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  1. 39 minutes ago, mercer said:

    The Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 is a nice lens... I believe it is used on the Narcos show. But don’t underestimate a fast lens with these cameras. These images will get noisy fast, so it really helps to have that fast lens to keep your ISO levels low. 

    With that being said, I would recommend a good two lens setup. A zoom lens like the aforementioned 18-35mm or Canon 17-55mm which would be your walk around go to lens but then get one fast Prime in your favorite focal length for lower light, shallow depth, and your money shots.

    You're talking about this guy?

    https://www.adorama.com/us 955478.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAqbvTBRAPEiwANEkyCHwMN8x9dl59ZW00vbwS7qhSLS9OMIXsKP0Oykti9_ZSDUFQJj--yRoCWhAQAvD_BwE

  2. 5 hours ago, Arikhan said:

    put a piece of mouse pad (cut one in the shape you want) between gimbal plate and camera, this will be a SUBSTANTIAL improvement. A piece of 1-2mm thick mouse pad is a cheap and ideal buffer to improve vertical shake.

    Great tip! I'm definitely going to try this. It makes me wonder why the gimbal manufacturers don't offer this as part of the product build. Most gimbals I've seen the rubber is so thin it's virtually metal on metal. 

  3. 1 hour ago, IronFilm said:

    Back in the day I was a big time cellphone geek, especially keen on the best built in cameras I could get in a smartphone. Thus a big fan of Nokia. As their Nokia N82 was amazing! (for its time) And Symbian OS was pretty good too for an early smartphone. Had a Sony Ericsson K810i too before that, and a Sony Ericsson K800i before that! The Xeon flash is what really set them apart for the time if you wanted to take any snaps in lowlight conditions. 

    Anyway, sadly Nokia has fallen a long long way since the days it was #1 :-( Of which a big blame lies with MS



    Wow! Just wow :-o Didn't know about that. Shocking

    Nokia was a top brand, especially in Europe. It didn't quite have the same mass following here in the states, that went to Apple and Samsung, but those of us that knew about phones and the cameras on them knew the Nokias blew everything out of the water in spades in that regard. The megapixel count on these devices were insane.

    As much as MS played their part in the destruction of the brand, the truth is Nokia was in trouble as a company and MS was willing to purchase them to save them. Not that different from Google buying HTC's phone division, whom I also worked for as well. Apple and Samsung have dominated this market.  

    But bless Panasonic for trying...

    Panasonic Lumix CM1-smartphone-camera.jpg

    This in a phone, not a point and shoot. 

    You may also like this article:


  4. 32 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

    Yes, the BMPCC was a massive success for them, but the Micro Cinema Camera was released only a short time later, yet even though the Micro was an "improved BMPCC" it sadly hasn't got anywhere near the same traction in mind share :-( :-( 

    Quite sad. I reckon a notable reason why is because the Micro was still 1080, and new 1080 only cameras are going to struggle to sell. 

    Thus I can understand why BMD is happy to just wait it out until the right low cost 4K sensor comes along, rather than put out another 1080 camera to the market. 


    You can't sell a smartphone these days without 4k, let alone a product with the word cinema in it costing many dollars more. As soon as smartphones starting gaining 4k capabilities 1080 became old news as far as consumer perception.

    The new buzzword will be 8k soon. This is not a good trend, as most cinemas are still running 2k projectors and 4k televisions are still not widespread yet.

    We don't need more resolution, we need more dynamic range, cleaner sensors, and smaller acquisition and distribution footprints. Resolution is already at the tip between quality and diminishing return, there are other factors to innovate upon.

    As smartphones narrow the gap between portability, capability and quality, the markert is going to get real murky, and I question what affect this will have within the film industry. No one in their right mind is going to spend 40k when they can get what they need in a $2,000 or less package. 




  5. So in my consideration and anticipation of getting the Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k I'm pitching to this community on glass reccomendations. 

    My budget is $1,000 max, so please keep that in mind when making reccomendations. I don't mind used/refurbished as long as in good/working condition. 

    Some other criteria:

    1.) Fast Zoom, with AF and decent range, obviously on the EF mount system.

    Max constant acceptable apeture would be f2.8. (Knowing the low light limitations of the camera) 

    2.) Not looking for Cine glass, as this would get rented specifically for budgeted shoots. Most likely Cooke Mini or Ziess primes on PL. 

