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  1. 3 minutes ago, mercer said:

    @Matthew Hartman and I can appreciate that. But this is an enthusiasts forum more than a professional one. I can count on one hand the amount of professional narrative filmmakers that visit this site and their visits are usually infrequent.

    I am not afraid of critique, I welcome it. I’ll post the worst image in the world if I think I can get useful information by posting it. But there are a lot of people that look at the this forum and are afraid to post because they don’t want to suffer the backlash. And that kinda sucks.

    I think it will be hard to quantify how many professionals as opposed to enthusiasts frequent these boards. Professional doesn't always mean acclaimed. I'm a professional in the world of corporate work, but a rookie in terms of narrative in the sense that I'm not making income from it...Yet. 

    Again, I don't want to scare ppl away. I have two children (ages 19 and 13) that are hella creative and skilled and I understand age appropriate tact when critiquing their work. At the same time, lying to them does them no benefit in the long run. I like to believe giving them alternative views on their work broadens them over time. When they get to the professional world, they will definitely need a thick skin and be able to justify their creative direction when asked about their process. 

    I don't want to hijack this thread nor exercise with my opinions so please carry on folks. 

    Is it possible to get a new grab? 

  2. 36 minutes ago, fuzzynormal said:

    For what I do, I'm finding ergos and IBIS extremely important, which is why I'm still missing owning a EM5II. [sad face]

    Well, I tend to not use the 180 shutter on my GH5.  When shooting 24fps, I'll shoot a SS of 40 or 30, for instance.  I'll even go to 25 depending.  I like the increased blur a little better with LUMIX --but it's really a matter of taste... BTW, I do think shooting 50fps SS is perfectly fine and looks decent; just like to take the edge off my images a little bit.

    So so so little.  IQ is certainly great, but it doesn't do the writing or acting.

    Can't you set an incremental shutter speed in the GH5 so that you can nail that golden 180° in 24fps? (1/48th) 

    I sure wish my NX1 could allow that. Oddly you can enable it for ISO.

    I've been playing with various shutter speeds at 24fps. The carnal rule being you shouldn't go below your FPS. The NX1 won't even allow you to. A lot of ppl assume the 180 rule is religious, but that is incorrect.  

  3. 2 minutes ago, mercer said:

    This was meant to be a test for fun... not to decide upon the knowledge or talent of the colorist, or filmmaker. It's all subjective anyway. I think all of the images are interesting and I've learned a ton from this. But honestly, i don't love any of them and how could I... none of you could be in my head and understand the theme and narrative within that scene...  but I sure do like a lot of them and most are better than what I came up with.

    I get that. My intention is not to put down anyone's proficiencies, I think this is a great exercise. We should keep this going on new grabs. If anyone is offended, I apologize it is taken that way. 

    My main point is that I think we collectively baked this particular shot. I'm seeing ppl pretty much replicate very similar results. I don't think the image lends itself to much more versatility. I could be wrong. But I doubt it. 

    That being said, you have to realize there are also working professionals subscribed to these boards and some of us share our industry viewpoints and art direction. Unless you state explicitly that critique is not welcome, we're going to elicit it, because that's our normal operating mode. Comes with the territory.  

    We have a mix of ppl here and I think that's what makes this community special. Everyone gets a seat at the table regardless of their background and interest level and I find that democratic and refreshing, I certaintly don't want to scare ppl away.  What I say is in the spirit of knowledge sharing, not posturing. Not all pros are open to that, some covet their knowledge to ensure job security. 

    For those hobbists here, again, there is no intention to critize you as a person. In the field, critique is a normal every day occurence that professionals use to bounce their work off their peers, you build a thick skin and learn to seperate yourself from the work. You put the work forward to make sure you're communicating what you want. 

    If you're open to it, you can learn insights that you may have never come across on your own. We as ppl tend to tunnel ourselves into a tight creative corner, myself included. Creativity, and skill is a muscle.  


