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  1. Hey kye,

    thanks for the support! I will try to play around with timeline settings although I think they have advanced the whole fps thing with version 16, which is good!

    I have gone the Handbreak way now which works. The problem I ran into was that I could not sync audio to video ( I probably could have by changing indivdual clip speed and so on but...) normally I just match the clap at the beginning and that works fine. Maybe for anyone that reads this later there is also clip attributes which lets you change fps for a clip by right clicking on it.

    Yeah, from what I have tried once frame rate is set you can't change it and have to export in that frame rate.

    I know, should not have happended. But three different cameras, people not knowing that they are contributing to my editing, and then, the heat of the moment, running around doing b-roll and someone grabs you to get a quick interview with some one.

  2. Hey,

    I am sure some one is smarter than me but I have a general failure of understanding how to handle multiple framerates in Resolve 15 (in the same project). The way they SET fps in the beginning is totally retarded, they should do this for timelines but not projects.

    Here is the Setting:
    Event shoot, different cameras, different framerate, several Interviews = audio sync-up cluster fuck. Export should be 25fps, How do you do this?

    So I started an "interview bits" project that needs to be 50 otherwise the audio does not sync up. Matched the audio with the 50fps easy no trouble. Now I can only export in the same framerate. But I would also like to put b-roll (different fps) over it and so on...

    I mean the main trouble I am having is that I would like my project setting to be 25fps and work with several timelines (different fps) to then bring together a fine piece of 25fps. It seems that my only two options are:
    1.convert clips to same fps with Handbreak etc. beforehand and hope audio sync works later. or
    2. to start three different projects 25fps, 50fps and 59,94fps export the respective clips an then try to muddle it up in the 25fps project, which seems bad practice imho....

    How would you go about this? Any experience in this?



  3. 20 minutes ago, maxmizer said:

    I don't know what kind of filmography or if it is only videography like youtuber ... my advice is to find one or more people that help you to shoot without Af, but with the followfocus ... like everyone ... because you are blocking yours artistic expression ...

    You just don't get it. Would you say the same to ibis because you know you could just use a tripod, man or have someone else roll in the dolly? Time, money, run and gun, uncontrolled shoot, gimbals, limited crew etc... are just a couple of reasons why it would make sense to put "organic focus" lower than a lot of other things on the to do list.

  4. Just think about prores workflow for resolve on windows.....

    ...put in ssd, convert the lot to an editable pc format and then edit away?

    This does not sound like a sensible way of working for pc people. Atomos can do Cinema DNG as well.

    Regarding Red, why would Nikon be chased away by them? I would imagine Nikon has a longer breath? 

    And why the hell do they need Atomos in this? No patent can stop them saving NEF straight to card.



  5. On 7/18/2019 at 9:19 PM, Inazuma said:

    Hey guys

    I have a D750 and am finding I can't change the shutter speed whilst in Shutter priority in video mode. Is this normal?

    Mine is completely locked off in S. Cant change Shutter, Ap nore switch off auto ISO. only in ive view Is this a bug? The Shutterspeed adjusts to light (like A priority) very very weird....


    ... If you go into Video Mode but NOT switch on LIVE VIEW. You can record and all and shutter priority works fine, no use is it?

  6. 20 hours ago, HockeyFan12 said:

    Will machine learning algorithms replace forum members? (J/k, based on some of the spam bots they already are.)

    The point is once Andrew is replaced by AI and then all the members are AI will the members still be rambling over what camera is the best for shooting AI weddings and will Andrew then be God and just switch this nonsense off? Also I am asking myself will AI order cameras and how will they attach lenses to them???

  7. 4 hours ago, dbp said:

    On a side note, I think AI learning is going to expose how ultimately boring and predictable we are.  I think there's this romantic notion that humans are unique, beautiful souls, but the numbers don't lie. Our behaviors, patterns, and habits are quite predictable and quantifiable. It's sad, really. 

    I think AI is rather ridiculous. The idea that once all workers at VW are replaced by AI robots. The engineers the board committee etc. is complete nonsensical. It works on a small scale on a big scale it will be war. No one needs and probably no one wants a world were AI is running everything and humanity has disappeared, sorry but it's bogus.

