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  1. Just seen this announced with a 5.6 inch UHD or QHD screen. Interested to learn what their H.265 recording means for file sizes. Costs around $€2k. Is this what you are looking for? http://news.doddleme.com/equipment/cinemartin-announces-monitorrecorder-powerful-desktop/
  2. You have trumped my ignorance twice in two days. My hat comes off. I will try to stop posting BS. Although I thought I had read somewhere that vintage lenses weren't great with the NX1 and/or H.265. Maybe it was just a resolution issue.
  3. Isn't that a 4K Rebel? APSC. My 600D was more cinematic than the GH4, especially with Magic Lantern and Cinetyle. Should be great with vintage lenses too unlike the NX1. Maybe Canon have just been waiting until they perfected everything, like 4K overheating, and are about to pull the trigger on a perfect consumer priced cam?
  4. I would welcome an update to the Rebel line that can do 4k: not too big or expensive, maybe a competitor to the GH4.
  5. If you are going to stick with the awesome RX100, why not use the spare money for a drone? Would be great fun and certainly give you extraordinary travel videos. I have never used one, so not sure if they can be packed away small though? We hired a GoPro Hero 4 yesterday- very easy to use, 4K video, fun for underwater, 120fps 1080p Slow Mo and super wide view. We have all seen photos and video of Machu Pichu in Peru, but it is so much cooler from the air. If you could find a compact-to-pack and fairly lightweight drone it should be a good alternative. If not maybe get a Go Pro anyway if you plan on snorkelling and/or scuba diving.
  6. Agreed, I shouldn't really of commented after just a couple of minutes reading reviews. I just got a bit excited when you mentioned the price of it.
  7. Panasonic G7 with 12-32mm pancake lens (this lens weighs and costs less than a quarter of the 12-35, if you buy new separated from a kit on eBay). There are a few differences with the twice the price GH4 which stop some people getting it like headphone input. Better low light video on the G7 (which has been mentioned once or twice here recently), which might lead to lower used GH4 prices soon/already? The GH4 doesn't weight too much more and feels great in your hands compared to something like an RX100 or A7.
  8. 1DC in a heartbeat as it is the only one suitable for sunny 4K landscapes. The Sony would melt in the sun. I didn't realise it was so cheap on eBay, so would now be fascinated to learn/watch more. Edit: just checked the B&H reviews where two said the 1DC good for outdoors. Plus somene said "unreal low light performance" which may render the Sony irrelevant? Only downside is that someone said the 4K video files are a minute each and sounds like it may require a new computer to edit them. Sounds like there is also a C Log banding issue. Someone indicated the main difference with the 5D3 video is resolution, which makes me think you are best sticking with the 14 bit Raw you already have.
  9. Youtube now allows paid subscription channels if you have more then 1K subscribers. I will be using this instead of Vimeo and never seriously considered Vimeo's model. I have been travelling this month and gave up trying to watch anything on Vimeo as they will not play on the wifi across this country. Google rankings for Vimeo seem to be worse. The grain example above is a big deal, but the only other positive for Vimeo I can see is the better community (less spammers and trolls), but if everyone is jumping ship that is gone. I haven't noticed a big difference in videos uploaded on Youtube compared to originals, but I don't use grain. Maybe there isn't a big difference for some curves and a bit of color, or maybe I just haven't noticed. Either way not being able to select 4K on Vimeo is the nail in the coffin. Think someone was saying you can't even select Full HD lol.
  10. Post removed, was a bad adapter idea I have been warned against.
  11. Thanks for the link, sorry but you are going to have lots of notifications as I liked a lot of your posts in the thread.
  12. That's a very interesting and strong view. Looking forward to any other opinions about this. Only benefit I seem to make use of is the battery life with the GH4 which I love, but changing batteries isn't too much of a big deal with my tripod. Would consider swapping if the G7 went down to £250 again as it would free up cash for a lens or speedbooster.
  13. Is the a6300 the same lens mount as the A7s?
  14. I am a seller (nothing related to cameras) and Paypal never sides with us. They did once and we were jumping for joy as if it was a miracle ?
  15. I saw a similar deal once for a camera and it turned out to be a scam. It was from an established Amazon seller too. They wanted off-site payment, so I got them banned.
