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  1. + S1H + Sigma FP don´t have a stabilised sensor. I think thats one of the biggest reasons - IBIS requires the sensor to be able to "float" in the body. This means the sensor cannot be mounted to a heatsink.
  2. Our iceland roadtrip along the golden circle in spring 2018 and here is a short clip of it: shot on: 5D Mark III DJI Mavic Air (my first drone flights...) iPhone GoPro music by m83 - lower your eyelids to die with the sun
  3. Awesome Page. There are some very interessting facts, which explain the Canon / Sony Color Discussion: A7III: Color reproduction by the Sony Alpha 7 Mark III is accurate, with only one color showing a strong deviation from the original. ∆E ranges from 8.9 at ISO100, to a small range between 9.7 and 10.0 at ISO400 to ISO 1600. Photo: The automatic white balance implemented by the Alpha 7 Mark III is excellent, with values between 0.0 and 0.2 at all ISOs measured between ISO100 and ISO25600. Video: Automatic white balance is not excellent, with scores of 1.5 (low ISO) and 1.4 (high ISO). Just for the record - DR: Photo: The dynamic range exhibited by the Alpha 7 Mark III is very good: over 10.1 f-stops (up to 10.3) at all ISOs tested between ISO100 to ISO800. Dynamic range remains high as ISO increases (9.8 f-stops at ISO1600) up to ISO6400 (9.2 f-stops). However, once again, ISO12800 shows poorer results, with a drop of nearly a full f-stop to 8.3. The extended ISOs are even worse: for example, 6.9 f-stops at Hi1. Video - Dynamic range is good: 9.0 f-stops at low ISO and 8.0 at high ISO. EOS R: Color reproduction is good, with only 6 colors deviating strongly, five of which are reds. ∆E is consistent and ranges from 10.3 to 10.6 at all ISOs tested. Photo: Automatic white balance is very good, ranging between 0.3 and 0.6 at all ISO s tested from ISO 100 to ISO 12800. Video: Automatic white balance is decent at high ISO (0.7) but poor at low ISO (1.2). Color reproduction is nearly as good as in still images, with a ∆E of 11.7 at both high and low ISO . Just for the record - DR: Photo: Maximum dynamic range: 14.1 f-stops measured at ISO 800. Dynamic range is more than 10 f-stops at all ISO s from ISO 100 up through ISO 3200. At ISO 100, dynamic range is measured at 10.9 f-stops, at ISO 400 12.9, and at ISO 1600, 11.0. Dynamic range is poorer at the higher ISO s, with a minimum tested among the native ISO s, or 7.9 f-stops at ISO 25600. Video: Dynamic range is good in video (9.7 and 9.0 f-stops for low and high ISO , respectively). Automatic white balance is decent at high ISO (0.7) but poor at low ISO (1.2). Color reproduction is nearly as good as in still images, with a ∆E of 11.7 at both high and low ISO. Conclusion: Color Reproduction and Color "Beautyness" are two different shoes. And Auto White Balance makes a different, too. Imho, the 5 deviating reds and the better AWB is the key, why a lot of people might prefer canon colors over sony - in terms of video.
  4. Hi guys, i shot a short "wedding music video" for an friend of me in "indie style" - hope you´ll like it! LOCATION: Kulturgut Wrechen DATE: 10.8.2013 EQUIPMENT: Canon 5D Mark III | Canon 35 2.0 IS | Canon 50 1.4 | Canon 70-200 2.8 IS II | Canon 100 2.8 Makro | Canon 85 1.8 | Tamron 24-70 2.8 | Tokina 11-16 2.8 | Panasonic GH2 | Olympus 12 2.0 | Voigtländer Nokton 25 0.95 mft, | Manfrotto Stativ | Manfrotto Einbein | Eightline Slilder | China LED Kopflicht | Edelkrone Followfocus | Edelkrone Pocketrig | Genius Eclipse Varia ND EDITING + GRADING: Final Cut Pro 10.1 MUSIC: Youth Lagoon - Afternoon (itunes.apple.com/de/artist/youth-lagoon/id457870121) Any Feedback welcome!
  5. please have a look on my new short video: https://vimeo.com/42465468 Gear: Panasonic GH2 Nokton 25mm 0.95 | Olympus 12mm 2.0 | Panasonic 14-140 OIS | Vario ND Filter | (no tripod) Edit: Final Cut Pro 10.3 | Magic Bullet Looks
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