    Even though I prefer primes, I want to go zoom (constant aperture) because for personal projects and practice I just want to use one or two lens'. I have a Edelkrone follow focus with a gear ring, so photography glass is fine. 

    Right now I've got my eye on the Sigma Art 1.8 16-35mm. Good? 

  6. On 5/1/2017 at 5:19 PM, mercer said:

    Yeah, but I'm unsure why they believe it needs to be 4K? 2.5k in 24 as 60p would be a fine upgrade for the Pocket and would quench most people's needs for the next couple of years. 

    If it's not 4k it will not compete well in a 4k buzzword market. 

    On 9/17/2017 at 10:21 AM, Matt Kieley said:

    And my point is, I wish they would design a camera that isn't ergonomically stupid


    I believe at the time BMD was looking closely at this product:



  7. On 1/21/2018 at 9:20 AM, IronFilm said:

    That many per year seems a bit nuts to me. Must lead to a lot of wasted effort with endless churn.

    Completely. It's part of why I left and went with a smaller agency.

    It's really unfortunate. You have employees who genuinely want to innovate and please their users and then you have business objectives which of course is to maximize profits. There's probably a happy medium but of course it always skews left.

    I could'nt tell you how many projects I've worked hard on only to be redirected in a matter of days by top management. It is really daunting and causes you to question your own career choice.

    The worst re-org I saw in my time was MS' aquisition of Nokia. They brought a lot of Nokia's employees over to the Redmond campus here in the U.S., including their families, only to let most of them go about 2 months later. I thought this an extremely immoral dick move on MS' part. 

    Don't believe this is a MS problem. I've seen it everywhere. Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google, Amazon, they're all the same. It's a very reactive industry.

  8. On 1/26/2018 at 5:08 AM, ReinisK said:

    Hi guys!

    I've got a new gimbal and really need a stabilized lens for that. I've got the 18-200, which has stabilization, but the image is not the best and I would like a wider lens, too.

    So the real question is - does anyone know of some adapter, which could enable IS on canon lenses? Or maybe some other lenses?

    I don't need AF or aperture control, I just need stabilization.

    I think it terms of stabilization it's important to have a realistic expectation when it comes to real world use. Nothing is a silver bullet solution.

    Using stedicams and motorized gimbals are not an end solution, considerable practice and correct posture (knees bent) are still very much part of getting smooth shots, even coupled with OIS and IBIS. 

    Even using optical and digital stabilization the camera can still pick up micro vibrations, which becomes more pronounced on longer lens'. That's why most ppl prefer to use wide as it produces less preceived parallax on the X and Y in your image. Also, infinity focus is prefered on systems that don't have good AF. 

    The truth is if you're after that "Hollywood level smooth" you need to be on dolly/slider cranes/jibs, and drone systems.

    I couple my Zhiyun crane mounted on a shock absorbed boom connecting to a vest. I also use the native Samsung 16-50mm S lens with OIS (quite good) and use good posture techniques. Even with all this, I will still get occasional vibrations that naturally come with walking.

    Don't assume Warp Stabilizer in post will solve all issues, in fact it can often make your footage look worse. Serious jello. It's to be used lightly. 

    Practice and multiple takes are key. I think if you set yourself up with the expectation that stabilizers and OIS/IBIS are going to be all you need to deliver buttery smooth shots you're in for some disapointment. 

  9. On 1/20/2018 at 8:29 AM, Hugovau said:


    I cant eddit h265 with premiere. I own a Nx1. Proxys or gopro cineform I dont knowe.If some one could help me It would help me very much.

    Thanks in  advance Hugovau

    What is your proccesor and how many cores does it have? Also, I would advise you to upgrade your RAM to 32GB, if possible. These two factors are where you're going to see the bigger gains in performance. Your Nvidia 1060 GPU should be able to handle the processes that use GPU in Premiere, but most of the app is driven by the CPU RAM. 

    Premeire's code isn't as optimized as other NLEs, so it takes some decent specs to run it smoothly in the 4k space. I recently updated to a new monster PC and what a joy it's been being able to edit with smooth playback in full preview settings. It has decreased my workflow time almost by 3/4. 

    Also, do you render "previews" in your current workflow? 

  10. 6 hours ago, keessie65 said:

    Perhaps Samsung will give us new SW when the S9 is released. A few software developers went from the Camara- to the Phone department. Would be an incredible gift.


    It's possible. Although I do have my doubts. We haven't seen a new one for almost 2 years now. 

