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    Stathman reacted to Andrew Reid in My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight   
    Thanks for the chart. It's good to have it in black and white that there's only a 6-8C increase in temps after 20 minutes.
    Certainly not enough to justify the shutdown (let alone a long lockout).
    And also interesting to see the temps are basically flat for the last 50 minutes after the first 50 minutes.
    I think if we are going to put credits on stuff by the way, make sure to include @BTM_Pix
    His app has been key to understanding the temperature status and EXIF temp.

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    Stathman reacted to Electroholic Anonymous in My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight   
    My R5 survived the 1 hour and 45 minute 8K IPB SD FAT32 recording test! Peaking at 62C exif from the end of the 3rd run to the end of the 6th run. Will the FW update allow us to run 8K IPB for more or less than 100 minutes at a time? I will present the exif temps shortly and send the data to Horshack.
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    Stathman reacted to horshack in Canon EOS R5 so-called overheat timer defeated by a single screw in battery door   
    Just tried it for a longer video, this time 10:00, to test two splits and it still works. Two perfectly-good .MP4 files, each approx 4GB and 4:41 in length, and an RP with amnesia after powering it back on.
    The only limitation of this technique is 32GB, since Canon cameras format all cards > 32GB as exFAT, even though FAT32 supports volumes up to 2TB. But there's a workaround for that as well - format the >32GB card on computer instead. Windows 7/10 wont let you format cards > 32GB to FAT32 but there are third-party utilities that will. I just used http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/index.htm?guiformat.htm on a 64GB card and the camera accepted the card with no complaints. Recording to it right now on my RP to test splits for a very long video. And while Windows wont let you format >32GB cards to FAT32 it will mount them just fine.
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    Stathman reacted to horshack in Canon EOS R5 so-called overheat timer defeated by a single screw in battery door   
    You sir win the internet today. I just tried it on my Canon RP, which like the R5 forgets any changes to the camera's settings (like exposure settings) if you pull the battery in the middle of the recording but will remember the changed settings if you stop a recording normally.
    Tape down the door sensor and leave the door open so the battery is accessible Put a 32GB card in the camera and Turn the camera on and format the card. It will automatically use FAT32 cards with a capacity <= 32GB Start a video recording, in this case I used 4K 24P, which has an average total video/audio bitrate of 14.43 MB/s. Shoot a video whose length will exceed 4GB. For my 4K 24P that's any video longer than just under 5:00. I shot one for exactly 5:00 Pull the battery Check the card and verify there's a single .MP4 file Reinsert the battery and verify the camera "forgot" the previous session's settings We know the camera saves its settings whenever it has successfully recorded a video. The question is whether @Jn- idea will avoid that save for the FAT32-case of splitting up a video file at 4GB/each (FAT32 limit), provided we still pull the battery at the end of the recording. In other words, will the camera save NVRAM for each intermediate 4GB-split file or only for the final file after properly stopping a recording?
    Drumroll...It works! My RP's aperture was f/4 when I turned it on for step #3. I changed it to f/11 for the test. After reinserting the battery my RP's aperture reverted back to f/4!
    Andrew, please test this ASAP on your R5 and see if it matches my RP's behavior of forgetting the settings, the most important of which is of course the thermal timer.
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    Stathman reacted to horshack in Canon EOS R5 so-called overheat timer defeated by a single screw in battery door   
    Made a lot of progress on understanding the .DAT files. Using my Canon RP as a test bed, I recorded two 1:00 videos, one regularly and the other power-interrupted. I then copied the entire SD card for each case as a file image to my system for analysis. Prior to recording video each SD was prepared by fully wiping it with dd, then formatting in the camera. I also went back to FAT32 because it's easier to analyze those structures than exFAT.
    This yields two very similar filesystem images. For the regularly-recorded video SD image I see a single data file (MVI_0478.MP4 in this specific case). However if I analyze the directory entries in the FAT32 structure I see a second file that's been deleted, named ?VI_047.DAT. The '?' is there because the file has been deleted (0xE5 is the FAT32 marker to indicate a deleted directory entry), meaning its original name is MVI_0478.DAT. Even though MVI_0478.DAT has been deleted its FAT32 cluster location and most-recent file size is still available in the directory entry.
    Looking at the contents of the .DAT I see an "mdat" field. This is the raw MP4 data holding the video/data of the video - it's called an "mdat atom" in MP4 container parlance. The size of the .DAT file is exactly 128KB less than the size of the .MP4. What's more, the on-SD location of the .DAT is exactly 128KB after the .MP4, which means the two files are actually contiguous with each other.
    So the camera wrote the .DAT first (while recording the video) but left 128KB before it pre-allocated in the FAT32 cluster table. When the video recording stopped it then wrote the 128KB before the .DAT, which contains all the other MP4 atoms necessary to represent the file, including the 'moov atom' which was reported missing when trying to recover the .DAT as .MP4 earlier using open-source recovery tools (failed because it's missing the full 128KB .MP4 header).
    The 128KB MP4 container header stuff + mdat atom content represents the full MP4 file.
    So the .DAT files we're seeing for the interrupted recordings on the R5 are the actual raw video/audio data sans the proper 128KB MP4 header area.
    On my Canon RP the .DAT directory entry is missing for the interrupt recording. However if I go to the location on the interrupted-SD image as where the .DAT file exists on the good-SD image I see the mdat data. So it appears that on my RP the camera writes to this area during recording without first setting the directory entry to reflect that area is allocated. If you're able to see the .DAT files from your 1DX that means the behavior of that camera is different. Not sure how the R5 acts. Either way, recovering the .DAT file for my RP is trivial because I know what cluster it begins on by comparing it to the good-SD image.
    I found the .DAT area on the interrupted-SD image and spliced in the 128KB MP4 header from the .MP4 from the good image. The file plays...and I hear a quick snippet of sound, but no video. So there is work to do there. But at least it demonstrates the basic integrity of the full MP4 is in place.
    To get this working on R5 images we'd have to determine how to build the proper 128KB MP4 container header, the same as how the camera builds it when the user ends a video recording. This might be as simple as splicing from a "good" .MP4 image, but probably requires a lot more effort, and then graft that 128KB header data with the the .DAT file to reconstruct the full .MP4
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    Stathman reacted to Andrew Reid in Removing internal battery resets EOS R5 overheat timer   
    We tried this via the Wifi App by @BTM_Pix
    It just changes the data and time, it does not reset the separate clock used to measure the camera up-time.
    I can confirm Magic Lantern are looking into it.
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    Stathman reacted to BTM_Pix in Removing internal battery resets EOS R5 overheat timer   
    Remember this ?

