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  1. 4 hours ago, DBounce said:

    The X-H1 is an interesting camera for video. I have mixed feeling about it. On the one hand I do like the body, handling, at least from what I have seen so far. But if falls short in serval key areas... I would have loved this to have been a 10 bit camera. I believe that is where the industry is heading. Also 4k 60p would have been a nice addition. Not that I shoot a lot of slow-mo, but it is nice to have the option. That said, I did not mind the footage coming out of this camera. 

    So here is my takeaway... I like it, but not enough to buy it. My GH5, GH5s and 1DXMk2 are enough to handle my needs for now. With the addition of the Tilta Nucleus-M, I am no longer worried about AF on the GH cameras... I simply won't use it. If did not own any other cameras and was building a kit from the ground up, I think in this price range I would opt for the GH5.  That is if video was my focus. Other than that the Fuji is an interesting option.

    As far as IQ in video I think the X-H1 is plenty suitable for weddings, music videos, short films, and corporate gigs, and isn't a huge leap in either direction comparing it to the IQ of other brands in the same price class like the GH5. Although I will say to my eye at least Sony tends to look a little more filmic.

    Before I get quartered for my own opinion,  I judge cameras based off my own personal needs and desires. Though I do some photography, video is my main interest and criteria, and particulalry getting video to feel warmer and less digital. I'm seeing quite a bit of edge fringing in the examples of the X-H1's video, and that's a turn off to me personally, even on my NX1. 

    Ultimately, I applaud camera manufacturers that signal progression. Fuji might not be able to offer me anything right now, but when they put their chips on the table, others follow suit. 

    At the end of the day we all have varied take aways. If we didn't wrap up our indentities so tightly into the things we purchase, we'd have more comfortable butts when someone comes along and purchases something else. One does not have to justify their preferences. Sometimes we are attracted to certain things that words can't facillitate.  

  2. Saw this today. Even though I like where they shot this, my office is close to many of the areas filmed, (DP Review is based in Seattle) I can't say I'm a huge fan of the image. Looks very "video-ish" to me and that's not my cup of tea. Colors are on point. The area looks exactly look this...when its not raining that is. 

    That being said, I applaud Fuji for the upgrade. 

  3. 7 hours ago, لطفي بوعكاز said:

    thanks I know about twixtor just haven't explored it further but how higher of a shutter do you have to be to get it right? at 30P my shutter is 60 in normal mode.

    I think you're confusing frame rate with shutter speed here. 

    It will be trial and error, but logically the slower you think you'll slow down your footage in the timeline using the technique you posted (or Twixtor) the higher you'll want to set your shutter speed. (Again, not to be confused with frame rate)

    So if you're normally at 30fps with a shutter speed of 1/60th (following the 180° global shutter rule) and you plan to slow your footage down to the equivelent of 120fps in post, I'd set my shutter speed at 1/250th and test how that looks after you've applied the technique to the footage in post. 

    So, 30fps @ 1/250th shutter speed. Of course, it's going to look like you just shot the sequel to Saving Private Ryan at normal playback, and I'm sure you'll have to open up the aperture and maybe raise your ISO, but slowed down it should look much better. You will have to experiment. 

    NOTE: I have no idea how this will come out with some LED lighting. You may get some flicker you have to deal with. 

  4. 19 hours ago, sandro said:

    So why don't they?

    What makes you think they don't? Samsung digital imaging is only one division of the entirety of the company. 

  5. 15 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

    China is working on throwing everyone out of their country. They only want to have Chinese company's there. So Arri is not going there any time soon. They even want it so Everyone there Has to buy Chinese products only down the road.

    That is why Apple made a Bullshit statement that there are going to invest Billions and Billions of dollars in the United States. They Have to, China is throwing them out along with others.

    But here in the USA there is beginning to be a Huge kickback about China buying up too many company's here, and they own a Scary amount of the farms in this country right now. So we are seeing the beginning of a giant pissing contest between the two country's.




    Cupertino just signed a deal today with illustrious high-end camera manufacturer RED, that would finally give the camera what many of it's users have been clamouring for ages...Emojis! Yes, don't adjust your focus rings folks, I said emoji. Happy face, sad face, meh face and yes, even turd and eggplant too. The whole set, as well as some special RED themed additions. 

