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    teddoman reacted to TheRenaissanceMan in Say Your Goodbyes to SDR!   
    There's a fair bit to shooting, grading, delivering, and displaying HDR properly. Art Adams' write up is the most comprehensive I've seen, and a goldmine for people looking to dig into the topic further. 
    Sadly, most viewers simply don't have the display or the desire for proper HDR content, and the majority of "HDR TVs" don't have nearly the display contrast of an OLED or premium LCD. It also doesn't help that there's no universal standard for HDR encoding: HDR10, HDR 10+, Dolby Vision, HLG...it's early, messy days yet, and I doubt we'll see widespread adoption for a few years yet.
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    teddoman reacted to jonpais in Say Your Goodbyes to SDR!   
    @teddoman In SDR, specular highlights have been compressed. The brighter specular highlights of HDR are more natural looking. The higher local contrast of HDR also increases apparent sharpness. An advantage of OLED televisions when compared to even the best backlit LCD displays for HDR content is the near absence of blooming around highlights, particularly when next to deep blacks. Even film stock has an anti-halation layer to minimize blooming. You may actually like this effect, but you don’t necessarily want your display adding this artifact where there is none in the original footage.

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    teddoman reacted to webrunner5 in Say Your Goodbyes to SDR!   
    Well I have a Samsung Note 8 and I can say HDR is some impressive stuff even on my Phone. So if I had the money I would go for it. It certainly is the future once you have seen it.
    This video here is pretty unbelievable in HDR.
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    teddoman reacted to jonpais in Say Your Goodbyes to SDR!   
    @Grumble The Ninja Inferno is just a poor man's way to get started grading HDR. The monitor is admittedly too small and is not true HDR. 
    Your three year-old television is not HDR. It cannot be made compatible for HDR. Neither is your computer HDR.
    To learn more about HDR, read this article.
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    teddoman reacted to Robert Collins in Masters of darkness - Panasonic GH5S and Sony A7R III in extreme low light   
    No he didnt test the sensor readout for video.
    But we know (for the A9) it is much lower than for stills - in fact by the rolling shutter tests I have seen, the readout is the same as the A7riii.
    So did Sony intentionally cripple the A9 for video (quite probably) and was the reason they didnt include picture profiles because they deliberately didnt want people buying the A9 for video expecting that the fast electronic shutter would lead to less rolling shutter (again quite possible but just guessing.)
    Still if a 24mp A7siii or a 12mp A7siii takes advantage of the incredibly fast readout from a chip like this, it would virtually eliminate rolling shutter on a FF sensor....??!!
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    teddoman reacted to kaylee in Canon to make major mirrorless presentation in Feb   
    it means theyre gonna fuck us again! 😂
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    teddoman reacted to AaronChicago in Sony A7R3 users - THROW AWAY YOUR CANON LENSES!   
    If you guys are throwing away your Canon lenses please DM me and I'll send you the address to my garbage can. I'll pay shipping.
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    teddoman reacted to EthanAlexander in RAW to Video, things to know....   
    Please change your member status to "Log Police" in your profile
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    teddoman got a reaction from maxotics in RAW to Video, things to know....   
    Great explainer. Helpful primer on photographic data. You should be a teacher, if you aren't one already.
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    teddoman reacted to maxotics in RAW to Video, things to know....   
    In my ongoing self-appointed role as "LOG gamma" police, I've created a video that shows how RAW is processed into images we use, both for photography and video.  It drives me nuts that people talk about 14+ stops of DR, as if noise, or sensor pixel sensitivity, stays constant from lower to higher values.  After 5 stops, IMHO, noise makes any extra DR recorded by the sensor quite undesirable.   Further, even in 5 stops of DR there is a huge difference between how well cameras record DR even in fairly well exposed image.  That is to say, the GH5S isn't better only because it can record in low light.  It can be better because even at ISO 800 it will get a richer image in the shadows.  However, it is still 8-bit.  It still throws out gobs of sensor data.  Well, enough of that.  Another video to put you to sleep
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    teddoman reacted to Konstantin Sobolev in New EOSHD Pro Color 3.0 and EOSHD Pro LOG comes to Sony cameras   
    Probably a stupid question, but is it possible to get EOSHD Pro Colors in raw? I like what I'm getting in jpegs and I know that all tweaks are lost in raw. I managed to get pretty close to deep warmth profile look by tweaking primaries in ACR, but it's not too consistent between images. So I'm curious if it's possible, and if there are any plans to make EOSHD ACR profiles or LR develop presets?
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    teddoman reacted to Deadcode in More love for the Sony A6500?   
    kidzrevil you did exceptionally good job in this thread. Your grades are awesome and filmic.
    However i have to point out some misunderstandings:
    There is no point to use Slog3 on 8 bit cameras
    why you lose color tonality with sgamut on 8 bit sony cameras
    In one of your post you said you could overexpose about +5 stops without clipping. In this case you used only a small percent of the available tonal range with slog3. But the grade looked very good. But if you film in Cine4 and use Filmconvert on it, it would look the same, but it would hold up much better if you have to grade it heavily with Power windows in Davinci Resolve.
    Don't underestimate Pro gamut, i think it's the most accurate of all but yes it can clip colors compared to s-gamut.
    I dont want to offend you and i think you did a great job, but if you read those threads above, maybe you reconsider some of your findings.
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    teddoman reacted to markr041 in EOSHD Pro Color for Sony Cameras   
    Many example videos using EOSHD Pro Color settings are either taken exclusively at night or mucked up with Luts that completely alter the color, so you cannot see what the Pro Color settings do.
    So here is a video shot using the Sony A7s ii in daylight with no Lut applied in post. The main subjects are flowers - nature's color palette (although there is also a cat). There are plenty of blues, greens, yellows, whites, reds, etc (though no human skin).