    BTW, I just read a rumor that the S9/S9+ will be able to do 480fps in 1080. Wild on two fronts, one, a smartphone can acheive this, and two, why in just a smartphone and not a new prosumer camera? The GH5 maxes out at 180fps in 1080 albiet lowered quality. 

    And the there's this from RED:



  11. On 1/25/2018 at 11:46 PM, Arikhan said:

    @Matthew Hartman

    Wow, this sounds really simple. Now all you have to do is to find a hacker on the deep web with knowledge in Tizen and Digital Image Gathering and Processing - as it should be questionnable if all functionality and processing software within the NX1 is done in Tizen. Send him a NX1 (better wiould be 2) and some lenses he can use and (a substancial sum of) money...then wait.

    Don't bother if this would end up like waiting for a more peaceful world...:grin:

    PS: No offense, I own, use and love the NX1 - but it is a dead horse...

    1.) Thank you for the patronizing. It's a cool look. 

    2.) There have already been a number of hacks so it's likely we could get the authors of those hacks to revisit it, possibly with some financial backing this time. No need to scour the deep web or get snarky. 

    Whether that works or not is inconsequential to using the camera as it is in it's current state. My copy works as well as the day I received it in 2015. 

    If someone shot a feature on it (which ppl have) that got some notable traction in mass, you best believe Samsung is going perk up and use that as part of their company portfolio. Whether that translates as jumping back into the mirrorless camera business or not remains to be seen. Personally, I'd love to see what they could do in the cinema realm.  

    No one can confirm (I have friend's that work at Samsung USA in WA) whether the camera business is a dead horse or a dormant one. Most of the ppl working in that division were transfered to other products, and seem as clueless as the public. 

    Samsung, as far as top management left that door cracked open as they commonly tend to do, so unlike you I'm reluctant to be quite as prescriptive. 

    The set to be announced Galaxy S9/S9+ is rumored to have a 3-layered/stacked image sensor with improved dual pixel AF (which is already quite good) better ISO, variable mechanical aperture, optical zoom (S9+) and capable of shooting 120fps in full UHD 4k. If true, what that shows is Samsung is still very much invested in it's imaging technology, perhaps just not in the form you or I would want it.  



    The coder would have to be versed in the Tizen language, which most coders are not. The SDK has been available for download for quite some time. The hackers of the recent hacks have seemed to vanish post 2017. I believe a skilled coder could do something with the HDMI out channel so that the internal processor (Samsung - DRIMe -based on Samsung Exynos) isn't encoding at all, thus keeping the camera nice and cool. 

    BTW, the full 4k readout on the DRIMe is set to an optimum rate, which means there's room for overclocking, at the cost of more heat and possible damage of course.  

  13. So obviously I've decided what direction I'm going. (Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k) Why this over the 4.6k model? Two things:

    Built in ND

    Changeable mounts

    The other features dont really mean that much to me at the end of the day,  or maybe I'll find use for them. Can't really say until the camera is in hand. 

    In fact depending on my bonus, I may even pick up a second hand Production Cam 4k as well to fly on my Zhiyun Crane, as purchasing a Ronin or Came TV gimbal that can float the Ursa will likely cost more. I'm thinking the two systems should theoretically cut well together.

    I hardly ever distribute in 4k, mostly 1080 and occasionally 2k, as most projectors in theaters are mostly 2k anyway, so I should get a pretty solid workflow when I need 60fps with the production cam. 

    I can't wait to work with that image. I've been wanting to own an image like this since I was a kid. Yes, of course one can rent this. But these cameras are not outside my budget, so why not own them and be done with this damn acquisition and unhealthy obsession already. 

    If I get the Productuon Cam there's going to be a NX1 with a boatload of glass and a lot of awesome accesory hitting the market at a deal you won't readily find. 

    If there's no interest, I'll probably just keep it for my photography, or see if I can float it on a drone, which would be 10x better than a Gopro or DJI cam. As far as resolution, decent DR, AF, and color science, the NX1 is still very much a viable system in my mind. I think it would be stunning on a drone. 

    Also, I definitely want to go the SSD route with the Ursa, any reccomendations? 


