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  1. whatever you do, don't look at the borders! you have been warned
  2. Wonder what the physical size of the 108mpx sensor will be: https://www.androidauthority.com/xiaomi-64mp-108mp-phone-1014815/
  3. I am really disappointed that Sony still hasn't produced an RX smartphone like the CM1. Customers are on a longer upgrade cycle, so they could have it as a flagship for a longer period nowadays. Photography enthusiasts basically have no options but to argue about the same few tiny Sony sensors in an ocean of different bodies and different post processing.
  4. https://***URL removed***/reviews/panasonic-lumix-dmc-cm1-camera-review
  5. Huawei is going to put more bigger sensors in their next Mate phablet: https://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_mate_30_pro_will_have_two_large_40mp_sensors_on_the_back-news-38512.php Bad news is that is supposedly going to feature en even more curved screen, so it will be even easier to shatter.
  6. That is ridicules if true. Who is the license owner?
  7. One big benefit of these high MP sensors is the extra pixels available for EIS. Xiaomi Mi 9 and 9T are amazing in that regard: I would really like to see it compared to Osmo Pocket. Also, bring these new sensors to DJI product and improve stabilization eve more.
  8. Apples to oranges and you know it. One is a modular cam made for intricate rigging and one is a consumer hybrid shooter. You want vents, get a FS5/7. Still sucks that these small bodies overheat, though. And it seems that very little progress has been made since 2015. Meike should have had made a grip with a fan included by now.
  9. Here you go: https://***URL removed***/reviews/sony-cybershot-dsc-rx10
  10. Youngsters want to be something that looks like it is easy and fun to do (vlogging) and that can lead to big earning (for a few at the top). What this means is that they are after instant gratification (social media effect) and that they are in no way interested in the technical side of it. Give them a selfie stick, a smartphone and the easiest to use drone and their needs are met. This is going to hurt the imaging industry hard and they are stupid enough to market their product towards such shallow kids. Just as previous generations were mesmerized by the success of a few elite athletes and musicians, billions will give it a try and thousand will make it their career. So, there a potential market of less than a million of dedicated cameras with vloggers if you ask me. Everyone else will just use their phone and give up within a year.
  11. So, the camera can do 90 fps with AF/AE lock and there is no super fast HDR mode for stills? That kind of readout could also do double exposure HDR video at 30p as well? Does this mean that the rolling shutter is now minimal? Is DR affected like it is with a9?
  12. I see your point now, this is some shady marketing for an already extremely overpriced piece of kit. Do they advertise it in SDD capacity terms or just in recording time capacity? If it meets the advertised recording times, then I don't see grounds for a successful lawsuit here. And besides, the compensation could be very small as was the case with Nvidia.
  13. Dear Ed, any computer-wise person knows that you are comparing apples to oranges. The Nvidia lawsuit is concerning a real issue, whereas you are just misinformed. Here, have a read: https://www.lifewire.com/drive-storage-capacities-833435
  14. Also, Sigma plans to release their trio of APS-C lenses as L-Mount next year? https://***URL removed***/news/8499432688/sigma-updates-l-mount-lens-roadmap-through-2020 The plot thickens.
  15. JurijTurnsek

    Sigma FP

    Let the drooling commence. Latest news at: https://twitter.com/dpreview
  16. No mention of any recording limits, which is impressive in such a small body. Anyway, a new topic is in order.
  17. So how does apply to moving elements (focusing and zoom) if the distance between elements has to be exact? Curved sensors dead before they even appeared in a real product?
  18. Yes, hence a fee and a strict EULA. You agree with it, you live with the consequences. Just like it is now.
  19. CPU OEMs have established official support for the overclocking community and have made potential risks well known and the community has benefited from it. Normal users don't feel the need to burn their CPUs without knowledge and the enthusiasts have more tools available for them. Now, that the photo market is in a serious decline, shouldn't at least some manufacturers offer to "unlock" (for a fee and a strict EULA) experimental bitrates, framerates, recording times with instructions on how to keep a camera cool? If you are a professional and are willing to rig these small, powerful cameras to an (approved) heat dissipation unit, shouldn't you be able to do so? If it were possible to create short bursts of RAW video with no AF or something similar, shouldn't a tech-savvy user be allowed to experiment with it? Concerning ML on Canon, an official endorsement is a stretch, but when looking at Sony, which already delivers some very limited recording options like their 960fps recording, I can see some potential. However, Sony has to protect their FS line.
  20. LG G8S promises seamless zooming using all three of it's camera modules, with no discernible switch between them. No video sample yet, but this an important leap for smartphone tech. Now, if only every module had that 48mps sensor, that would sweeten the deal even more. http://www.lgnewsroom.com/2019/07/lg-g8s-thinq-combines-best-of-g-series-with-features-popular-among-customers-in-global-markets/
  21. Not to be a party-pooper, but has @androidlad ever predicted any actually released product so far? I would love to believe, but these spec sheet drooling is getting out of hand.
  22. I am guessing video professionals are well connected, since many hire each other for help on bigger jobs. Now consider purchasing an identical NAS at your place and at the place of your colleague's and split the space on both. You probably both have optical connections and could schedule mirroring via internet to be done each night. Keep credential secret from each other and encrypt your partitions if the trust level is low. The only downside being that a natural disaster can doom you both if you live in close proximity. Anyone ever considered tape drives? Also, what is the oldest footage you absolutely had to dig up for any reason (reviving family moments is fun, but client footage from years ago sounds like a dull affair)?
  23. Meanwhile in "free" USA: https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/22/amazon-facial-recognition-law-enforcement-shareholders-climate-change/
  24. There must a Ferengi Rule of Acquisition that goes something like "nothing is for free"? USA outsourced all the manufacturing to China, because it was cheaper, while their loose regulations worked their workers to death and heavily polluted their environment. This was a strictly a business decision (fueled by capitalistic reasoning) and they full well knew that their IP is or could get stolen. Their businesses choose to do that (still do). Now that China has enough educated and talented engineers who are surpassing their USA counterparts, USA is trying to harm them back. Looks like DJI is the next target: https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/20/us-government-alert-chinese-drone-data/ I am very surprised about big tech companies not lobbying harder to fight this.
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