an a5100, an a6000, an a6300 (now deceased) and an a6500. The 1080p on the a6300 / a6500 is chock full of aliasing, so yo will want to shoot 4K and edit it on a 1080p timeline / output it as 1080p if you WANT 1080p for your final. The a6300 has S Log, and with an a6300 you have options to use the various EOSHD Procolor for Sony. The a6000 doesn't have s log, and doesn't allow you to use the EOSHD procolor (nor any other color profiles). The a6000 DOES have what they call creative styles, and I have found that using the portrait creative style on the a6000 and turning down in-camera sharpening and contrast works quite well for the a6000. The LCD of the a6300 / a6500 is quite reflective, and the screen dims in 4K. a6300 is prone to overheating when shooting 4K. The 4K of the a6300 can be quite nice though. ~~~~~ Having said all this, I would look at what @jonpais said and seriously consider a used G7
  18. What video card are you using? And are you going to cut 4K footage without using proxy files / cache? I can edit Sony 4K XAVCS 100mbs footage fine with my gtx 960 2GB GPU... as long as I make proxy files first. But I get all sorts of memory errors if I don't use proxy files. Maybe a 960 with more than 2GB would be ok???
  19. What are you shooting with??? But for some crazy reason I thought you shot sony 8-bit cameras, but I guess I am wrong...
  20. @jonpais Thanks for the sample. Which lens are you using in the above clip?
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