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  1. Deleted in case of something.
  2. I have had the same thing in a different industry. It is soul destroying when you end up doing twice as much work as you quoted for. Especially when you do what was agreed and they dont like it, then do it until they like it. Then they say forget that part altogether. That is why I never ever deal with clients anymore, I am too nice and end up being their internet monkey scared to ask for more money to cover my time. Now I trippled my rate and will probably add a third on in spring and there are proper contracts, with all face to face and calls communcation going through my business partner. Stress is a thing of the past.
  3. Ultrawide montors are amazing for editing and general use. I love my Dell and have put my 3rd monitor away now. Much more compact. I actually don't use the Dell for editing, I use my laptop screen as it is better calibrated. The Dell I have dimmed for eye protection and use that as my main monitor all day. I only really use the laptop screen for File Manager and grading. Then I can have the lumetri panel undocked next to the main Premiere Pro window on the Dell. They are great for multiple window work (e.g. web browser and document) and transferring files too. Open one File Explorer window then hold the Windows button and left or right arrow keys, it then shows you all the other windows you have open so you can select one and they each have half the screen. My Dell was £180 used so probably nowhere near as good as the ones you are talking about. Edit: oh actually mine is the same one: U2913WM. Never tried calibrating it as I am happy with current setup. The PC Mag review is idiotic. They criticize the vertical viewing angle but the monitor is fully adjustable. The side viewing is perfect, from 4 metres away at 45 degree angle the image is fine.
  4. I am hoping for 100 bitrate h.265 codec. Or AV1 if they have time.
  5. Now that is great news and rather exciting. Lets hope it lives up to the massive expectations.
  6. Don't know why this forum won't let you delete posts that you don't want to make? i.e. the above quote. The issue is out of my hands now. It has gone to the solicitor. ps. thanks to the admin who removed the text
  7. UMG is pretty big, how much should we sue for? It is basically fraud.
  8. Shit just got very real. UMG rejected the claim. Lawyer time. @Admin- please just remove the country name above.
  9. Yes it is for divs who can't use their eyes
  10. I went for a walk today, took 10 shots just for the sake of it. Flowers and a stream and a field. it was on auto and failed for half the shots. Either shutter speed too slow or wrong focus or it exposed for the sky instead of subject. Manual is essential. Half the photos would of been useless without me manually setting things, same the other day when a third of my photos needed manual on a quick walk. Video it is even more important because of the noise and jitters that comes with high shutter speeds. Christmas day nobody is going full manual, but you will have to set the shutter speed or something for a couple of shots. and some aperture for shots to treasure. Essential.
  11. Thank you, that's a great link. Will give it our solicitor. Please edit your posts above- just remove everything by me please to me sure.
  12. I have contacted Universal Music Group about 30 different ways. If they don't reply fast I will be setting our solicitor on them. @Andrew Reid please remove the name of the video from the 3rd post above. Much appreciated. @Cary Knoop Thanks for removing the information.
  13. It is 100% incorrect like it is every single time. edit: I will find the real track for you. It will be easy as that video was before we started doing 5.1 surround sound. edit 2: here you go: (track removed for my protection from Youtube) The Claimant file name above is German which translates to (removed). The one we licensed is called (removed). Here is the file name: (removed) and there is no artist so the owner is AudioBlocks. Now anyone who has used Videoblocks and AudioBlocks knows what they are like. But they have a valid license and the process now is to message them with the link above and Youtube page and they will fix it, except for some resellers who are difficult. edit 3: Cary please remove the name of the video and everything else with names in from your quotes. I believe it puts our whole account at risk. I have filed the dispute with AudioBlocks. They have removed our 1 video disputed which had sound we recorded. Our best selling video at this time of the year (i.e. a good one for Xmas). The dispute was the first that failed despite me saying I can provide the master file with the recording on and despite the claimant's details being utter nonsense in Google- just deleted videos and nothing else. Wasn't even a similar video- it was a song: (name removed for my protection from youtube), visual content administered by: UMG. We have never used music in these videos. Youtube have us by the balls and make it very clear they will ban our account if they feel like it. Turns out she is a big deal and so is the company, so I have messaged every way I could.
