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  1. The samples from 48mpx (12mpx) have been impressive, but from 64mpx (16mpx) not so much. Since the 108mpx (27mpx) sensor is the same size as the 64mpx, I am not holding my breath. However, S11 is rumored to feature the 108mpx sensor, so I hope they can do some magic in post processing that the budget brands can't right now.
  2. It does not look all that impressive, but Sony really needs some more competition in APS-C space. Looks like Fuji hasn't scared them enough. Also, poor Canon users, stuck with M-mount.
  3. The whole super-hero thing never registered with me, even as a child. The only one I could invest some interest in is Batman, since he is supposedly just a very fit human with gadgets. But even his gadgets can get extremely unrealistic, so ... MCU aside, this is true for the whole action movie genre - I cannot believe, I was able to sit through them as a kid. No substance, just some action with the protagonist wearing plot armor.
  4. To be fair, Apple et al. have also been using the same imaging modules for years now and only improved the processing speed and added computational tricks. Samsung is 100% guilty of this, maybe someone can confirm specs sheets for Apple. Sensor tech has stalled quite a bit, not a lot of progress there - mostly faster readout, but sensitivity hasn't really improved.
  5. Hypersmooth 2.0 looks very nice, available in all modes.
  6. GSMArena is probably the only worthwhile review website (they are thorough and are not afraid to criticize) and the phones have some neat software trick going on like "cropping outside the frame" for still and video: https://www.gsmarena.com/apple_iphone_11_pro_max-review-1991p7.php I think this should be pretty straightforward to copy for Android OEMs, but it is going eat through storage like crazy.
  7. Jesus fucking christ, what amazing journalism from Engadget: https://www.engadget.com/2019/09/24/xiaomi-mi-mix-alpha-price-launch-date/
  8. I'm just here waiting for some brand to stop fucking around and offer 48mpx on all (but selfie) modules - upping the specs of the main camera only is such a marketing ploy. Make devices that offer consistent experience on all modules. However, even Apple has gimped their wide-angle module, so there's little chance of an all around impressive package from cheaper brands.
  9. You are not supposed to upgrade every 12 months, where did you hear that? IMO, Apple's yearly iterative releases make the most sense and enable you to hold off purchase of a new device until the old one's are discounted or you want the newest model available. Android OEMs could extend this model with a proper low-mid-high tear products and offer a large screen size option for all of them. Keep it at 6 new models per year tops and release products with meaningful updates. R&D will have more resources available for each model and Os updates will be easier. Expect users to keep their device for 2-3 years at least and make them robust.
  10. Now that Sony has a decent selection of E-mount tele glass, Nikon D6, Canon 1DX mkIII and the soon-to-be-revealed Sony a9 mkII will have to be evaluated as equals (in regards to actually being able to shoot sporting events). Hopefully, Sony realizes that and has really something "revolutionary" up their sleeves (not like their last couple of lukewarm announcements). AF is going to be stellar for sure, but what about everything else.
  11. Unless Apple implements a ToF sensor in the front, they are just doing "smart/zone" bracketing, which is wholly in the Android domain of possibility. None of the discussed samples feature fast movement, just landscapes and portraits and Dpreview is not all that impressed at the pixel level. Hopefully, Android OEMs push for bigger sensors at the same time, since apple is very much afraid of thicker phones. Bracketing, fast readout and bigger sensors would be really push mobile photography further.
  12. I don't want my face enhanced in any way. I fail to see how this is any better that super quick HDR with more merged shots as the processing power increases (with "beautification" applied at the end? That Apple presentation photo is a very good example at how they can blow up any little feature to seem like a whole new world. Someone please tell me who decides what the hell is "the best part of a photo"?
  13. https://***URL removed***/news/9532625734/apple-iphone-multiple-camera-recording-will-be-available-on-2018-flagship-devices Read it and weep, fanboy. Looks like Apple is also omitting crucial information (although, the new generation should be less limited). Edit: Apparently, you can record front and rear cameras at the same time on Android for 3 years now: https://smartfilming.blog/2018/04/17/12-recording-video-with-both-front-and-rear-cameras-simultaneously-on-android/
  14. Recording 2 cameras at a time does not seem like a stretch on newer Androids, so hopefully, they will copy the feature. Capturing a wide and normal angle while using subject tracking on a mobile gimbal would be pretty nice.
  15. So, is it true that iPhones don't have EIS in 4K? Something like 16mpx or even a Quad Bayer sensor would be very useful in this regard. OIS is not all powerful.
  16. Oh dear god no! There are 4 r models already, make it stop! What are you missing from mark IV???
  17. This is neat and impressive, but the real important feature is the fact that all camera modules feature the same capabilities, while most Android phones limit recording resolution etc. on the additional camera modules. However, the square camera bump is non-excusable. There are so many better designs that are possible.
  18. With 6K of resolution to work with, EIS should be easily achievable with a small crop. However, it is 2019 and 30p is still cropped with no EIS at all in a fucking flagship.
  19. A6600 + 16-55 2.8 = $2900 A7III + Tamron 28-75 2.8 = $3000 or something like that and you get a better sensor and lens. One way they could redeem themselves a tiny bit is to offer a better codec as a FW update after the A7SIII is released (as was the case for A6000).
  20. A6600 is a flagship? Have they seen the Fuji XT3? The differences between A6100 and A6400 are so minute it hurts my brain. Why not simply reduce the price of A6400 and recoup the difference in higher volume sales?
  21. https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sr5-leaked-images-and-specs-of-thenew-sony-a6100-and-a6600-and-lenses/ So little difference between a6100, a6400 and a6600. But at least there is a 16-55mm f2.8 now!
  22. Same old sensor? You have got to be kidding me
  23. I wonder how much of final camera cost is up to the hardware used and how much is spent training sales people and persuading merchants to pick up so many models that are so close in features. A6200 seems like a big mistake and they should just lower the price of A6400. Why bother with a whole new product that is just marginally worse? This is one the hallmarks of Apple that I, as a general Apple hater, always liked - their ability to keep their product line small in clearly tiered. Canon had that when I bought my first cam 10 years ago, but now I am not so sure.
  24. At the time of launch, does it really matter how late they are to "no-crop" party? They have the product on offer now and it will be decent enough for most (hopefully, DPAF is enabled). These are not PRO cameras, so quit you whining. Every Canon owner that held out for so long will now have a clear upgrade path and Canon is far from doomed. I'm a Sony user, but I understand Canon's business logic and it hasn't failed them yet. I am comfortable with using quirky cameras, because I understand exactly what I gain in features while having to be a bit more patient. The average user needs a devices that just works with as little tinkering as possible.
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