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  1. Duet Display also works under Windows, I've used it in the past.
  2. @Philip Lipetz If I understood their article right then yes. The issue is not the compression (as compared with the external recording remark) but the fact that the GH5 puts the DR within the 10bit, but it spreads it over the same area as the VariCam would use for that DR, leaving some space empty that is "reserved" for the additional DR of the VariCam. Hypothetical example, not accurate: OOOOOOOOOO 10bit VLog with 100% DR of the VariCam, filling the complete 10bit OOOOOOOOO_ 10bit VLog with 100% DR of the GH5, filling only slightly over 9bit out of 10 But behold, it's still double the values of 8bit. People in the know have to test if - and even more important when - that makes a real life difference.
  3. @Turboguard But deciding is not only the weight but also how it is distributed. If it is a long and heavy lens, the momentum will be too big for the Crane to compensate. The Sigma is 12cm long and weighs 800g-ish, in comparison it's impossible to balance a Samyang 35mm 1.4 which is 11cm long and 750g on a Sony A6300. The video Axel linked to shows in my opinion that this is just a odd setup. He had to use x things to weighten down the camera, then even tape additional weights to the gimbal to balance it. If you have seen videos where people used Canon 6D cameras and alike, you know it won't be as smooth but have more quirks in the balancing. Plus you now get to weight levels where I would really prefer a two handed gimbal because I doubt you will be able to hold this for any reasonable amount of time.
  4. https://www.slashcam.de/artikel/Ratgeber/Panasonic-GH5---Like709-Profil-das-bessere--und-kostenlose--V-Log-.html Another (german) article from Slashcam, this time about V-Log L and how good it fills the 10bit color depth on the GH5. Due to compatibility to V-Log on VariCam, the V-Log L apparently only uses ~545 of the available color values (so slightly more than 9 out of 10bit) in contrast to other profiles.They say Like709 is a very interesting alternative.
  5. I have seen some videos shot in ClassicChrome by Michael Evans and that must have been some of the best colors I've seen ever. Skin tones were a thing of art. Amount of blown highlights was a thing of horrors though. Makes me wonder how ClassicChrome with highlight and shadow reduction might be as a base for grading? Obviously less DR than F-Log / ProN all -5 / SLog but the colors on those shots were gorgeous. But then no IBIS and no OIS with the lenses I like and I have really shaky hands.
  6. If it was true (which I'm 99% sure it's not), we would probably see a new "worst rolling shutter" champion, dethroning the a6300. The 5D iv has quite bad RS, reading out even more of the sensor will make it even worse. Also how would they suddenly manage downscaling and and XF-AFC (does that mean XF-AVC I guess?) with the same processors and encoders that only managed 1:1 read out and MJPEG so far? Not even the C700 can downscale but uses windowed mode if you use a resolution but full sensor raw and that thing is huge, expensive and has active cooling. Which is the last point: "installing a new heat sink". Like what? Do you think Canon left a huge empty space in the 5D iv body just so eventually a year down the line they can install a bigger heat sink? Sounds completely fabricated. Manufacturers don't run their product at 60% performance to then suddenly go "surprise mofos! We got a firmware update that makes everything so much better!". If this was Fuji, well maaaaybe, but Canon? Did they ever bring anything meaningful in a fw update except the one to extend the 7D sales cycle?
  7. The A6500 is a good upgrade over the A6300, makes me wonder why they even bothered to bring a model for such a small time between. Override option for the overheating warning and IBIS together is worth the premium.Extra Fn button and touch screen are icing. I wonder what the next APS-C Sony will be like? But I feel like it will be quite a while until a better model will come out to fix the rolling shutter and screen dimming (my two main complaints).
  8. 135mm f/2 on a speedbooster, easily available.
  9. I'm sitting here grinding my teeth reading this. The price question: how bad is the dimming compared to the A6x00 / A7s II?
  10. Indeed. Seems to be still unavailable in Switzerland. Would have gone and bought one today to use on this weekend on a city trip (leaving tomorrow morning), now I'll wait and see the independent user reviews first. Germany is available, when I checked earlier there was even two kits left on Amazon Germany.
  11. It's not an official kit but Foto Mundus offer a lot of combinations typically, for example they sell the BMMCC with different M43 lenses as kits. Ordered from them once in the past, was quick and ok.
  12. Thanks. The moire still looks okish, should be doable. And about the rolling shutter, well I read a bunch of places that it's more than X-T2 and probably in the NX1/A6300 area. For example the Cinema5D review mentioned "Severe rolling shutter when shooting in 4k. (comparable to the Sony a6300) but much better in HD". Normally I trust on the measurements by Samuel H on DVXuser but there are none for the X-T20 so far. Interestingly he also measured the X-T2 at 30ms with his method and so far he has been quite accurate (got results that were also confirmed by manufacturers), but Cinema5D says the X-T2 has low rolling shutter (I think 21ms-ish?). GH5 really sets the new standard with 15ms plus the really good IBIS.
  13. @Inazuma I read that and I have seen some beautiful videos on YouTube that had the ridiculously good Fuji colors that were shot with ProNeg and Classic Chrome. If the X-T20 had good rolling shutter like the X-T2 I would have already picked up one of those to try out but it is basically the same issue like the a6300. I'm kinda reluctant to sell the a6300 and get the X-T2 because then I'm still stuck with 8bit (which migh be ok, seeing how you have to bend them less with the good Fuji colors and I also get satisfying results out of the unpopular SLog2/SGamut3cine already) and no IBIS (I want to be able to handhold the camera for once in a while). The 23mm 1.4 is such a outstanding lens for an APS-C system though. I'm curious what NAB will bring. But realistically Sony A7 3rd generation or a A9 will be out of my budget, there won't be a A6500 replacement to fix the usability issues any time soon, the GH5 needs Speedbooster and f/1.4 lenses for my photography tastes and god knows what if anything will come from BMD. I always have the urge to not wait but I'm afraid of miss-spending money I could better invest on traveling or something. By the way, how is the 1080p60 in regards to moire and aliasing?
  14. You're right, forgot about the time difference ;-)
  15. http://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-officially-announces-new-firmware-x-t2-x-pro2-33-improvements-full-list/ The firmware update to be announced tomorrow has been leaked. The EVF-LCD switching once you are recording seems to finally get fixed, that's great I think because a lot of people complained about that. Kinda surprised though that there is still no internal F-Log.
  16. Digitec in Switzerland has 10% discount on Panasonic products until 27th of March so pre-ordering the GH5 would bring the price to 1790 Chf (1800 USD). Unfortunately no shipping date announced yet. I will go to Paris this weekend and Reims in April. Should have planned my vacations for after NAB
  17. I'm using soundstripe.com which works well for me. It's a rather new platform but selection is growing consistently and the music is good (enough) for what I want to do with it. The community is super friendly and replies from staff are borderline to instant.They seem to get new composers frequently and also add improvements to their website every once in a while. I appreciate the fact that everything about the licensing and cost is transparent in contrast to a bunch of other platforms. I understand that the artists who make the music want to make money too but when you want to do videos as a hobby you can't afford paying 3 diggit dinero every time you want another track. I make no money with our videos so unfortunately I can't afford spending a lot on soundtracks (maybe that changes one day but I doubt it).
  18. Phil A

