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  1. Who do you go to for funding? It's not venture capitalists right? Does Sweden have a studio system like in the US with Paramount and Disney and Universal or is it much more independent producers (which is more how it is in India, for example)?

    I've always been fascinated with this part of the process cause I've never understood how this worked.

  2. 3 hours ago, Matthew Hartman said:

    I'm going to suspend disbelief on this one though. The guy is highlighting some very technical approaches in PM that have me seriously thinking this is legit. Either way, the kid seems pretty brilliant.  

    yea I agree. I'm not quite sure what he's doing with matlab tho... that wouldn't run on the camera itself

  3. 20 minutes ago, Matthew Hartman said:

    Depends on what you consider a good deal. If the RAW hack is good expect the used market value on the NX1 body to sky rocket.

    You can also purchase the NX1 brand new in box from South Korea:


    This is more expensive than it was when it wasn't discontinued...

    The one thing that I've seen that has become uniformly more expensive (cameras, lenses, etc) after getting discontinued... I remember when an NX500 was available new for $300! Now used is 800

  4. If  @Arikhan is completely serious, I want in on the hacking as well. I'm an EE student as well and have been writing embedded firmware for stuff like SSD's, so this linux-based camera is so freaking cool to me. I've been on this forum on and off for like 2 years now. Recently I started looking again for an NX1 with S Lens on Craigslist and Ebay and I can't find any good deals. Been deciding between GH5, Ursa Mini, and NX1 for semi-pro use, but would love to get an NX1 so that I could try writing some hacks.

    Been slowly trawling through @Otto K's github repo and a good amount makes sense but the some of the setup instructions don't (I think they will once I have a camera and start digging through the menus).

    Anyone see any good deals?

  5. Lol I tried to grade a screenshot using curves, gamma adjustment, etc but it seems I can't get the gray to come all the way down to black without destroying the shadow detail. (I think both the attached examples make for something very visually interesting though).

    Yea, generally your skintones are great (including your other videos as well). I think it was pretty much just the second scene where we see the guy wearing his socks where he seems more pink than he probably should be. I like the orange hue :)

    Yea I'd love to see some ungraded stuff from you (with all the settings in the description). I love the way a lot of your stuff has looked since you started using cineform

    Screenshot_20160821-104532 Color Edit 1.jpg

    Screenshot_20160821-104532 Color edit 3.jpg

    I guess this is better. Can see the compression artifacts due to the screenshot.


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