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  1. But that's a general problem. Looking for footage to judge a camera is a nightmare. Subjectively 90% is: BMPCC -> log footage with barely any contrast / saturation added X-T2 -> photographers with sharpness & contrast cranked up shooting jittery handheld Sony A7 -> massively raised blacks everything GH5 -> Slooooow mooootiooooon brooooooooo *slow mo running intensifies* ... also, M31 LUT with 100% opacity starts to haunt my nightmares
  2. The 1080p in 10bit 4:2:2 at 200 Mbps All-I (up to 60fps) update comes next week, that should be pretty nice for many applications where 4k isn't needed.
  3. So turns out most of the stuff from the firmware update rumor (crop factor reduction, 3k mode, slowmo, etc.) was a hoax.
  4. https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/explore/see-legendary/canon-log You can buy C-Log for the 5D IV now but have to send in the camera and pay 99$. No crop factor reduction, the rumors were a hoax. EDIT: Nevermind, Hanriverprod started a new thread for it while I was searching up this old one.
  5. Price in Germany, 5300 €... like the A7 series wasn't already getting silly for people who don't use them for work. Looking forward what a A7 III and/or A7s III will bring. But currently I think I might actually go for a GH5 instead, even though it's a completely different system. I hate changing systems, but you have to decide for a camera you will actually shoot something with and not what "might get released in 6 months time".
  6. But what lenses then? 10-24, 55-200, 18-55, 23/1.4 and 56/1.2 would mean 16-35/4, 70-300, 28-70, 35/1.4 (or 35/2.8) and 85/1.8 which are all bigger and more expensive than the Fuji counterparts.
  7. That's in 30p just like on the A6300/A6500. 24/25p is full width according to the specs. Not happening. It's UHD up to 30p 100Mbit/s and FullHD up to 120p in 100Mbit/s.
  8. But not with a 35mm format sensor. But then I didn't think that UHD was "not sharp/detailed" enough so far, I feel it's less crucial regarding "real" resolution than compared with FullHD. I'm curious for rolling shutter performance, after all the new sensor and processor seem to be quite high performing.
  9. Agreed, it's nice. If it has A6x00 level AF-C in video, holds up to at least ISO 12800, the slightly improved color science of the A6500... that would be a damn nice camera. I mean there's tons of great material made with the A7s II / A7r II and 10bit isn't the holy grail many make it out to be. But probably still too expensive for what it offers if one's focus is video (basically like buying an 1Dx II to use it just for video).
  10. The buffer at 20fps is only 241 raw / 362 JPEG pictures. With 24fps that buffer would only last you 15 seconds so I don't think it would be relevant. The camera adds a lot though, we'll see what of it will trickle down to lesser models in the next 12 to 24 months.
  11. Semi-excited (I guess that is what the Oscars feel to others?). You can pre-order one of my kidneys, I need to get prepared in case something good gets announced. Looking forward to an even smaller 4k fullframe camera with fully articulate screen (ribbon cable MBF 1 month though), 10bit 4:2:2 recording (overheating after 5 minute though), fast and accurate PDAF (but with a 3 page menu to setup that loses settings when you change focus mode), with a new higher res EVF & screen (which dim to 10% brightness when recording) and 240fps VFR mode (but all framerates with 45ms rolling shutter). Video button has been placed inside of the battery compartment to prevent accidental pressing. 5000$, releases next month but you won't be actually able to get one until September. Of course just kidding... somewhat... maybe. EDIT: http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sonys-new-α9-camera-revolutionises-the-professional-imaging-market/ It's the A9... even though the stream just only started. Anticlimactic ;-) Sounds amazing for photography, but the condensed spec sheet on SAR sounds like video will be the same codecs like the A7s II? So looking at a 4500 GBP price, probably not yet what we hoped for. So where is the A7s III? NAB on the weekend?
