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  1. 3 hours ago, Mark Romero 2 said:

    Hi everyone:

    Anyone have extensive experience shooting in VLOG on the S1 (not the S1 H)???

    In particular, how much of a real world dynamic range advantage does it have over Sony's 8-bit SLOG? (Or the VLOG found in the GH5 or GH5S, or FLOG in the X-T3).

    There don't seem to be too many examples of it posted online, and the few comparisons I've seen between VLOG on the S1 and SLOG2 on the Sony a7 III seem to contradict one another.

    Also, does it need to be overexposed to avoid excessive noise/ color shifts in the shadows? If so, how many stops are optimum?

    The fact that it uses an h.264 codec at 150Mbs has me concerned. (Am I misunderstanding??? Does it have a higher bitrate when shooting VLOG???)

    Thanks in advance. Don't understand what is taking so long for Sony to get 10-bit with a better codec in to a camera.

    P.S. As video is still just about 15% of my work compared to stills photography being 85% of my work, I probably won't buy an S1H.

    Download the v-log footage from my blog and try it out for yourself: https://blog.presstige.sk/post/187207698230/bmpcc-4k-raw-vs-panasonic-s1-v-log-i-just-did-a

    (it was shot with the old FW)

  2. See for yourself, download the samples from my blog: https://blog.presstige.sk/post/187207698230/bmpcc-4k-raw-vs-panasonic-s1-v-log-i-just-did-a

    After three months of shooting with the BMPCC and the S1 I would pick the S1 over the pocket any day. I'm not saying that the pocket is a worse camera, but the S1 really got the edge with the slightly better dynamic range and usability. I don't own an S1H but I suppose it's almost the same when it comes to 4K 10bit. Bottom line: no bashing here, i love both cameras :)

  3. Hi, 

    this Portkeys wireless video transmitter is now up for a sale. If you have Portkeys HH7 or HH7T monitor, you can attach the reciever via dedicated port.

    Condition: Used on two-three shoots, no scratches, no visible signs of wear, like brand new. Also comes with a(n ABS) hard case. Also comes with 3 canon LP-E6 batteries.

    Reason: upgrading to Teradek.


    *SDI and HDMI input/out
    *Support to refract signal from wall when use indoor
    *Built-in aerial,small size,light weight,low power consumption

    *Frequency Band:60G
    *Transmitting Angle:160°
    *Transmitting Range: Gimbal,Stabilizer.Better to downwards to the groud (Empty Area-30M)
    *Signal Type:3G-SDI/HDMI Cross Conversion,Through-out
    *System Power Supply:Canon E6 Battery/7-24V mini XLR Power Interface
    *Power Consumption:7.5W
    *Material:PC Plastic,Aluminium Alloy,Carbon Fiber

    *Frequency Band:60G
    *Transmitting Angle:160°
    *Signal Type:HDMI
    *System Power Supply:USB 5V Power Interface
    *Power Consumption:3W
    *Material:Aluminium Alloy,Tempered Glass,Carbon Fiber

    Package Included:
    1×Claymore TX
    1×Claymore RX
    2×1/4 Screws
    1×50cm SDI Cable
    1×30cm USB Cable
    1×Mini XLR to D-tap Cable
    1×300cm SDI Cable
    1×Safety Box


    Here's a review (not mine)


    Price: 580 euros (+PP fees). Price on Amazon is 709 GBP.

    Shipping from Slovakia to the countires of the European Union for 14 euros with DHL Parcel. 











  4. 7 hours ago, Kisaha said:

    The Portkeys HS7T, which is the SDI version is 399euros. Considering that every SDI version is 50-100euros more expensive anyway, do you consider it a good option?


    Damn, that SDI almost doubles it's price. I've got mine (HDMI only) for 220euros from Aliexpress. I also shot with the SDI version and it's pretty solid. The image is bright even in sunlight, you can load luts and the IQ is very nice. But do not buy the claymore wireless, for 600 euros it's a bummer. Works very badly and you have to walk next to the camera to get the image from the transmitter. 

  5. 2 hours ago, abehalpert said:

    is this comparison before or after fw update? 

  6. 14 hours ago, Amazeballs said:

    Did you shoot handheld run&gun? 

    It wasn't run n gun, but we had a long shotlist and a tight schedule. The shoot was 14 hours long. The S1 was mostly rigged on the Ronin S, with dual handle, Tilta Follow Focus, SmallHD monitor and a claymore wireless transmitter. 

    I do understand the advantages of shooting with a lighter camera, but my personal preference is different.

