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RAW to Video, things to know....


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In my ongoing self-appointed role as "LOG gamma" police, I've created a video that shows how RAW is processed into images we use, both for photography and video.  It drives me nuts that people talk about 14+ stops of DR, as if noise, or sensor pixel sensitivity, stays constant from lower to higher values.  After 5 stops, IMHO, noise makes any extra DR recorded by the sensor quite undesirable.   Further, even in 5 stops of DR there is a huge difference between how well cameras record DR even in fairly well exposed image.  That is to say, the GH5S isn't better only because it can record in low light.  It can be better because even at ISO 800 it will get a richer image in the shadows.  However, it is still 8-bit.  It still throws out gobs of sensor data.  Well, enough of that.  Another video to put you to sleep :)


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48 minutes ago, teddoman said:

Great explainer. Helpful primer on photographic data. You should be a teacher, if you aren't one already.

Max is a great teacher but it would be cool two have the same content with less real time:) Cut the same fantastic content from a 27min video to a 15min video. Great knowledge, just a little, little bit much real time action.:)

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49 minutes ago, seku said:

I need to give it a try as well

I put the Excel file where you, or anyone, can get it, if interested in the code.  It's a freakin' mess.  Lost of old stuff in there, but if you're like me, you just need to poke around to get what bits you want.  The hardest part for me was figuring out how to get the RAW data out as integer values.  Turned out it could be done in a few lines of Python code.

Excel with VBA Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1d6-tBeVcbyiVOCXgSRiV2eNe80ipfruR


import rawpy
import numpy

raw = rawpy.imread('D:\\Files2018_Maxotics_Analysis\\RAWExplainDR\\7D_RAW\\DNGs\\M08-2120_DNG_000001\\M08-2120_000520.DNG')
rawdata = raw.raw_image
numpy.savetxt("D:\\Files2018_Maxotics_Analysis\\RAWExplainDR\\7D_RAW\\DataToCSVs\\dng520.csv", rawdata, delimiter=",")

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