    AI replacing high skilled workers only works in the retarded neo liberal world view that is based on exploitation. Not saying it can be helpful in some cases.


  8. In General i simply don't get the fun of existence by using AI for this kind of stuff. For me it feels like I'd rather have Mario testino shoot my wedding than some spy cams plastered all over my place? Will vogue have a robot shot on the front page of a robot humanoid? Seems none sense. Especially with arts. Why would you want to leave the fun of doing it to Ai?

  9. 13 minutes ago, zerocool22 said:

    Well I feel like ART is one of the only jobs where robots will not catch up too that easily.

    It's also kind of wierd if you have robot drone shooting a wedding. Sometimes the human factor/interaction is what counts. 

  10. Haha, yeah you are totally right. It is more like “you clean your shoes before entering the house” kind of feeling. I think it is pretty much about triggering the stuff to grow or give the spores not enough substance to life of....

  11. But can't take a fs7 apart and make it small. Also no idea but the next cam with autofocus and raw is c300? P4k, no af and the lot does not take photos either. 

    I am on the verge of getting a p4k but to really shot it stable you need to rig it up. With z6 the only rigging to be done is add the ninja Ibis should do the rest. For me it seems still the smallest package.

    hybrid, continues af, Ibis, raw, in a10x15x15cm package, jfc.

    Specs wise it is mind blowing. Reality not so much, yet. Let's see how the firmware updates are coming along.

  12. Hey Kye,

    I took apart some old Nikkors and found this dude to be very straight forward. https://richardhaw.com/

    For my nikkors it was quite helpfull to have the propper Japanease screwdrivers to not strip anything. Watchout for the coil?!? threading you really have to mark that stuff other wise all is lost, you will loose infinity or close focus afaik. you can always find it again but re and disasamling the Lens more then 20 times and testing for infitiy will drive you nuts, my brother in law did it, I got the lens still laying around here, perfekt for macro stuff but, hmmmm.

    Keep infected glass away from the others!!!

    From my point of view, it is the labour intensity that makes it only viable for better ish lenses. I cleaned a Nikkor 50 1.2 from a little fungus and it is great. Screw the coating it is all about character and bang for the buck.


    Happy fiddling.

  13. 13 hours ago, Mokara said:

    What is a "cooperate image" clip?

    Haha, is this a typo? Image video about a company, dadida?!? Like: "Our company does this and that, nice B-Roll, while someone talks over it, cut back to the guy talking, dramatic music after he makes a good point and so on...


    5 hours ago, kaylee said:

    heres a stupid question: if my (slow) sensor readout runs left to right, top to bottom, is that a factor in moving the camera?

    like a camera whip to the left would be going the opposite direction of the readout, so to speak, so panning to the right might look a little better?

    any truth to that? this is the kind of "article" im going to write for kayleerumors lmaooo

    Very good point! It seems (on my cam) that pans up and down are smoother. Maybe right to left panning might be better. Also one could turn the camera upside down. Or shoot 4k portrait and crop the picture in post landscape :D .  It's not like I am wip panning like a crazy fool, just a tat to fast for the codec to catch up, damn.


    8 hours ago, kye said:

    In terms of what you can try to improve the clips you've already shot, here are some thoughts.

    Try using the stabiliser to smooth out the pan a little.  The stabiliser will crop into the image, but if you're only wanting to stabilise a slightly jerky pan then it shouldn't have to crop much at all to really help.  Here's a useful video:

    If you're really seeing compression artefacts then you can attempt to hide them by adding a small amount of blur to smooth them over and then adding a small amount of sharpening after that to match the look with your other shots.  This is a pretty nasty thing to do to your footage and if you add too much of this treatment it will look like very low quality footage, but if you add a tiny tiny bit of this then it might improve things a small amount.  I'd suggest using the OFX plugin called something like Soften and Sharpen which allows you to soften/sharpen small/medium/large textures individually, so you can do it all in one place and just turn it on/off to check if you're making things better or worse :)

    Nice work on plowing through a paid gig - hopefully the first of many? :)

     Thanks, It might be just good enough that they will hire me again one day.

    On the clip there is writing on the wall and that is just fairly jumpy, that's were I can notice it the most. Will definetly check the Video and see what I can do.

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