  7. 16 minutes ago, Thpriest said:

    That's kind of my point. If M43 becomes super video orientated then I'm in. Not sure if the S1 can record 4k non stop

    It can record non stop 4K. But the S1 lacks of the professional video options like the GH5 had, like using shutter degrees, etc. However, it's image is truly awesome.

  8. 57 minutes ago, 1Ale82 said:

    What lenses where used for the shots? The same lens on both cameras so it can be a fair comparison?

    25mm MFT on the P4K, 50mm samyang on the S1. More info in my blog »

    If I will get my hands on a 35mm Samyang, I will compare it (with a Speedbooster on the P4K) to a 50mm on the S1.


    2 minutes ago, helium said:

    These fairly trivial differences tend to fall away, in face of an actual colorist.

    Yep, I absolutely agree. 

  9. 1 minute ago, deezid said:

    The V-Log S1 sample is free of any sharpening and nr artifacts, wondering what this guy is talking about lol
    The Braw sample is full of noise and hair looks (enhanced). The exposure could have been even hotter to reduce the noise honestly, you can still lower ISO later to add some contrast back later ;)

    The S1 looks good to me as well.

    However, please check Geralds video on exposing the BMPCC4K, where he explains how does the different ISO values impact your final image and why is shooting on the base ISO a good thing. So, my footage is far from great, but isn't that the reason why raw was invented? 😄


  10. 1 minute ago, Otago said:

    Sorry, should've been clearer, I meant the noise reduction and sharpening. I'm wondering if it can match the smooth look of Pocket 4k, it looks amazing but the Pocket 4k looks nicer to my eyes, even with the slightly lower dynamic range - perhaps it's RAW vs H.265 though. 

    0 is the lowest you can go for the sharpening/NR (Panasonic slightly changed the UI, it's not like on the GH5 where you had negative values). 

    Get the free resolve, download the footages and try to match them together :) It's not impossible, but there's a learning curve, like I wrote earlier, I unintentionally overexposed the Pocket screengrab, don't take it as a reference. My goal was to show you all how differently are these two cameras handling the same situation and to upload some sample clips, because I did not had the opportunity to compare the two cameras before buying them.

  11. 20 minutes ago, Otago said:

    Does it go lower than that ? If you're bored it would be nice to see what a range of setting do to the image - but only if it would be useful to you obviously! 

    Nope, 640 is the lowest you can go with the V-log. 

    I will do some more detailed test (V-log vs. HLG as well) and upload everything to my blog, but I have a shoot next week and I have to prep.

  12. 50 minutes ago, Patrick B. said:

    @funkyou86 thanks for posting that! I have the S1 but not the Pocket. Which camera is on the left? That frame grab seemed to have a little more highlight info and/or smoother roll off in the window. 

    The left one is the S1, the right one is the Pocket (you can spot easily, because it's "cropped", aka 4K DCI).

    Download the sample clips and try to push your own grade to it's limits. I'm not a colorist, just quickly graded these two clips :) After I uploaded them, I noticed that I pushed the Pocket highlights a bit too much. The braw has the information (highlights max at 80 IRE) but the brightest parts of the screengrabs are over 100 IRE. 

    I only had the Pocket on one shoot and got the V-log license yesterday 😄 So, I will upload more sample clips probably so everyone can get the idea what are these two toys capable of. 

  13. 26 minutes ago, Otago said:

    The logistics of selling digital products through distributors and then retailers is by no means a solved problem - everyone wants their cut and is afraid of setting a precedent. The distributors know their business is dieing, there are so few camera shops now that the manufacturers could take on selling directly to retailers quite easily but the distributors are fighting tooth and nail to keep their businesses alive. Like a fungal nail infection that just won't go away 😉

    What were the settings on the S1 for this ? The S1 looks too sharp, to me, in comparison to the BMPCC 4K but they both look really, really good! Dancing on the head of a pin.

    Base ISO of 640, Sharpening an NR at 0.

  14. 5 minutes ago, Geoff_L said:

    @funkyou86 and other MC21 owners : could you check your electronic contactors of your EF lenses you use with the adapter please ? I posted some days ago in the "lenses" thread, because my lenses got damaged. I believe it comes from the MC21 adapter ; mine may be defective...

    Just checked my brand new 50mm STM and my 85mm USM and they are fine. If it's from the adapter, you might want to get in touch with Panasonic reps.

  15. 4 hours ago, newfoundmass said:

    With the price reduction it's really tempting but the cost of lenses is just way too hard to swallow. 

    I'm so impressed with the stabilization. What a feat, really. 

    The UK deal with the FW upgrade + MC-11 adapter made me switch. The image is very gorgeous, but the autofocus is is rubbish with the Canon USM lenses. 

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