    Canon vs Sony or...

    Usually yes, but sometimes I'd like to shoot FHD with my A6300 because the extreme rolling shutter in UHD will limit what I could do. It's just that the FHD is so bad (not quite sharp, has moire and aliasing) that you can't really intercut it with downsampled UHD, people notice (even the non-geeks).
  19. Not to the shutter button. I think you could to the Fn buttons but then typically you would want those for something else. It's pure foolishness. Pressing the shutter button in video mode just gives you a "This function is disabled in video mode" or something the like pop-up message.
  20. Curious, did anyone balance a GH4 with the Voigtländer f/0.95 primes on the Zhiyun Crane? Would that work? I'm thinking about a GH5 with the 17mm 0.95 + 42mm 0.95. A6300 + SmallRig cage + Zhongyi LensTurbo II + Samyang 35mm f/1.4 is a no go I tried around quite a while but I could not get it to even remotely balance and even as close I got it, the motors wouldn't hold it when turned on. I think the problem is more with the length of that lens than with the actual weight.
  21. I'd hope they give up on X-Trans. I am a believer that it has no real value over regular bayer pattern. I read somewhere that it takes like 20-30% more performance to debayer, too, so I don't think X-Trans sensor is in our interest for video (heat, speed, etc.). I really want Fuji to succeed, they are kinda my favorite camera manufacturer and I love what they have achieved both with the X series cameras as well as Instax. In my eyes they are on a really good track. What scares me is where prices are moving towards. Look at X-T2 and Sony a6500 as aps-c systems. Fullframe even worse, the A7s II currently sells here at my favorite electronics store where I normally buy my stuff for 3799 $, the price has actually gone up instead of down even though the camera is from 2015. When I now consider what the 3rd generation A7 series or even a rumoured A9 will cost, I don't think I can justify that as a hobby. I can remember buying the Canon 5D III for like 3000 already shortly after it's release on a sale.
  22. @cantsin That is true but I think the GH5 will put certain expectations around video functions that other suppliers will have to follow to some degree. I can't see 24p 4k 8bit 4:2:0 to to be enough in 2018. But yes, you're right, I expect a "me too" camera with high framerate for photo shooting and further improved autofocus, etc. Basically a 1Dx in Fuji APS-C, but I still don't see why anyone would pay 5k for that as rumoured, maybe 2500 tops. They still lack the lens lineup for sport shooters, etc. too.
  23. Add: No internal F-Log No 10bit color depth Incompatible with SmallHD monitors Lacking HFR. Only 24fps in UHD and 60fps in FHD In a 5k $ system as is rumoured I would really expect a lot, they can't come with FS5 specs in 2018 and expect to take the market.
  24. Phil A


    Tried the 35mm Nikkor, nice rendering but even with my handheld rig the a6300 doesn't work out well. Waiting with getting old manual lenses until I maybe get a body with IBIS one day.
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