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    teddoman got a reaction from Stanley in Interesting 2016 Sales Figures   
    So I guess my A6300 was a "minor" release. Just don't tell my spouse :-)
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    teddoman reacted to jcdnguyen in EOSHD Pro Color for Sony Cameras   
    Nha Trang
    Here's a video I shot of Nha Trang in Vietnam when I was there over the Christmas holidays. I shot it with the Sony a6300 and 35mm f.18 or 10-18mm f4. The only colour corrections I made in post were to do with the highlights and shadows. The colours themselves were adjusted using the camera's white balance settings based upon the settings in the PDF.
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    teddoman reacted to zubermen in EOSHD Pro Color for Sony Cameras   
    Very happy with the Eos Pro Color, the footage below apart a light contrast in lumetri is untouched. FS5
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    teddoman reacted to fuzzynormal in Olympus E-M1 II mini-review - a sign of things to come with the Panasonic GH5?   
    Well, I guess I can literally say that Olympus has been so far up my ass, that they left an impression.  I do remember laying in the colonoscopy room and thinking, "hmmm, I wonder what resolution that camera has?  Hopefully the DR is good."
    BTW, John, in all seriousness, I'm trying to get an Olympus rep her in SoCal to visit a film festival I'm part of and do a demo of the EM5II and EM1MII during the event in January.  If you got any idea who I can contact, much appreciated.
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    teddoman reacted to Jorge in EOSHD Pro Color for Sony Cameras   
    here a video I shot entirely with eoshd pro color, custom wb 2 (4300k) color phase 0 - I am very pleased with the result
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    teddoman got a reaction from BlueBomberTurbo in EOSHD Pro Color for Sony Cameras   
    Really? I'll have to test out the PPs in jpegs.
    And what's this about preview in manual mode? Just last night I was playing with WB in manual mode and could clearly see a preview on the LCD screen if that's what you mean. I'm using an A6300.
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    teddoman reacted to Eric Johnson in EOSHD Pro Color for Sony Cameras   
    White Balance is 5500k B2M2 this time using two cheap florescent lights and daylight. a6300, f5.6, ISO 400. Using the V2.0 Settings.

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    teddoman reacted to benymypony in EOSHD Pro Color for Sony Cameras   
    EOSHD Pro Color featured on 4KShooters :
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    teddoman reacted to Juxx989 in NX-1 State of the Hack Today (Dec 2016)   
    Alas... it seems The Fellowship if the NX Hack is broken...   But long shall the memories of their deeds echo through these halls....
    and thanks for the heads up I never heard that it can fry your sensor... Perhaps Ill reconsider its use....
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    teddoman reacted to Kisaha in NX-1 State of the Hack Today (Dec 2016)   
    120-140-160 I believe is best for hard disk drive space/camera heating (mine gets really warm)-sensor annihilation/file problems created. For casual use and time long projects I do not even bother.
    Otto is Gandalf the Grey, Kino Seed is Frodo Baggins, and Vasile was that human Boromir(?) that his pride and recklessness made him vurnable to the Ring's power. He also dies at the end of the first movie! The pitty is, we need more allies from the elves and dwarfs, for Otto the White evolution, and the lonely Kino hobbit carry the ring further; so maybe there wont be 2 or 3.
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    teddoman reacted to Eric Johnson in EOSHD Pro Color for Sony Cameras   
    White Balance is 5500k B2M2 all natural daylight with a bounce. My Wife and I run a food blog and film those overhead recipe videos hence why i have this as my setup.
    OLD PP1 Settings on the a6300

    New PP1 Settings on the a6300

    PP Off

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    teddoman got a reaction from BlueBomberTurbo in EOSHD Pro Color for Sony Cameras   
    Confused on the update. The A6300 (and presumably the A6500) does allow color depth adjustments when using an S-Gamut Color Mode. That's what the original EOSHD ProColor profile was. Am I missing something?
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