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  1. @markr041 Lut used was in Lumetri Panel "SL Clean Fuji A NDR" nothing more.
  2. @markr041 IMHO Eos Pro Color main goal is to achive that "Canon look" from Sony Cameras, that it's a starting point to achive the final grade that you like it. And I may assure you that the grading applied was only a 709 lut.
  3. My last video with this profile. Although the shitty weather I'm very happy with it. Only concern is the high saturated lights beam. Some minor grading to it. https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=E7H-XNmm0as
  4. Hi guys! Very Happy with this profile but some oversaturated hightlights still there, any tip?
  5. Very happy with the Eos Pro Color, the footage below apart a light contrast in lumetri is untouched. FS5
  6. My problem is the conversion raw>cineform, I've got an error. Where do you place the raw2gpcf.exe file? What command do you use??
  7. Sorry for my noob noob question... Could you be so gentle to write at a dummy level the steps to convert the raw file in cineform files? I've got the cineform free but I continue to get an error and the raw2gpcf quit. I'm on win8 i7 16GB 680m...
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