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  1. You heard it here first: the story was butchered so that no one would believe the leaks. #readthebooksinsteadandhavefun
  2. Yes, but without the added hardware (sensors are already built in).
  3. Take it a step further and save the gyro and accel data alongside the unstabilized clip and let computer software analyze it post (beefier CPU, multiple passes and adjustable parameters).
  4. Honor put this larger 48mpx sensor behind a f1.4 lens: https://www.gsmarena.com/honor_20_pro_sample_photos_show_off_the_ais_super_night_mode-news-37065.php
  5. Where? Also, I hope GoPro and DJI switch to the 48mpx sensor for even better EIS (you are not getting true 4K with EIS from the cropped 12mpx sensor). Osmo Pocket is still a more versatile film-making tool unless you need to go near or under water.
  6. Ep. 5 was very good, what are you guys going on about? Danny going "mad" is perfectly explainable, but it may seem a bit rushed in the series. It will not be in the books.
  7. DJI never had to worry about water resistance and heat dissipation, so entering the action can market would not be a simple R&D project. It does not make much sense, because they cannot use the same cameras one their drones and the action cam market is already very saturated. It does not make sense economically for them and they are not drowning in cash after their supply chain affair.
  8. Good news everybody, Samsung will offer a 64mpx sensor that keeps the binned 1.6miron pixels and is therefore even bigger than the 48mpx model (coming in second half of 2019): https://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-64mp-camera-984389/
  9. The show has been getting more ridicules after they ran out of book material. I have no doubt GRRM will do the story justice with the books, I just hope he lives long enough to finish the last one.
  10. The interpretation of these figures has been stretched way too thin - they only provide evidence that Sony is not being dominated by the new releases as some have predicted. The overall market is still shifting gradually towards mirrorless and the market shares are shifting at very low rate. But the shift is nowhere near tectonic and with Canikon setting foot in FF mirrorless, brand loyalist can remain put and wait to the lens/body selection to grow until they feel the need to upgrade (which could take a while, since good DSLR gear will be going for cheaper on the used market and the existing gear is plenty capable as is right now). It is not a good time to be a manufacturer, but it is a great time to be a consumer - until new gear starts getting prohibitively expensive, because of the economy of scaling-down.
  11. I had a really hard time watching it since we got the new episode in the morning and it was hard to make my apartment very dark. Even without the explanation, I knew that the darkness was there to instill the total sense of terror the night full of dead brings. I did up the brightness to ridicules levels to see what was going on, but at night I was able to enjoy it without that as well. All in all it was a hell of an episode, although the main characters had pretty thick plot armor at the end. The finishing sequence and the music accompanying it was absolutely perfect. I have no doubt this is going to pan out quite a bit differently in the books, so I am looking forward to that too.
  12. This feel like Sony is getting their due after years of innovation and being dismissed by the competition as "toys" etc. It still boggles the mind that the newly released systems from such established players have been thought out so bad. I guess customers don't care about the mount diameter that much, huh.
  13. Indeed, analysis paralysis is the perfect psychological driver of both brand loyalty and GAS. Luckily, most people have a limited budget for gadgets and are forced to use their, honestly more than capable enough gear. This is bad for the imaging industry, but the market has been overinflated and will have to shrink to a final, sustainable level quickly. Hopefully, enough players survive to drive slow, but steady progress. A unified mount is a pipe-dream, I know, but imagine that for a second.
  14. Search for full size photo samples from that 48mpx sensor and you will see that this 8K image is pointless. Downsampled to 4K it makes all the sense, but the original 8K mush is not worth the extra disc space.
  15. I mean, the problem is solved simply by not being an annoying vlogger in the first place (referring to vloggers in general, not you particularly).
  16. They probably don't. It is either the beginning of their career and they have build up their reputation or they have day jobs. Once they become too expensive, another up-and-coming player will take their place. Hopefully, they haven't quite their day job by then. At the end of the day, the marketplace can only support so many full time professional videographers and there will always be a need for "just good enough" amateur jobs. Speaking without any statistics to go on, videography is more accessible than ever and more and more people try to make a living doing it and that is why there has been a more vocal outcry about the diminishing prices of jobs. If a reasonably good videographer was hard to get, prices could be higher.
  17. Redmi Note 7 PRO can do nice EIS with 48mpx at 1080p, but sucks at 4K. SP 855 CPU in Xiaomi Mi 9 can do icredible EIS in 4K as well. So far, the only thing missing is OIS, which would take the IS a notch further.
  18. I would love to hear how DXOMARK scores are explained to the presenter of the device by manager or by developers. Higher score is better and that's all there is to it ? GSMArena has reviewed the P30 PRO (had it for two weeks) and 4K recording is soft, especially after you add EIS. Also, EIS on Mi9 is much more impressive, but the still photo quality on P30 sure is nice. Also, curved screens are a plague.
  19. P30 Pro is rumored to have the same 40mpx sensor as and it has OIS, which is a great combination for stabilization - a lot of mpx for EIS and OIS so help physically. However, I am having trouble believing all of these shots were done without a gumball, especially the telephoto shots.
  20. Just out of curiosity: we know that the current bottleneck are not Sony's sensora, but the tiny body housing the LSI and CPU. Would our resident gear critique panel be outraged if Sony released another generation based on the same old 42mpx body and "merely" using it to it's full potential?
  21. APS-C is still vastly outselling any "halo" FF product line, so most consumers don't even want or need FF as of now. Kudos to Fuji to committing to them. Let the PROs pay out of their pocket for the premium bigger sensors.
  22. These are just concepts, not worthy of anyone's time and discussion.
  23. I omitted French Fred because his signature style is to try something new, but never really the same. Cannot really describe it. If I didn't know he filmed a video I would have no idea he did it, I would just know it is not totally conventional. It is not like a Tarantino or a Tim Burton movie where you can see their signature style from a mile away.
  24. Yes, French Fred is highly regarded in skateboarding and is credited with inventing the "skate-by zoom-in shot", which he did on the VX1 coincidentally. I think there was a tour video where he was actually repairing a VX1 on his own. His work obviously left a mark outside of skateboarding, since Leica choose him to do a video for the release of Leica SL: The other such a luck guy was a former PRO skateboarder turned photographer, Arto Saari (shoots with Leica S3):
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