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  1. 30 minutes ago, Snowfun said:

    “This whole virus thing”.

    The empathy is almost visible...

    Not very self aware. Sounds like the verbiage kids were using back in early March. 

  2. It depends. The Vimeo network is really good. I’ve connected with a lot of really interesting and talented people through Vimeo. I’m sure people could say the same about YouTube.

    The player / embed also looks way more professional on a website. 

    I’ve always had really nice luck with the quality of their player. ProRes LT uploaded to their site handles film grain wonderfully. I never see macro blocking like I do on YouTube. 

  3. 8 hours ago, PannySVHS said:

    Are you using a F3? What is your take on it compared to a FS700? I turned into a weirdo by your guys´psalms about the "mini alexa". Guess I read Alexa Mini.:) @BenEricson

    I mostly shoot with the C300 Mk2 right now. (Or when we were shooting more.) I actually probably like the F3 image about the same, maybe better. The C300 Mk2 is just so easy to use and does really good in mixed light. Great baked in options and 4k without a recorder. 

    I never had good experience with the FS700. I could never get the color to look right. I suppose it looks really nice with a speed booster at f2 on a 50mm, but you can't shoot everything like that. 

    My F3 is sitting on the shelf. Let me know if you need a back up. :)  Anyway. Your footage looks awesome. Keep it up.

    If you think the black magic pocket is bad, try looking for a used digital bolex. Those are like 5-7K.

  4. 8 hours ago, PannySVHS said:


    This thread didn´t help to stop me. As some long time forum enthusiasts @IronFilm :) might remember, I have been thinking about getting a F3 for a while. The term "mini alexa" didnt help me much for resisting. So I just bought an F3 with the 444 update for around 750 eu. It was 200 more than I was dreaming on spending as max. But then I was thinking, when will a 444 model come around again. Plus my FS700 gives 2K aliasing parade over SDI, so I would have to record 4K output to really make it shine.

    But then again, how long will I have to wait to find a deal on a 444 recorder.:) Crap, 750, these days, for a 1080p camera! Well, better than spending all on toilet paper. This video gave me the last push towards my weird purchase. Such beautiful colors. Darn, some talented people on this forum can achieves this look with a GH3 or a 5D3. Right? Anyone want a F3 with 444 output? :) I should stay away from dangerious threads like this one. cheers:) By the way, no cheap deals on the OG BM Pockets anymore.


    Looks so good. I love the images from this camera.

  5. 4 hours ago, Oliver Daniel said:

    Seen a lot of internet bashing on the R5 already.

    It won’t be perfect. 

    Probable things:

    - 8k may have bad rolling shutter.

    - 8k may have a severe recording limit.

    - 4k120 may have aliasing, no audio and have a time limit. 

    - All 4k modes only available in monochrome (ok joke). 

    I don’t get the bashing though. We know 8k will have some compromises but who the hell needs it anyway?

    Assess it when it arrives, and if you feel it fits your needs, solves any current problems and enhances your creativity - win! 

    I hope it’s a win. 

    If it is, back to Canon I go after 7 years of abandonment. 

    I feel like a lot of those people haven't used the 1DX2. That camera is amazing and is over 4 years old. There's no reason why they can't do clean 8K.

  6. 2 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    The demand for higher quality webcams just increased. Also, better quality laptop webcams (but problem is the thin lid, most are even thinner than a smartphone)

    But main issue is the online part... All compressed to hell and ugly as hell. Especially Skype, Facetime, etc.

    Looking at the news, the other thing that needs to be fixed is the angle of the webcam. They all point up people's noses!

    So true. The higher end web cams have also gone way up in price. Everywhere is sold out and eBay is marked way up. 

    New York Times worked with the webcam footage in a cool way. 


    Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 11.31.17 AM.png

  7. 3 hours ago, rawshooter said:

    The sad truth is that, in order to scan 35mm and medium format stills in best quality, you need dedicated high-end film scanners like the ones made by Nikon (Coolscan) and Hasselblad (Flextight). Nikon unfortunately stopped manufacturing the Coolscans many years ago. Today, they are sought-after items costing up to $2000 on Ebay, with many models needing SCSI or Firewire connections. Hasselblad scanners cost about $15,000.

    All affordable solutions on the market, flatbed scanners (like the Epson Perfection series or the Reflecta budget film scanners) do not render the full quality of film. Solutions for digitizing film with a camera and a macro lens like the Nikon ES-2 lens adapter are rather flimsy.

    Agreed. Even if you have loads of time, it is nearly impossible to get the same color and texture that you get with the high end scanners. 

    This scanner is really good but only does 35mm. I’ve heard a lot of people swear by it. The output really simulates what a 35mm print should look like. Correct colors etc. 


    I personally would rather support a local lab and get my scans back in 2/3 days via email. I’m shooting 120 and 35 so the price for high end scanners would be too costly for it to make sense. 

  8. I have an in house contract for a tech company in Seattle. We were told to work from home for the next 3 weeks. Not sure what happens then... Besides that, I have been hanging around the house mostly. Catching up on personal projects.

    26 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

    I think the death rates in Italy much higher than China, as for instance, they're no less mind-boggling by virus standards as well. This is a severe threat for the whole humankind. 

    Weren’t there rumors that China was under reporting death tolls? I would guess that non lethal cases in the US is currently very underreported. 

  9. 1 hour ago, currensheldon said:

    A C100 III would be awesome an instant buy for me if it had an RF mount, 10-bit 4k up to 30fps, and 10-bit in HD. Don't care if it has high frame rates, raw, etc as I would use it JUST for my observational doc stuff - which I always shoot in 10-bit (usually 4k) at 24fps. 

    Can always have a Komodo on hand for commercial work. 

    This is literally the C300 Mk2 with a different mount.

  10. On 2/13/2020 at 1:24 PM, thebrothersthre3 said:

    Sony is stupid for not doing the same style camera with 10 bit, new AF, and Venice color 

    There's clearly an issue building a sensor to have both beautiful color science and extreme low light sensitivity. 

    Canon 1DXii would do well in these scenarios too. It is also 5 times the price. 

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