  14. Not once has the rights holder been the claimant. It is unscrupulous companies reselling stock audio who do it. They mass claim and get a few fish in their net. Youtube should recognize this and penalize them and whitelist us. A good example is CD Baby. Google "cd baby copyright claim" for masses of complaints like mine from years ago.
  15. Many people have removed the 30 minute time limit for 4K on the G7. There is a Youtube video and Reddit thread with instructions. Didn't work for mine though.
  16. Awesome, thanks for the heads up. Going to switch if the mentioning the audio track thing doesn't work immediately. Going to try uploading a H.265 video now. If that works I will pee in my pants lol. edit: BINGO! H.265 uploads allowed. The only issue is viewer numbers. Will have to have a think about that. Might be worth using VP9 and the mentioning the audio track owners instead, because Youtube gets way more viewers. Will give it a try for the VOD. "YouTube has over a billion users–almost a third of all people on the Internet–and every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos" "Vimeo’s 170 million monthly viewers amount to less than 20 percent of YouTube’s 1 billion-plus monthly viewership"
  17. There was a whole thing on here a few months ago about it not being the same as Youtube. Or has that changed now? it looks like it has the same selection tool as Youtube from the above video
  18. As I said in the first post I find it very tedious and time consuming. I have to go back and find the track(s) on the stock site which can take a while, then compare a few as we use multiple ones for each video, often having to dig out a few tracks. After maybe 50 times I am sick of it and just wish they would whitelist us because we have never lost a dispute. That one I mentioned above is probably 2 years old, it feels like ambulance chasers are doing it and fair enough to theives, but we have a proven record for being legit. My bro had some ambulance chaser type law firm contact him recently for someone using his company logo. They got £350 and he got £250 compensation (or something similar). I used to work for proper ambulance chasers and people would quite rightly tell me to F off. 5-10 times fine. 50+ times is taking the piss. If Vimeo did 4k (with proper choice) I would happily pay their fee immediately and switch.
  19. This might be great advice. I will check with Pond5 and AudioBlocks then start mentioning audio tracks and where we got them in the description. The fact they have never mentioned that to me makes me a little skeptical as AudioBlocks do the dispute for us, but it is certainly worth a try. The claimant is always different to the person and track name on the stock sites. Thank you As for the videos not having ads; Orangenz is right, I dispute them as they come in. There should be one or two at the moment including (edit: name removed for fear of Youtube ban), or maybe they dont always stick ads on straight away.
  20. edit: account name removed because of Youtube's threats to ban accounts.
  21. We use audio for videos bought from Pond5, plus a few from AudioBlocks. Nearly every video we upload gets ads on and a copyright infringment notice. They even did it to one where we recorded the audio the other day and had the cheek to remove the video- 100% our audio and video. Is there anyway anyone has found to stop this tedious tirade of harrasment? We win every single dispute but it is so f-ing annoying having to do it all the time. Thanks
  22. Mine crashes more now and still have to unplug old monitor before using. Is more RAM likely to stop PP overpowering laptop or lack of SSD? Speed is no issue. Currently have i7 5700HQ, 1TB normal hard drive, 16GB RAM, GTX960M 2GB. I believe I can replace disc tray with more RAM or SSD. Thanks.
  23. Thanks Andy, I was just about to click Buy on an NX1 kit on eBay and extra lens. I love Panasonic and they have a future, so I am not jumping ship
  24. I love my G7 and intended to buy a GH5, but looking at a comparisson of the G7 with the A6300 today, there was a major difference in sharpness. Might of been focusing but more likely the fact that the A6300 shoots 6K and downscales to 4K. So do you think a M43 sensor is big enough to provide that extra sharpness and be comparable with an APSC sensor? Has the system peaked or will the GH5 possibly make a big difference? The NX1 is reasonably priced used on eBay. Wondering whether to pull the trigger and make the switch now. I don't need filmic and lots of lenses, I need sharp accurate 4K video. The Sony's over heating means they cannot be considered for me as it is to use outdoors, often in hottest sunlight. I really don't have the funds for the 4K Canon beasts otherwise I would go that route. Has anyone used both the G7 and NX1 and noticed a big difference in sharpness? I recall reading lots of praise about how good and sharp the NX1 is on here. I am in no rush so could wait for the GH5, its just tempting to get started with a new system if going to do it anyway. Thanks.
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