  4. I can see why ppl would be attracted to HDR technology. Colors pop like no one's business. It creates a rich viewing experience, as opposed to simply watching something. And I'm all about the tech and propelling the industry forward and questioning those old conventions that were perpetrated on misconceptions. 

    That being said, I'm on the fence. Is it possible to create a film that's so vivid and rich in detail and color that it takes your audience right out of the story?

    I'm not sold yet that this is a good platform for narrative work. For advertising, it can't come soon enough. This is going to make product shots absolutely pop and scream "buy me immediately". 

  5. On 2/20/2018 at 6:37 PM, TwoScoops said:

    Pretty much any DSLR made in the last 10 years is good enough for photos, unless your work is going on billboards. I prefer the colours of my D700 (ancient) do D750 sometimes.


    Holy shit, we posted the same video. ?

    I worked in print for a few years, right before the industry crossover into digital. I think ppl have an understandable misconception on how printing actually works. It's similar to theater projection. Especially for things like billboards, as the video explains you have to factor in viewing distance. 

    Now, for the various configurations of magizine spreads, you need a minimum of 300 dpi, and a minimum of 8MP. (8 million pixels) Again, the veiwing distance is relatively close, so pixel denisty matters a lot more here.

    Sometimes, you get what you get from a client and you have to run it. 

    In short, for most applications, at least on the resolution end, the GH5/s should be adequate. That being said, the GH brand of cameras have never been touted for their photos end. That does'nt mean ppl don't shoot stills with it.

    This goes to show ppl that the resolution race, although nice to have, has largely been a gimmick to sell cameras.  


  6. Ok, unless someone goes nior I think we baked this one and are on the verge of burning it. 


    Not to be mean, but I personally think the grades that soften his face do not fit what was shared about the narrative. We need to see some shadow in his face to denote suspicsion, hiding, scheming, fear, mystery, etc.

    And typically warmer tones do not translate a thriller/narrative unless they're flanked with cooler tones. And just because there is considerable blue in this shot doesn't automatically mean those tones are cool, they were actually pretty warm in the original. 

    Grading is more than just popping colors, it has to fit the theme and vision of the film and the character. Colors are character que, and can also foreshadow something or tie in a story arch.  

  7. 6 minutes ago, Don Kotlos said:

    There are plenty of things that go in a camera so while these polls are fun, they shouldn't be used for generalizations.

    I thought this would be assumed when the question asked if you had to pick one?

     I definitely agree one should'nt make any conclusions from this style of poll. So much goes into filmmaking in general, let alone the camera and it's qualities. 

    In fact, the more experience I gain with filmmaking, especially narrative, I grow in my understanding that the camera has so little to do with storytelling in this medium, if that any makes sense. There's way more pre and post production than the actual production, and I love it all!

    Well, I don't love producing. ? 

  8. 15 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

    What the hell do cameras have anything to do with this thread anyway. I thought we were talking about Windows 10?? :grin: My Favorite operating system in the whole damn world.

    And if you don't stay on point I am going to send this dog after your butt LoL!!


    That's a dog? ?

    2 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

    I am glad you agreed Kisaha. If not the dog on the couch this one would have been next. And it would have been bad trust me. :blush:



    I'm pretty sure that's a Muppet. 

    1 hour ago, Orangenz said:

    What''s the story on the output? Tried a brand new 8 core and it blue screened which was rather annoying. 

    Blue screens can derive from several factors. Bad hardware, bad software, bad drivers, feeling moody that day. ?

    That's the coveat of Windows. It's a pretty stable OS in general but so many things can muck it up. Usually it's a conflicted driver issue. Not all drivers are signed/genuine or up to snuff.  

  9. 42 minutes ago, thefactory said:


    Playing with the new FCP tools. Jpg came out a little bit darker than I am seeing in FCP. I'm loving the new Hue/Sat tools in FCP 10.4.  

    Check the color gamma you're embedding on the export. 

