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  1. Thanks Ferradans, you are right, the + 1 it's ok, the others are too extreme, could you kindly advice me a + 0,5 one to go for my sankor. Obligado!!!!
  2. Forgive my total ignorance on close up filters, I've just found these HOYA close up in my father's wardrobe, they are quite old, my father can't remember exactly what year, maybe around 1978-80. Anyway I have managed to put the +1 in front of my sankor 16D and the result are not bad at all as you can see from the sceenshot Could you kindly tell more about those close ups filters, are they any good to use with anamorphic lens? or are just for macro stuff? the size it's a 55mm so I had to put a step up ring. Thanks in advance '> '>
  3. What a nice surprise, I used to hang on these streets a lot, not far from where I used to stay the Keio plaza hotel, as musician I always appreciated the busker's music. So I thank you to remind me those nice moments I had when I was in Tokio, you really captured what happens on those streets. And by the way, I love and miss Tokio!!! All the best, and thanks again!!!!!
  4. looking forward to mount it on my sankor 16D I only hope is not too expensive!!!
  5. I wonder how much it will cost, and when it will be available. Anyone knows more? thanks
  6. You really caught a nice moment, very good, I liked it very much. Keep sharing!!!!
  7. It does well, I had no problem at all, I have used steadycam and a jib crane before with no problem, thanks for your comment.
  8. nice one, thanks for sharing!
  9. Feel free to comment and give some advice. thanks.
  10. bring them back please!!!! :angry: Cheers mate! :)
  11. I love the video, you captured the 2 souls of Dubai. Thanks for sharing!
  12. and there's that raw feature on 5D mark iii thanks to ML which is great IMO. I was in the same shoe than you are now a month ago. I chose the 5D paired with a Sankor 16D and I am absolutely happy. But don't let the other people choose your camera, you have to decide what is the best option for you. good luck!!!!
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