  14. LOL, why the hell is WalMart selling the Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k? 


    On 1/23/2018 at 6:18 AM, AaronChicago said:

    Rolling shutter is a non issue when comparing the Ursa Mini Pro to the Alexa.

    at 2K:

    Ursa Mini 6.32ms

    Alexa 6.00ms

    I'd have to agree with you on this. At least from what I've seen online. It's nowhere near what I get on my NX1 or see with other mirrorless systems. I don't do a lot of handheld or whip pans, but even mico movements are jello with my NX1 and it will be nice not to have to see it to that degree when I get my ursa mini pro 4.6k. Im so looking forward to it. Yet, honestly, not looking forward to the size. Well, Ive been meaning to work out more, so...

  15. 4 hours ago, darrellcraig said:

    Thanks for pointing to this Jon... maybe Sony will listen to him. Totally agree on the 5 video criticisms. Esp. the file numbering convention - it is idiotic and creates confusion and adds a bunch of extra work.

    I'm running both a GH5 and A7R3 and evaluating the later as I want to switch to a single system solution, but stupid things like this that could easily be dealt with in firmware make me want to stick with the GH5, which I find a pleasure to use. Trying to decide which set of tradeoffs I want to make... pretty sure I'll just deal with the A7R3 as I do 80% stills, it is way better than the A7R2 for video (with ability to customize buttons for stills or video, and a bunch more parameters in the custom settings banks). Crazily, I'm doing an a/b with lenses and the good glass isn't really that much bigger on Sony side under 100mm where I do 99% of my stills & video shooting.

    Curious, which image to you prefer? 

  16. 50 minutes ago, Fritz Pierre said:

    I agree with @Ironfilm....several things  I like, though I don't own one, about the UMPro,  but most of all the Mount system which I believe is owner changeable and I read they are, or have come out with a Nikon mount too...So it's like the Kinefinity, which also has an appealing mount system. The value I build up long term in my gear, lies in my lenses (not my cameras which tend to come and go) a decent mount is first....to really make the right image you have to light....THAT'S really where the beauty comes from....so in reality any of the cameras mentioned daily on this forum and certainly any of the BMD cameras will give you that....there is however no LUT to light a set for you...you can also use a Cfast to SSD adapter on the Pro  and shoot to SSD media which is much more affordable and then the built in  ND of course is huge!....these are 3  things about this camera for me....lastly there's a member who shoots on a 4.6K...he shoots really great looking footage @AaronChicago so you can get an idea where the 4.6 or 4.6 pro can get you to.

    Excellent points. Trust me, I know very well what good glass and good lighting gives you both artistically and production wise, and I'm definitely not looking or miscalculating that this is replaceable with any camera. The goal here for me is to enhance those processes. 

    A camera can't setup up depth and contrast ratios in your scene, only record what you set up in front of it. 

    I have seen smartphone footage that would blow your mind and no one would ever guess a smartphone produced it. So this is the mentality I'm coming from. I do not think any camera is a silver bullet. No mature audience is going to enjoy watching a sterile bowl of fruit regardless what it's being filmed with. The camera is one tool in a batch of others that all create the look and feel of the frame. That being said, BMD products give you a good jump on that for a relatively affordable price. 

  17. 1 hour ago, webrunner5 said:

    Well no doubt the Media is cheaper for the Production 4k. And it is, and can be a lot smaller footprint.

    Well when I was considering maybe buying a used BM Mini 4k I ran across this video, and well I decided ehh, maybe not. And at the time the 4.6 was, and still is way out of my budget, So end of that.

    I  still toy with buying a BMCC mft model but just can't seem to push the"Buy Now" button!


    Yeah, I saw this the other day. I was not impressed with that magenta cast on one hand, but impressed with the specular rolloff 15 stops of DR on the other. My understanding is that BMD has addressed the magenta cast in firmware?  

  18. 31 minutes ago, jonpais said:

    @Matthew Hartman Couldn’t agree with you more about manual focus. Which is one reason I’ve championed the Veydra mini primes. I’m often asked how they compare to the Leicas, but honestly, they hold up quite well, and a couple of nice focus pulls in a documentary or narrative work far outweigh a few extra millimeters per inch of resolution. Even for head shots during interviews, I much prefer the look of a subject occassionally going out of focus as they move about - which to me is beautiful, btw - to face tracking AF. 

    That’s just my preference, btw - I realize everyone has different needs!

    I'll have to check those out sometime. 

    Soft focus can be used as a narrative as much as anything else. I really like when talent moves into the plane of focus especially when it's shallow. It has it's purposes and can even make accidents look intentional. ?