  12. Phil A

    nikon d7500 released

    The Samsung isn't known. In photography terms, the NX1 was basically just as meaningless as the ones before (there's no ecosystem, the lens lineup has a few gems and mostly meh stuff). And Mattias is right, most people who buy these cameras buy them for photography. The GH4 peaked at selling like 60 000 in a year if I remember right while Canon sells boatloads of every single (convoluted, barely distinguished) product line just with their brand recognition. The 5D III was just great in usability, people who actually shoot instead of arguing in internet forums don't care about 1 EV more or less of DR. When you go to stuff like "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" exhibitions, nearly everything is shot with Canon, also because of the eco system, reliability, professional services, etc. Is it great to shoot a D810 or A7r II and be able to push the shadows by 4 stops? Yes. How often do you do it? Once in 1000 pictures? A close friend wanted to get into video and he gave up in no time. Doing videos on a scope exceeding filming with your mobile phone is just not for the masses, people don't want to use tripods, steadicams, gimbals, ND filters, external microphones and all that rubbish, they also don't want to invest that kind of money. But I feel like this discussion comes up every 2 months and I'm sure someone argued it better than me before. Actually I just remembered a bunch of years ago. Canon didn't give you spot-metering coupled to the active focus point on the non-1D models. The nerve! Total deal breaker. We were so enraged. We didn't really need it but curse them for not giving it to us!
  13. Quick question: Did anyone try to use RockyMountains Movie Converter to convert the 10bit UHD files of the GH5 into ProRes? I use that to transcode my Sony XAVC-S for performance reasons and wondered if it'll chew the GH5 material. Still going to wait for NAB but, no huge surprise expecting, I'll probably go for the GH5 afterwards. Strongly wondering what lens setup right now.
  14. Dear god I hope not. It's of course personal taste but it looks as bad to me as watching TV with Intelligent Frame Creation. But it explains why some people say auto focus is fine and others say it'sbad. Today's Newsshooter short review also says that AF is a lot better in 60p than in 24p. I would guess most people will only use UHD 60p to create slow motion (also seeing how 24p 10bit is internal but 60p 10bit needs external recording). Some of the newer stuff coming out really shows nice images. I think Panasonic really delivered a great camera and I'm looking forward to see how the coming firmware updates improve on it further.
  15. Phil A

    New computer -_- help

    That's not exactly true, it really depends on how you use the hard drive. SSD have indeed a limited lifetime of I/Os (still you get e.g. 5y warranty on Samsung 850 EVO), on the other hand mechanical hard drives tend to have mechanical failures. You need the right medium for the desired application . So far none of my SSDs have failed (using some already a bunch of years) but I had multiple spinning drives fail (some after barely any use). And I don't think cloud backup works for everybody. Where I live we used to have maximum of 6 Mbit DSL until last year... try backing up your raw video shots that way to a cloud . I'm currently also working on a better backup system. I backup onto 2 identical spinning drives in separate USB3 caddies but it's not ideal. I'm currently looking at a (at least) 4-bay NAS for RAID1 or maybe RAID10. I only want to store data on it, then copy it to my local system (3 SSDs, 1 HDD) for editing.
  16. @Ken Ross Out of curiosity, is all you film 60p? AF looks ok, I wonder if you checked if it behaves the same in 24p/23.976p
  17. @Borbarad Both of these videos are using the 60p mode and the second one even explicitly says you have to use 60p for improved autofocus performance. That mean you can't shoot 24p like most people want and it's not possible to record in 10bit. I don't see these videos as good news. Also what good are so damn many autofocus settings and options if most are subpar? On the other hand a lot of people love the A7s II and that definitely has really bad autofocus, cinema cameras typically have none at all, so who really cares. We made it work before, it's just that the latest Canon and Sony cameras spark desires. Wish there was another fast (f/1.2-1.4) option in the 17-20mm range for m43 than the Voigtländer. Also wondering if image quality is better with the Voigtländer 17.5mm or with the SpeedBooster XL + Canon/Nikkor 28mm f/1.8 .
  18. Have to love that video at 10m32s where they look at the GH5 Extended Manual online and it actually says that the camera will probably struggle when autofocusing in UHD video but that's for accuracy, not a malfunction. Seems like sugar coating a lacking function. Also interesting that the part above that warns of overheating messages. Makes me curious if people will run into these or it's more hypothetical. Nevertheless, I'm really looking forward to seeing what people do with the camera once the autofocus arguments die down.