    So, again, I find myself thinking that tonight's tweet is a very funny way to spell "Boy we were wrong about this and our sincerest apologies to Andrew for trying to incite you all to pour scorn on him when he raised this on day one".
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    Stathman reacted to Andrew Reid in Removing internal battery resets EOS R5 overheat timer   
    "Math Class" on Baidu now has extensive infrared thermometer readings of the camera's mainboard with the back off, showing they correspond closely to the temperature reported in the EXIF data and don't rise above 64C. His next finding is that if you remove the internal battery it resets the so-called overheating limitations. So who is telling the truth now, Canon?
    You can view the most recent findings here by the user "Math Class" (Google translated)
    Read the full article on EOSHD:
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    Stathman reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon EOS R5 overheated in my fridge! After just 60 JPEGs! (4 °C ambient)   
    Canon really threw the kitchen sink at the EOS R5 specs sheet. What about the kitchen fridge?
    Canon have stated overheating time limits for HQ video recording in a warm 23 °C room.
    How does the camera perform in much colder conditions?
    Does the EOS R5 still overheat in the Wifi menu in a fridge?
    Or do the cold temperature help cool the camera body, which Canon claims act as mitigation for hot components inside?
    Read the full article:
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    Stathman reacted to luizhmgoncalves in Sony A7S III   
    Using Resolve studio here.
    Once I turned then into 25fps they playback real-time on my PC.
    Trying to playback at 100fps it dropped frames. But in a 25 or 24 timeline it worked. Time stretched or normal, works really fine.
    My setup is a Ryzen 1600 with a Radeon Rx570 4gb, 32gb ram. Very similar to some Macs.
    My system struggles with the Canon R5 h265, 100% CPU usage dropping frames, but not the Sony ones, 40-50% CPU. Even turning the R5 files into 24-25fps doesn't make any difference. 
    But the Sony XAVC-I performed really close to prores, 25% CPU, and that is a great point for the A7s 3.
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    Stathman reacted to androidlad in Sony A7S III   
    Graded and matched to Alexa using the above footage, with CineMatch plugin:

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    Stathman reacted to Trek of Joy in Sony A7S III   
    More SOOC footage at 50/100p from the "No Limits" launch video by Jacques Crafford. 
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    Stathman reacted to Andrew Reid in I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions   
    So going back to the actual internal design of the EOS R5...
    The questions Canon need to answer are:
    1. Why is a circuit board sitting between the main CPU and back casing, blocking the heat from spreading away into the chassis
    2. Of course, why is there no thermal conductive material on the CPU?
    3. And why does the RAM thermal pad overlap onto the CPU, but not entirely cover it? (It seems to spread the heat from the RAM onto the CPU which is never a good idea).
    4. Why does ice not cool the camera and speed up recovery time? The firmware recovery countdown timer is so slow to go back up and always the same.
    And indeed they will be asked via my contact at Canon UK.
    And I won't let up until they answer.
    If they don't answer, they have something to hide obviously.
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    Stathman reacted to Andrew Reid in I bought a Canon EOS R5 - potential overheating solutions   
    Yes that much is clear I'm afraid. To be quite honest, I don't want to hear any more bullshit from you. So please take yourself off to a different forum.
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    Stathman got a reaction from Katrikura in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating discussion all in one place   
    I have two propositions for their new logo.. 😎

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    Stathman got a reaction from majoraxis in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating discussion all in one place   
    I have two propositions for their new logo.. 😎

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    Stathman got a reaction from noone in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating discussion all in one place   
    I have two propositions for their new logo.. 😎

