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  1. Skateboarding the empty streets sure is tempting right now and can even be considered relatively safe if you skate less frequented places (no viruses on sufraces). However, even when practicing even the most basic tricks, there is a small possibility that a rolled ankle will get you a hospital visit and we all know how great that would be right now. That is why I am sticking to hiking less popular trails and nearby woods for the time being. This week my wife and I were able to visit an incredibly popular hiking vantage point and have it to ourselves with incredible weather.
  2. Dunno guys, maybe Trump is just going to do a Thanos and rid your country of non-workforce capable elderly and reap the rewards of economic stability in his second term. Biden does not stand a chance of winning, unfortunately.
  3. Oh snap, Samsung is going to introduce a nona-cell 150mp 1" sensor for mobile phones (16mp output)! Finally! https://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_is_working_on_a_massive_1_150mp_sensor_xiaomi_will_a_phone_with_it_in_q4-news-42045.php
  4. Drone shots of empty cities are a real possibility now. Stock up on that footage 😄
  5. The rat race will continue, since those are already pushing down the prices will continue their top ramen diet, whereas experienced shooters will maybe have to rethink their careers if their mortages etc. squeeze them too hard. On top of that, a recession is very much possible and video budgets will suffer and freelancers in all sorts of industries will feel the pain. I work a fulltime job in IT and we just moved our work home. Productivity will be smaller, sure, but overall the effect on our company will be close to negligible.
  6. He's probably very fond of loopholes and just left UK out so basically anyone can come in and out via a stop in the UK, ha! Or maybe he just wants to lure all the sick people into UK and then close it off as well. Or maybe, he's just not that smart.
  7. Unpopular opinion: coronavirus was created to cure the western world of their awful GAS.
  8. Just a heads up - one press release mentions the price of non-Pro version at 1200€, so the Pro version will be more expensive still.
  9. The battery drain though ... a power bank will be a must as well, especially if doing live streaming. On the upside, a good power bank could power both, the phone and camera, at the same time.
  10. Only, only, only, only, only, only, only, only, only, Sony waited until their smartphone division is almost dead before leveraging their in-house imaging knowledge. Their new flagship looks very good on paper (4K 60p HDR) and a big 24mm 12mp sensor. Hopefully it is not too little to late. Although, picking one of these in a clearance sale would not be bad either. I guess this means no 5G or 4G connectivity in their cams etc.
  11. Don't worry, those baby yoda toys are going to bring in way more than that.
  12. Imagine the kind of heat Sony could produce with this baby! HOT, HOT, HOT! Seriously, though, I hope Sony releases an APS-C body with bullet-proof 4K60p before they hop on the 8K bandwagon and RS from hell.
  13. Wouldn't it make more sense to bring out a non-crippled body that can barely stay in stock. Calling bullshit on the rumor.
  14. Not necessarily. Look at a9 - super sports camera that just lacks some bells and whistles of cine body like log etc.
  15. I cannot understand how a lot of you claim to "not care about 8K" and wish for "good 4K" in the same thought. The current technology capabilities cannot give both. So you either use less megapixels to achieve 6K, 5K to 4K downsampling or even just a clean 4K size like the a7S or you get the 4K mush that is the Canon 90D (32mp sensor). And don't forget about rolling shutter and the processing power needed to run DPAF on ~42mp.
  16. It shoots 4K at 24p exclusively, so that means it is meant for serious cinematographers only. No home videos, blockbusters only. No wonder no has the cohones to step up to it.
  17. The DxO review is an eye-opener for sure. Check out this 27mp sample from Xiaomi: https://cdn.dxomark.com/wp-content/uploads/medias/post-41332/OpenSpace_XiaomiMi10Pro_DxOMark_05-00.jpg Check out the texture on the trees, it is like they were upscaled by some AI. Horrible beyond words, this 108mp sensor has to be downsampled to 12mp like Samsung is doing with their version, but we still don't have any samples from reviewers. I was plenty impressed when 48mp sensors came to smartphones and I still am, but the later 64mp and 108mp sensors produce such horrible detail even in their default binned mode. I'd love it if some OEM used the 48mp sensors for a 13mm, 23mm and 52mm module and just worked on making every video mode/feature working on every module. The incredibly disorganized camera arrays that we are getting now are an insult to consumers (however, we cannot blame the regular consumer for not researching every little detail about the zillion devices on offer).
  18. Curb you enthusiasm - not only do you need additional pixels for EIS, you need additional CPU power and lots of it. There is no way Canon could handle that in a weather-sealed mirroless body.
  19. Yeah, that photo is really suspect. Honestly, I can't believe that is not some sort of manipulation to make Xiaomi look better. However, the 27mp samples from the 108mp camera don't look good when viewed at 100% size. They should have gone with 9-to-1 binning for 12mp outlut like Samsung did. The Xiaomi video sample looks pretty damn good, though.
  20. My predictions: - ~42mp sensor, giving the perfect 8K size in 16:9, very good photo IQ - 8K at 24p/30p, no AF, terrible RS - Soft uncropped 4K30p, additional crop for faster framerates - Excellent IBIS and OIS plus EIS combinations, however, EIS will degrade IQ quite a bit Sony can still come back on top, they've had a lot of time to improve their tech. IMO, a7SIII should come with the same 42mp count but with a fan and the ability to downsample 8K to 4K and EIS that does not butcher IQ.
  21. Yes, the telephoto module choice is indeed baffling. Also the 8K mode features a severe crop and should not a be a standout promoted feature, this is just there for bragging rights. Ultra seems promising, but I need a reliable review before getting all excited. All in all there are still so many unknowns to the true performance of these photo modules.
  22. This would be a good way to advertise a rugged camera - make it a parody with people throwing the cam into the water etc. There are better ways of getting a candid photo, this is just pushing the limits of human decency and testing the fight or flight response.
  23. You guys are forgetting that Sony owns patents for an in-body electronic variable ND, so that would be a total no-brainer for a7SIIIIIIII, but alas they are counting on corona virus to decimate their R&D ranks and just never release it.
  24. It was recorded using a 48mp chip, which is meant to be used a quad bayer array (pixel binning 4 small pixels for 1 big one giving you 12mps and 4K resolution). If used at full resolution, the results are underwhelming in photo mode, so video can't be any better. I've said it before - even the best smartphone 4K is only equal to a good 1080p from a dedicated camera with a big sensor, so the 8K pixels only make sense as a method for better downsampled 4K. Qualcomm is only flexing their processing power with this demo. Samsung S20 series will to 8K video, so we will get to see some samples in a few weeks.
  25. It is not as simple as "welcoming 8K or not", but rather encouraging brands to produce video-centric bodies that feature less megapixels and faster read-out rates for faster FPS and higher bit-depth, more reliable AF, less rolling shutter. Imagine you have to sacrifice all of that due to a 8K30p mode. And even to photography, higher megapixel counts come at a significant cost - to obtain sharp images, you must shoot faster shutter speeds, which is a great determent to low-light photography. Look at Sony a7R IV: larger mp count forced them to introduce a crop factor for 4K video recording (where there was none in mk III). Was the jump from 42 to 60 mp really worth adding that caveat? Couldn't they wait to release a higher mp body with non-cropped 4K?
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