  10. 17 hours ago, pryde said:

    I need to start using Matthew's technique and shooting a white card so I can make sure it's nailed when editing.

    It really does come in handy. You can always just use a sheet of white printer paper, or the white part of a clapper board. Anything as close to pure white will get you a decent WB and bring you along to about 95% nailed in camera. Besides, the NX1 does a decent job with skin tones as it is. 

    You can of course get calibrated color charts (for a premium) and bring that into Resolve if you want to get strict color accuracy, but I'm not that analytical with my color, and I try to steer away from mixing/shooting different camera brands. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, anonim said:

    Uh, why such scathing answer? Or it is not such (trying to include my non-native knowledge of language)?

    It's a bit salty. 

    Apparently this camera has caused quite some controversy here. I'm not sure any camera, or "thing" is quite worth all the shade that's been thrown around on this topic. You either like this camera, or you don't, or are unsure or indifferent. I'm not sure what all the fuss is really about. My guess is something underlying. 

  12. On 12/7/2017 at 7:44 AM, jonpais said:

    There's the Laowa 7.5mm f/2. With ETC enabled on the GH5, that comes out to 21mm FF equivalent.

    Curious, do you see dispersion at the edges? I would think 7.5mm has a fisheye element no? 

    I think in general it's best to go wide and set focus to infinity, unless you have reliable AF or a wireless follow focus system. 

    I use a Rokinon 12mm and the native 16-50mm S lens on my NX1. I do alright. 

  13. 8 hours ago, kye said:

    @Matthew Hartman I believe you have a point and that I'm not quite understanding it.  I do agree that vertical vs horizontal composition will of course have artistic and psychological connotations / implications.

    Could you elaborate on what the subliminal messages are for vertical compositions?  I'm keen to learn more.

    Personally, I wouldn't output a vertical format for anything except social media posts where a single person is talking to camera. From that point of view, the goal is to show their face and hands, which if you do it vertically fills the whole screen, if you do it horizontally the person is barely the size of a postage stamp, and square aspect will be somewhere in-between.

    I'll be as brief and summary as possible. It's not hard to get into the thick weeds when talking about composition/framing. Some of it is science, some subjective. 

    What do you feel when you see this?



    What do you feel with this one?



  14. 21 minutes ago, TheRenaissanceMan said:

    Depends how well the film is recieved.

    You don't understand how marketing works. All exposure is "good" exposure. In fact, in somekind of odd brainiac way, bad publicity often has the affect of making something even more popular. Take Trump if you need an example.  

    What I see is a signal that there's a movement to bring filmmaking to the masses. We could definitely question the merits and quality of this movement, but the fact that two Hollywood actors would attach their careers to something like this is a bit of foreshadowing in my opinion. 

  15. I could show you, and then get ready for the impending lawsuits coming from a big tech company that has a boardroom full of lawyers.?

    This is the suckiest part of creating content that's under strict NDA. I make a lot of corporate internal videos to help evangelize a product and prove out (POC) use cases and help drive a markerting message, never, ever to see the light of day in the public eye because it features technologies that are often not ready for prime time or never make it as a product at all.  

    Not film related, (more motion graphics) but I am THE guy behind the "Windows Hello" smilely biometric authentication animation/concept, which has been released for a couple years now, so free to share.

    If you understand how political tech companies are you'd get why having your work featured in a mass product like Windows is noteable and something to be proud of. I'm not narrasistic by any means, but I will take credit for this one. ?

    I also have quite a bit of my work featured on the Xbox One UI/interactions. And you have me to thank or hate for a better keyboard experience on the system as opposed to the Xbox 360. But I digress. 

    You have no idea how many people and departments that had to go through. All other designs failed hard and fast. I was hired to change that. 

    This is why I'm switching gears and focusing on finding more narrative work in the free category for a few years and build up a public-facing reel. I'd like to be able to show my work to people other than those that live large on the water in Medina WA. ?

    I do also edit, and the short will be released soon. I will share when that happens if the festivals allow. 


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