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    Stathman got a reaction from Snowfun in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating discussion all in one place   
    I have two propositions for their new logo.. 😎

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    Stathman got a reaction from SteveV4D in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating discussion all in one place   
    I have two propositions for their new logo.. 😎

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    Stathman got a reaction from Emanuel in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating discussion all in one place   
    I have two propositions for their new logo.. 😎

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    Stathman got a reaction from Nezza in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating discussion all in one place   
    I have two propositions for their new logo.. 😎

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    Stathman reacted to Andrew Reid in Forum rules (Latest)   
    These rules are here to make the forum as interesting as possible to read for others.
    If I ban somebody, it will only be be because they repeatedly broke the rules below. I ask for everybody's understanding on this - I only have two goals - to protect EOSHD and my business, and to make the forum a source of high quality camera and filmmaking info. Cheers!
    1. Please be polite to other users where possible, although lively debates and disagreements are ok and to be expected! However, when it comes to the site owner myself, I would like you to bear in mind that your remarks are in my house and on my phone screen. So it is especially important not to come here with a hostile attitude to the site owner. I do not wish to see this content in my home and it will result in an instant ban. I do not want trolling at work, or during home hours.
    2. Please do not promote your own products without OK-ing this with me first, especially ones which compete with my own at EOSHD. This includes camera guides, colour profiles, LUTs and alternative blogs or forums. If an account is setup for the main purposes of selling LUTs for example, this is not OK and you must clear this with me first. If I like your work I may get in touch and work something out. However I will always reserve the final say for the very obvious need to protect my own livelihood and website. Please do not use your forum activity to take customers away from my own site.
    3. Extreme topics and viewpoints relating to communism, baseless conspiracy theories, MAGA and extreme left & right-wing politics are not allowed on the forum. I welcome people of all reasonable political views but I do not accept far left or far right propaganda on the forum. The filmmaking community is largely a liberal art and Trump endorsing views aren't usually welcomed on set, so it's important to keep in mind that the same applies to this corner of the film and camera industry too. Please understand - this is not about political censorship but about avoiding a hostile and divisive atmosphere in the community. And to ensure camera topics aren't side-tracked. It is not so much about politics as about morality.
    4. Please try to post original and useful content! Only linking out to other sites or YouTube content will not be tolerated as EOSHD should not simply be a rehash of somebody's private web surfing history. Please try to contribute real-life experiences of camera use, images, actual filmmaking and relevant topics in an original way.
    5. Please do not regularly bump your own topics, especially curating your own editorial style compilation of YouTube videos you've found on the web. The forum should not be an advertising platform for poor quality content. A few relevant clips are fine in the context of a discussion.
    6. Trolling is forbidden and results in an instant ban. Users with a hostile attitude to myself or my friends on the forum will be banned immediately as first post is moderated before being shown. So don't bother with that. If a user rejoins under a different name to continue the abuse, email, IP address and all meta data will be logged and depending on the situation, legal steps may be taken and law enforcement may be notified about threats, libel or online abuse.
    7. Please do not post completely off-topic posts and please keep chat & small talk to private messages! When a topic has a lot of short opinions and off topic remarks, it can be difficult for users to find the objective, factual camera information they came to the EOSHD Forum for.
    8. Any account set up for product advertising purposes or spam will be deleted instantly. This can include representatives from camera or accessories companies, who use the forum to promote a product in an obviously biased way without acknowledging the site owner or contributing beyond the purposes of promotion. Carefully disguising this as helping users on a technical level will not pass muster!
    9. Fake users are not allowed on the forum, bots are pre-moderated. All spam accounts will be deleted.
    10. Advisory: Whenever possible, please to avoid posting URLs in topics to the following sources: Tony Northrup (YouTube), Max Yuryev (YouTube), Fro Knows Photo (YouTube), Cinema5D (CineD), NoFilmSchool, DPReview, 43rumors, Sony Alpha Rumors, Everyday Dad (YouTube) and the DPReview Forums. In my opinion these sources have too much emphasis on advertising, too cozy with camera PR departments, too much clickbait, too much sponsored content, or even feature a hostile competitive attitude to EOSHD. For example the DPReview Forum for years had a ban on my URL, so in response, please do not link there. I won't censor it, I just discourage it.
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    Stathman reacted to Lars Steenhoff in Sigma Fp review and interview / Cinema DNG RAW   
    Went into the garden to test the new firmware
    I opened the CDNG's in photoshop, shot at full-frame with the Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar® T* 3.5-4.5/28-70, I'm happy with the results.
     all shot at 25 fps with firmware 2.0  

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    Stathman got a reaction from andrgl in Canon EOS R5 has serious overheating issues – in both 4K and 8K   
    Just a joke... 🙂
    - Look, I just bought a new car!
    - Wow, it looks amazing!
    - Yes! Read the specs: 2500 Horse Power, 450km/h, 0-100 in 1.3 sec!!!!!!!!!!! Only for 350.000€!
    - Whaaaaaat! WTF!!!
    - It has a little issue though.. When you start the engine, it explodes...
    - Yeahhhh! Let's go for a ride!!! 
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