    Tim Cook, Apple's CEO said today in a press release via Skype with along with executives from RED that this partnership signals innovative ambitions for both companies, and gives it's customers the features they want the most. Cook said, "As the cameras in the iPhone have improved both in terms of in speed and quality over the years it only seems natural that we partner with the company that offers the best-in-class digital imagining, besides our own. That company is clearly RED" 

    James Jannard, the CEO of RED and the popular Oakley franchise of the mid 90's said, "That's right Tim, we here at RED are looking for new and interesting ways to better engage our customers, and compete with today's technology and lower our costs to the consumer. What better way than to offer first-class emojis right inside our cameras?

    Jannard also mentioned that they reached out to Google and Samsung, but ultimately felt Apple was the logical fit as their two companies believe in similar pricing structures and out-of-the-box user experiences.

    When we asked both Cook and Jannard if they had a name in mind for this product Cook quickly jumped in, "We're calling it the Epicon Mini 6K" Both men chuckled sheepishly (and slightly uncomfortably) as I took another awkward sip of my luke warm mint Earl Grey in a paper cup brandished with an Apple and a bite taken out of it.  

    The "Epicon Mini 6K" is due to be officially announced some time in mid 2019 according to a later call with representatives from RED.

    Regardless of what you may feel about emojis inside of premuim cameras, get ready to set your white balance, peak your focus, adjust your aperture, shutter speed and ISO, and then go ahead and select that happy face. You know you want to. Cook and Jannard agree with you. ☺



  7. 8 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    Imagine how much a premium brand's image would be harmed if a bunch of low budget idiots would start using them?

    I can just imagine the complaints already:

    "It has shit battery life! I had to buy these expensive V mount batteries, which didn't come with it in the box. Dodgy RED trying to upsell you on hidden costs!"
    "It sucks at low light when I'm shooting outdoors at night in the forest with my Canon 18-55mm kit lens!"
    "It broke my PC when I loaded these 8K files into my editor and it crashed!"
    "This dumb camera doesn't have a portrait selfie mode!"
    "The autofocus is hopeless, I wish had never ever brought this camera! I'm sending it back and buying a Canon Rebel"

    And so on and so on and so on the reviewers, commentators, social media, and forum posts would go on and on.

    Then of course would come the avalanche of dreadful awful looking footage shot with this new "premium" but affordable camera. Because their talent/knowledge/budget/experience isn't even 1% of what the camera is capable of. 

    If this is allowed to carry on unchecked for too long, it would end up harming sales of their high end budget cameras as well!

    So while I wish Arri would make a $3K camera, I also totally understand the reasons why they wouldn't want to do that. 



    Haha, lots of shit films are shot on the most expensive Hollywood/Altantawood/Londonwood/Bollywood level cameras. Good films are the exception.?

    But you're point is valid and I would add the relentless complaints about comparisions to Sony's high ISO parade. ?

    Then again, $10k body only is not a cheap investment for most ppl either. Yes, it's cheaper than what the 8k Epic costs right now, but the bar is set way higher than even small profesional productions can afford to purchase outright that need to recoupe short term.

    Besides, most production shops do not purchase just one unit. Unless they want 14 hour days. 

    The article made no mention of any of the addons coming down in price as well. If so, expect serious compromises in build quality and performance. 

    $10k puts the RED in the same bracket as the Sony F5, Canon Cxx, BMD Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k, Panasonic EVA-1, etc. This is not exactly a amateur's bracket. 

    If RED was going to release a mirrorless prosumer/consumer level camera, then RED should worry. Then again, they're releasing a smartphone this year so are they really THAT concearned? They obviously see differentiation.

  8. 7 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    Had an interesting conversation today with a friend who owns 2x RED cameras, he is debating if perhaps instead of say a secondhand RED Epic that his purchase should be a Panasonic EVA1 (or something else?). 

    Because his worry is that if RED moves down market to the consumer level that will harm RED's perception in the marketplace (by producers/directors/clients/etc), so thus maybe he should just go somewhere else. 