  19. 2 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

    Why would you consider the BMD Production Camera 4k over the BMD URSA Mini 4K Digital Cinema Camera? I would consider the Production camera, more of a studio camera, inferior to the Ursa Mimi 4k, that is more of a Cine camera.. And the Mini 4k is nearly as cheap?

    I wouldnt say "over" is accurate. It's being considered with the ursa 4.k definitely leading the pack. 

    Again, I can't stress this enough, my main criteria is image look. Image and image quality are seperate to me. One means the look and feel of the footage, and the other means resolution. Obviously, the 4.6k offers both, with two more stops of effective DR, and that would be ideal. 

    The BDM Production Camera 4k still offers that look I'm after at marginally lower resolution as the ursa, and no 4k 60fps. The advantages here (as with Kinefinity) are smaller footprint, global shutter, and it will work with a lot of my current kit.

    All the rest of it, as in battery, storage, low ISO, etc. is noise to me. I'm not ENG, and have no plans to be.

    I'm a resourceful and inventive person, I grew up filfthy poor, and know how to turn a little into a lot to get the best bang out of my buck. If that means going with technology introduced in 2014, so be it. Just because something is newer doesn't automatically make it better. 


  20. 22 minutes ago, Robert Collins said:

    And this makes it all the more baffling/frustrating because Panasonic sets it self out as 'the' specialist 'video' centric ILC camera manufacturer...

    A lot of tech companies make extraneous claims about their own products. Sometimes the self awarding is warranted but that's the rare exception. 

    And are you sure that's not the perception you've prescribed to them? 

    No camera manufacturer can meet every demand of every person. What one camera lacks, the other presents, but lacks 2 features of the next one and so on. At all price points.

    The Alexa is often considered the litmus for other systems to measure up to as far as image. But is the Alexa a perfect camera? Not even close if the perfect camera to you is something you can hold in the palm of your hand and place anywhere. 

    If you're happy with the image of the GH5/s, learn to manual focus like a seasoned Hollywood focus puller.

    Hollywood goes to considerable lengths to acheive the image they want around tons of limitations and obstacles, but they still manage to get things done and give us stories we want to pay $20 to go see. They don't pay much attention to the marketing campaigns of camera manufactures because most of it is b.s. 

  21. Well, I've already narrowed my search to the following:

    BMD Usra Mini 4.6k (Pro version too) 

    BMD Production Camera 4k (Mainly for the size, SSD, global shutter, RAW) 

    Kinefinity Terra 4k/5k/6k (mainly 5k version) 

    The other systems mentioned are great systems for various reasons, but I'm not personally attracted to their image characteristics. For me its not about brand prestige rather than getting the look I've always strived for and obsessed about since forever. BMD offers this at a price point I can actually afford, so it seems pretty clear to me. My issue is amoung the BDM product offerings in the 4k space, which one? I have to make my investments count. 


  22. 11 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

    I know it has been said 100 times on here, and by me. IF you Don't need 4k I don't see how you can not look hard at a Sony PMW F3. It is just a beautiful camera output and controls wise. And they are giving them away!  I just don't see how a person can do much better than Maybe a used Canon C300. I see those 2 cameras maybe not as good as it can get, but about as good as you need cameras for 1080p.

    I mean how many of us Really need to output in 4k? 4k is far from some minimum requirement. Sure down sampling from 4k to 1080p is a good thing. But the Canon C300 is already doing that in camera, and the F3 is well, it is a F3, about as good as it gets. It is worth looking into I think. I know you are not a big Sony, Canon lover but hell reality is these 2 cameras have shot a shit pot full of stuff that have made people, hell some, millions of Dollars. Are they wrong, ehh I don't think so.

    I do desire 4k, especially if I'm investing in systems that need to hold me for 4-6 years. I also enjoy the advatanges 4k gives you when your distribution is 2.5/2/1080.  The ability is reframe, pan, "dolly" in/out gives me 2-cam like abilities. Also, sometimes noise gets crunched as well. 

    Do I NEED 4k? No. Hardly anyone does at this current time. Will 4k become the new distribution standard soon? I believe so.  

    Regardless, thanks for your suggestions. 

    And BTW, I dont judge a camera on who has shot what with them. "Tangerine", an acclaimed film was shot on an iPhone 6. Beides, DP/ACs are not shooting my content for me. At the end of the day I have to be in love with the image, and if Im not I will 100% obsess about it. I know this much about me. 

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