  16. I love the idea of a 13 inch Macbook Air which could have a top class desktop GPU plugged in. Would switch back to Apple in a heartbeat.
  17. Now that UHD TVs are becoming the norm, it is time for the manufacturers to bring out the next reason to upgrade. This seems to be HDR. What will this mean to us? With photos you merge say 3 together to get the best range. Does that mean we will need to film on cameras with multiple sensors, and/or does it mean that having the biggest dynamic range will become more important, and/or will we see cameras with some kind of multiple exposing settings e.g. expose for sky and shadows differently in same video like in this Red site article?
  18. 1. Reservoir Dogs (not my most watched but the one that had the biggest effect on me at the time) 2. Pulp Fuction (a perfect 10/10 movie) 3. Django (fun, sprawling epic on a par with my favorite ever movie: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly) 4. Jackie Brown (amazing music and Jackson in a lead role) 5. Kill Bill (lots of interesting techniques and styles)
  19. I was also a bit let down, but I think that is just because there was so much hype and I was expecting something with more locations. I look forward to watching it again and fully expect to love it next time.
  20. The 5 minute 4K limit isnt an issue for stock footage so go for it. Having an RX100 means you can keep it with you all the time. You can often create a makeshift tripod from a wall, chair, table and bits. It is also light enough to use with those super cheap tripods- just make sure you get one with a non wobbly top- they can be used as disposable ones like if you get dirt in it. You will get more footage with the RX100 when you spot something stock worthy when not expecting it. Plus I found myself playing with all the settings a lot as I had it with me so much; so became much better at actually using it and making use of all the functions. Also no one bats an eyelid when using a RX100, just in case you are somewhere where pro cameras are not allowed. I didn't have the IV but would expect the slow motion features to be a lot of fun for stuff like paint in water and explosions. There are two guys on Youtube worth seeking out who have a super slow mo camera who will give you some creative ideas for stock footage. I think Panasonic might be bringing out a direct competitor, so its probably worth looking into that first as Panasonics are better value.
  21. At least one digital signage company makes devices that play H.265 and not H.264 (BrightSign). We have had clients asking why their H.264 videos wont work and one expected us to provide a H.265 as he said it is the new standard (I disagreed). We tried to encode a 20 minute clip in Premiere Pro to H.265 at 25 bitrate and it said it would take 25-30 hours. This is on a quality PC so I assume we need to upgrade graphics cards for when H.265 really does become the standard.
  22. I was going to watch it after Christmas lunch, if the reviews are bad I will watch the Hateful Eight instead which is pretty much guaranteed to be amazing.
  23. Wow the 16GB version is £4,120 and I am sure they said it can go up to 64GB, so it is going to go even higher. Glad I didn't wait for one of these now. Got a 16GB MSI for a fraction of the price, which covers my 4K needs no problem. Horrific screen though and just a 1 hour battery, so I will be getting rid of it probably and going for an iMac. Nothing seems to compare to the smoothness and beautiful screen of OSX on an iMac.
  24. Canon saw a gap for portable cameras that can be used for news so they made the XC10, but that doesnt really cut it. The NX1 produces video which doesn't need grading, the most efficient codec, a bigger sensor, in a compact package. For fast turnaround footage which can make use of Samsung's wifi/mobile technology to get the smaller files shared quickly, it seems like a good niche to me. Rather than a cinema camera (a market where there are established players), perhaps they should look at news broadcasters and semi pro video producers like Youtube channels and all the hundreds of people who are going to be making channels for SMART TVS. Or if going for cinema partnering with Blackmagic sounds like a safe bet as they have the reputation in place, and may benefit from Samsung's ability to scale things up. Samsung may be sceptical about entering a new market alone after failing to make a name for themselves in the consumer market.
  25. I mention the graphics card because I was told to get a decent one with at least 2GB RAM for video editing. I had a similar Intel graphics card (1.5 GB) in my old Macbook and it couldn't handle 4K from a GH4 (but the rest of my specs were lower so that might not be the only/main factor). I am not an expert in this stuff but the graphics card certainly helps with some aspect of editing. I mentioned Windows because I found the current Macbooks barely had good enough cards/specs, so I cheaped out and went with a Windows laptop which has been a pain getting used to (but it breezes through GH4 4K). Hopefully someone has the machine you mention and can give you a more accurate assessment.
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