    I'm not sure about this my man. I take the viewpoint that the narrative will be flipped on it's head, in terms of producers budgeting cameras for a shoot. What the production saves in costs by renting 3 cameras for the current price of one they can allocate the rest of budget towards other production costs, which as you know are many. That's a boon for a producer (looking for industry respect) and ultimately the client. Just because a client gives a film a sizeable budget, doesnt mean they want the producer to go hog wild on equipment. It's the producer's job to inform their clients and make their investment count. 

    IF RED, by extension of Foxconn, produces a $10k 8k camera it's going to force Arri to do the same. This is a good thing for everyone, regardless of budget size. 

    I want to clear up a misconception I made earlier. The conversation in passing was between RED and Foxconn executives at somekind of event. This really has nothing to do with Apple Inc., other than Foxconn manufactures parts for the iPhone. So does Samsung and other companies. It's not clear to me that Apple by extension is involved in these talks at this point. 

  9. 1 hour ago, sandro said:

    Actually we're saying the same thing, that's why I used Google as an example. Basically they could just do it just because they can and they could destroy every company out there just for fun (on performance and tech, of course).

    BUT if they did that in the past and left even while closing down factories... well my friend,  they are actually interested in profit. :)

    I'm sure they would glady accept any profits that it would yield. I'm just saying with a company this scale and reach profiteering may not always we the direct catalyst. Keeping in mind there's several ways a company like Samsung could "profit". Clearly, Samsung can afford to play the long game. 

  10. On 2/12/2018 at 11:27 AM, ntblowz said:

    8K for 8K anyone? :glasses:


    Wondering will this prompt Samsung to return to camera market?  because smartphone market is not as it used to be.. getting pretty saturated and the Chinese on their way to domination.  While camera market on the whole is going upmarket with each new camera getting more and more expensive.

    Most likely. Samsung and Apple have a genuine hard on for each other. I believe Samsung can get there but teaming up with a brand like RED gets Apple ahead of the cart right out of the gates for sure. Apple needs to very much start investing in new technologies and services. 

    I can actually see the Apple/RED partnership. Both companies are quite comfortable with their insane markup business strategies. :)

  11. 19 minutes ago, sandro said:

    As long as I wish this was true, it just won't happen. The market is too niche for adding a new product (again), also considering the bad reputation they have, in a niche market everyone knows what they did... abandoned while lying to customers about leaving. wow.

    Anyway Samsung is so rich and big they could invest in something that one could turn into profit someday or not, Google has money to waste with failed projects :) I wonder how much they would have needed to sell for the nx1 to become profitable... 

    And selling the sensor to others I don't think it would yeield something close to the nx1.

    I don't think Samsung will release an NX2, but I feel like some of you are getting stuck on looking at Samsung as if they're always doing something for profit, as if they need it. This could very well be another pet project with zero intention to recoup investment, just because they can. Even at Microsoft we did the same thing. I worked on a team of designers and we were developing MS's version to Apple's Carplay for about 2 years and a big wig came in one day and shut the whole thing down in a matter of minutes, it's how it is.

    Samsung's 8 of 9 companies could go down and they'd still be insanely profitable. I think some of you are underestimating the scale and reach of the company. It's insane how huge they are.

  12. 6 hours ago, Juxx989 said:

    @Matthew Hartman


    You  two should collaborate.  Your states are next door !   

    I've actually never been to that part of Oregon. I do frequent Portland though.

    I'm not into filming docs or talking heads, but love watching them, and all manor of camera and film equipment tech, particularly what's on the cutting edge 3-10 years out. 

    On 2/9/2018 at 4:35 AM, IronFilm said:

    Ah that sucks. 

    I've had a few ones lined up myself over the last couple of years or so, never had a falling out, but something or another comes up preventing it (budget often!). 

    I'm not too bothered though, moved on to focus on sound recording instead. Done sound for a full feature, and parts on others, got another lined up in a few weeks' time but not so sure again about doing it (again, budget! Bit low....). 

    It's okay, the Director's vision was too far out there for me as I discovered after shooting the trailor. It was the first time working together and we got along on an interpersonal level just fine.

    She's a very abstract creator and I made a conscious decision that her style would have reflected poorly on me as a cinematographer. She wanted diliberate poor quality and to break pretty much every faithful principle. The function behind that was not clear to me and she had trouble articulating that in a way that made sense outside of her own brain. She is an outstanding director in terms of getting some really solid performances out of inexperienced actors, so I did learn some things in the process. She took no excuses. 