  19. @Emanuel You keep saying they should use tap-to-focus and AF-S but I fail to see how one would use that one a gimbal? The big advantage of AF in video in my eyes is when you can't actually manually focus (and remote follow focus is really expensive and hard to do as one man crew when it quickly requires a bigger gimbal) and just put in AF-C (maybe even with face detect) and the camera takes care of the focus while you take care of framing and composition. Yesterday I've watched the "Should the GH5 be compared to a Sony A7sii?" video by Leftcoast Media House and once you notice the autofocus pulsating (the poster in the background goes sharper and softer all the time) you can't unsee it. If I'd get a GH5 I'd probably prefer using manual focus for the time being.
  20. As long as there is no IP rating (I guess IP65 or IP66 would be a possibility with cameras like these?) that the manufacturer gives, nothing guarantees anything. Weather resistant / splash proof are just marketing phrases.Good luck getting a camera replaced by the manufacturer because their "weather resistant" camera has water damage.
  21. Seeing how there's big discounts on the A7s II and A7r II I'd guess it's indeed very likely a A7 III series camera will be announced at NAB. Sony already has some ingredients around like the great AF-C of the A6x00 line or the way the screen articulates on the A99 II that would help make the next camera better. On the other hand it is to be seen if they can overcome the technical issues (rolling shutter, heat/energy management) or the marketing based hurdles (10bit color depth, higher bitrate codec). I'm really curious. I'm still considering a GH5 but I'd much rather buy another Sony.
  22. Obviously that "everyday life vlogging" is really big and to be honest, like most of you, I can't really understand the appeal. My girlfriend watches Jamie&Nikki a lot and I just can't get over how that's basically just watching two random people do their every day blah. They have a million followers who care about what boring, regular things they do. I mean, I can kinda get why people watch Jon Olson, he's at least a ka-razy semi-celebrity, blowing money and living the life, so you watch him do stuff most of us will never do (still working on saving up for that lambo). You'd also think there's only so many ways you could go about contouring but make-up how-to channels are such a huge thing. At the same time you can see that usually production value is of no real interest to a lot of people. Same with Instagram, there's a lot of people with hundreds of thousands of followers with just the same composition of iPhone pictures over and over and over again. It's more about people's voyeuristic needs and identifying with the content creator than with the actual content. When it comes to technology, I kinda get why less might be more. I wanted to see how the GH5 fares by looking at what gets uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube and by god, if I have to see another video that is 100% slow motion flowers / dogs / people shopping I will scream! It's approaching "cooking video with ukulele background sound" territory. It seems that a lot of people who care about "filmic, cinematic videos" exclusively produce camera test videos. Gear is the purpose in itself, there will never be any output. That's actually also fine as a hobby but there's the tendency that these people only criticize and never create/contribute. I'm actually really re-evaluating what I want in a camera. Maybe I can do with "worse" image if it actually means I'll shoot more due to better usability?
  23. It's an APS-C lens (1.5 crop) and with the SpeedBooster XL it's used on a sensor that behaves like it had a 1.3 crop so I think it's probably the IBIS moving the sensor into the outermost parts of the lens where it has the worst quality and that wouldn't be used on an APS-C sensor. Probably better off with the SpeedBooster Ultra instead of XL when using APS-C lenses?
  24. @wolf33d Different strokes for different folks. I really couldn't get into Mac OS, my girlfriend has a MacBook Pro and I loathe using it. I'm a windows man through and through. I agree that it's great how Mac is such an integrated system, the energy saving functions are a lot better than on windows with its non-standardized hardware support woes. But then when you run the system at high load with active dedicated GPU, you suck every mobile system dry in no time. I decided to opt for a heavier and higher performance laptop in the willingness to always be plugged into the wall when I actually do work (Lightroom, Photoshop, Davinci Resolve, ...). Apple has the lead when you use optimized software, but that often gets lost when you use cross-platform products (Davinci Resolve for example is a resource waste, it's not optimized in any way. The system requirement manual is basically a huge "buy better hardware" flyer). I think it's nothing but personal preference. For me, give me Windows with file explorer, etc. But then I have an IT related degree so I don't mind to spend some time setting up a system from scratch to run well (I also don't fill them with garbage so I'm not one of the "format C:\ every 12 months" crew). I'd love if Apple came out with new, more performance oriented systems. Just like the Intel vs AMD thing, competition is good for consumers.
  25. You do, it's just that that's how VLog L is specified according to the white paper apparently, the other profiles use the full 10bit.
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