  13. 16 hours ago, Kisaha said:

    @Trek of Joy 

    People in general underestimate the power of Samsung. Most of the camera manufacturers (except Canon and Sony) could be plain bought out by Samsung every day of the week, including weekends.

    I think many western consumers mistake Samsung for a cheap Chinese copycat manufacturer. Like the Japanese, the South Koreans are very technology astute and quite westernized. They also hold a lot of political sway over the South Korean economy and government. But they're not just in South Korea. There's an American corporate division right down the road from me (WA) that employs quite a bit of Americans and ppl from all walks of life, including a few ppl I personaly know, which by the way say they enjoy working there.

    It is truly a giant global corporation. Also Samsung is not one company. There are several sister companies under the Samsung umbrella/letterhead. 

    Again, Samsung can do a pet project without an expectation to profit in any meaningful way and then throw some more cash on the fire. Their R&D labs are the most funded and equipped on the planet. And in 2018, I think they're going to have the smartphone to beat, especially once the Note 9 comes along. 

    Why anyone would knowingly underestimate them is beyond me. 

  14. 9 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    Playing devil's advocate, I'm sure Sound Devices would argue in favor with things like: better build quality, arguably better design (physical buttons vs touch screen being better for extreme cold, wet weather, etc), better audio inputs, etc would justify the small price gap. 


    I'm pretty tempted by the Feelworld F6 at the moment, which is even cheaper, sub US$200! But also kinda considering holding out to see if Aputure makes a 5" monitor. No rush, I can wait. 


    I have a Feelworld 7" 4k.

    It's no Shogun, Aputure, SHD, or Black Magic but it gets the job done and has a host of pretty decent tools. Great for low budget filmmakers.  Dedicated physical buttons. 

    I also use Samsung's remote app and run that wifi feed through my tablet. The good thing with this is I can control my NX1 setting's as well. 

  15. On 2/6/2018 at 5:55 PM, Kisaha said:

    I have used once the BlackMagic 5" and it was too wide and heavy. I am not sure an external recorder is the solution to a modern world! Ideally cameras should include great Super Amoled 4.5-5" monitors, great codecs, and that's it. Add an Sennheiser 440 and go!

    When you start building up your rig, then you can't stop. I sometimes build a rig out of my NX500 just for fun, with matte box and everything! With all these said, I have to admit that the NX screens are just unbelievable. I watched some footage I shoot for a couple of jobs (together with the clients) and most of the 6-8 hours footage is in focus, but as we (I) getting old, a nice SmallHD does the job better I guess. Haven't used it professionally yet.


    That's the power of OLED/AMOLED. Pixels emit light as opposed to liquid crystals being illuminated with a back light. The result is more power efficiency and a richer viewing experience. 

  16. 20 hours ago, lucabutera said:

    When talking about the Samsung NX1 camera, in the comments you clearly distinguish 2 types of people:
    The pessimists and the optimists.
    1) The pessimists are those who have never had an NX1 in their hands;
    2) The optimists, that is, the enthusiasts who own an NX1 and are happy and satisfied, some of them sold the NX1 by switching to another camera but regrets the NX1.
    I do not want to speculate on the news of a possible NX2 (although I would have reason, considering that I worked a lot and lost time to support the NX system with the NXL speed booster), I just want to say to the defeatists who think it is not convenient for Samsung, that the camera market is niche, which in 2018 will drop an asteroid on the earth, etc ...
    Maybe Sony is crazy about investing in the photo market? Yet he took a lot of the market away from Canikon!
    Nobody knows the business dynamics of a giant like Samsung, sometimes certain products are produced for different reasons, to be present in that sector too, to show muscles, to satisfy customers, to experiment with superior technologies to be used in another sector such as that of the smartphone.Some time ago I hypothesized that after the release of Red Hydrogen on the phone market, Samsung could get a professional camera that was able to incite fear to the Red camera, this thought is not so crazy if you think about it.
    The Iphonenauti sect is difficult to erase but the sales of the Galaxy 9S could be annoyed because of the many guys who are passionate about photography and video that would buy a Red phone instead of a Samsung.
    Did Samsung expect double the NX1 camera sales? Well, just double the sale price and get a better result! I for the NX2 would spend twice as much as I paid the NX1 and buy the new Galaxy 9S, why? Simply because it knows how to do everything right, it is a small and light camera that never disappoints you.
    When Andrew says that Samsung is the only one who can do it, it also means that Samsung has cut many design costs derived from NX1, also has all the components that are used in other appliances.
    I think they should focus only on a high-end model, the NX2, the top of the class, no compromise, the best camera on the market with a single set of S lenses including the monstrous 300mm f2.8 ready and never marketed!
    A dream maybe but dreaming does not cost anything and then it is not so far from reality.

    It terms of psychology, doubters are really closet believers who shield themselves from feelings of disappointment if what they actually believe doesn't pan out. It's a self protection mechanism.

    Like many here I choose to take a middle road approach. Samsung will do what Samsung wants and it doesn't ask permission from anyone but their shareholders. Pet projects from filthy-rich CEOs and CTOs happen all the time o a whim. Since I'm not a fly on the wall into those decisions there's no way I could be prescriptive to the point of any certainty.

    I realize some of you here are savvy with market analysis, or think you are . That being said, you know more than anyone else that all market projections are predictive and speculative, not prescriptive. 

    As far as PR for an NX2 in terms of the public, anyone who releases a camera with those specs at a prosumer price is going to reap mass rewards, regardless their history or logo. People just want a good camera at a reasonable price at the end of the day, not cheer lead for any given company, unless of course they have stock in them, or contractual restrictions of advertising competing brands. Basic supply and demand. 

  17. 1 minute ago, Trek of Joy said:

    I'm not confusing anything, other releases specify two applications for Exynos that will make Samsung tons of cash -  mobile and auto infotainment. A NX-whatever is not a money making proposition, it would take years for Samsung to make a ILC that could turn a profit no matter how much of the fantasy-land spec from the original post they could actually make a reality. And profitability will never happen in a declining market when they're starting from scratch with their lack of commitment to actually staying in the game. As mentioned in previous posts, perhaps there's a prototype as a showcase for other camera manufacturers, but they're focused on growth, and after killing the NX that's not an area of growth.


    Fair enough. I think it's a sound way to look at the projected market.

    Then again, that's a projection without Samsung's skin in the game. Should and if they decide to enter it again, which I think we all feel is highly unlikely, the market would not be as it is right now because if they released a camera with those specs it would definitely disrupt the market.

    Additionally, the NX1 had nothing to precede it, it was Samsung's first foray into the mirrorless market on the prosumer level. Now that the NX line has some brand recognition, in whatever form, I would suppose an "NX2" would gain a lot more traction this time around.

    Either way, Samsung would definitely have a marketing challenge on their hands for ditching a lot of people without much rhyme or reason, at least from a consumer angle. But then again, they mitigated the exploding Note 7 battery fiasco quite handily, S8 Note sales were pretty significant. 

    I don't man, maybe I'm just being too adversarial. :)

  18. 4 hours ago, Trek of Joy said:

    They want to sell their ISOCELL technology/sensor to other manufactures. Don't confuse their Exynos processor with the image sensor. The S9/9+ are rumored to ship with Samsung-designed Sony IMX345 sensors on the Exynos and Snapdragon proccesors.


  19. On 1/1/2017 at 5:20 PM, Eric Matyas said:

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    I've begun to create a library of texture images that you are welcome to use in your projects. There are seamless ones for tiling as well as standard ones. I've uploaded about 300 or so to get started, and I'm adding more all the time so be sure to check back often. You'll find them on my TXR pages.  

    In the meantime, here are this week's new free music tracks:

    "Magic Clock Shop"_Looping


    "The Village"_Looping

    "Strange Shop"_Looping

    "The Castle Beyond the Forest"_Looping


    "The Awkward Princess Returns"_Looping


    As always, any and all feedback is welcome and much appreciated. :-)

    Have a great start to your new year!


    Hey Eric, I donated to your website. I'm not sure if I'll use any of your tracks (most likely) but I wanted to support you for your generosity and as a fellow composer. Cheers! 

  20. On 2/5/2018 at 7:13 PM, Nicholson Ruiz said:

    I'll believe it when I see it. This is too good to be true. 

    Well we know that Samsung is definitely announcing the S9+ with one of these processors in about 2 weeks time Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain. The sad news for north Americans is that Qualcomm has a lock on our market as far as phone tech, and will not allow Exynos processors to be sold here.



    According to The Korea Economic Daily, Qualcomm abused the ‘standard essential patent’ license to prevent Samsung from selling its modems and integrated chipsets for around 25 years. According to the source, this is considered as an unfair practice and has been confirmed by the Fair Trade Commission.

    To recap, the Fair Trade Commission had decided to fine Qualcomm $865 million over antitrust violations, which stated that the company violated the law of competition, but the chipset manufacturer intends to appeal the decision.


    If you want that phone and processor you'll have to get your hands on an international version. That being said, Qualcomm might have some new features slated for this phone as well. 

    The phone is happening with similar specs in the rumor. As far as an NX2, like you I will believe it when I see it. 

  21. 13 hours ago, jonpais said:

    A boy was found dead hanging from a tree in deeply segregated Mississipi - lynching

    mob - a horde or throng of people

    mob lynching by the media is a gross misrepresentation. One seriously unfavorabe review is not a mob. And not a single person in the comments section of Cinema5D’s test agreed with the findings.

    This is rewriting history.

    It might be more challenging to prove that the media ignored the camera. I recall reading many positive reviews at the time the NX1 was released. In fact, the camera received glowing reviews from some of the most respected names in the business.

    It would be an even greater challenge to prove the NX1 was killed by lack of attention. 

    Many cameras continue to be produced by much smaller companies than Samsung. Kinefinity. The LS300. Cameras which receive next to no notice whatsoever.

    What killed the NX1 was not mob lynching or lack of media attention, but Samsung’s decision to withdraw from the consumer camera market space.

    Photographers do not easily switch brands overnight when they have thousands of dollars invested in glass, especially a system with  little or no compatibility. 

    Let’s not overdramatize events. Samsung themselves said the reason for their discontinuation of the camera division was a gradual decline in demand for standalone digital cameras and camcorders.

    Aside from that, I enjoyed reading @Matthew Hartman‘s comments.

    Alright sir, as rare an occurance as this will be I publicly detract my definition of how I described my interpretations as a "lynch mobbing". My intent is exactly how two ppl here speculated it to be which is more of a "blackout" or ignoring than a mobbing.

    I normally don't defend my adjectives in passing or casual chat, but since you took considerable time and effort to repute them I would feel bad not to respond. ?

    Whatever you want to label it as, the NX1, like Kinefinity products, did not get the attention it deserved, which did not help the camera's plight much. But again, to be crystal clear, most of the blame lies squarely on Sansung's shoulders. I tried like the dickens to appeal to the company which fell on deaf ears.

    I've learned through the process and having partnered with them in the past that Samsung does what it wants to and does not justify anything it does unless its something like an exploding battery in one of their top tier products. They have the resources to do so. 

    I don't know if it's customary to South Korean business/commerce, but Samsung is the type of company that can't either confirm or deny it's projections. This contributes to a ton of false hopes and speculation. 

    I've been in the professional tech world for over 25 years now. One thing is clear to me. When Samsung does something, they're competitors get weak in the knees, and they should, because their own product is about be rendered a paperweight. Microsoft figured out long ago if you cant beat them you join them. 

    The reviewers I linked above were absolutely foolish to ignore anything coming from Samsung. They allowed their biases to get the best of them. It's really that simple. I guess I have the advatange of being in both digital tech and camera tech to see this from a wider perspective. 

    I would challenge anyone to open up any tech device and see if they can't find at least one component made by Samsung. 

  22. On 9/7/2017 at 2:22 PM, keessie65 said:

    I think they have the update on the shelf but is not finished or tested...Wasn't it a few months after the update that Samsung quited the camera line? I talked to some Samsung guys at LinkedIn who developed a few years ago software for the NX1, but they can't tell me more. They are all on other projects now. 

    Probably because they honestly don't know anymore than you and I. They go where their assigned by upper management and are probably not included in business objective meetings. Not uncommon in tech companies.  

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