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    Hitfabryk reacted to mojo43 in Stuck at home and created this piece to hopefully inspire the best for the world   
    Stuck at home like many, so I made my daughter the actor and my wife the grip and script supervisor  What have you all been up to during these strange times?
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Andrew Reid in EOSHD in lockdown in Barcelona - photos from Coronavirus ghost town   
    Last month I made a trip to Barcelona to film the Formula One circus in town for the pre-season test. This, it turned out would be the last time the 2020 F1 cars would run. When a McLaren team member tested positive for the virus at the first race in Australia, the race was called off. In a twist of fate I met McLaren CEO and team boss Zak Brown in track grandstand and watched the new car in action before crisis hit - now we might never know how fast the car was versus the likes of dominant Mercedes and Ferrari.
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Emanuel in Understanding color   
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    Hitfabryk reacted to rawshooter in Film student tips Berlin   
    Visit the Dr. Caligari exhibition at Deutsche Kinemathek film museum: https://www.deutsche-kinemathek.de/de/besuch/ausstellungen/du-musst-caligari-werden-das-virtuelle-kabinett
    Also check out the program of Arsenal film theater in the same building, which will show repeat screenings of the Forum section of this year's Berlin film festival, among others: https://www.arsenal-berlin.de/en/home.html
    There are two foto museums, CO Berlin: https://www.co-berlin.org/article/exhibitions and Helmut Newton Foundation with a recommendable exhibition on performance artists and photography: https://helmut-newton-foundation.org/en/

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    Hitfabryk reacted to Andrew Reid in Film student tips Berlin   
    Check out the Potsdam filmpark babelsberg, and for camera history.... Some of the shops! FotoMax, FotoBraune, etc. very good.
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Emanuel in Samsung 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX to add 6K video on mobile side by Xiaomi is coming... for a few hundred bucks   
    8K vs 4K sample:
    Mere teaser or really shot on Mi 10 Pro? (source: Sparrows News YT channel)
    Seems a game changer to my radar.
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Andrew Reid in iPhone 11 Pro camera worse colour than before?   
    Yes I will find some and upload soon for you to take a look at
    The RAWs are a lot more... erm... 'raw'
    Noisier and without the advanced corrections, oversampling and multi-frame exposure
    Still great for colour post processing and being able to grade a DNG right there in the phone (Snapseed does it amongst others) is cool
    Next step up in sensor tech and IQ from P30 Pro
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Andrew Reid in iPhone 11 Pro camera worse colour than before?   
    It shoots semi-LOG!
    Good for all those Instagram filters.
    Mate 30 Pro... 40 Megapixel quad bayer sensor... How do you think ISO 1600 looks with all those megapixels on a phone?
    Well, quite good actually 🤯

    Pixel peep it full screen -
    Where is the traditional smudgy noise reduction?!
    The fine detail is intact and I don't know how they achieve this.
    You guys are going to wish your President hadn't banned it
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    Hitfabryk reacted to wolf33d in Canon EOS R5 - 8K30p 4K120p   
    Well, ladies and gentlemen are we in the most exciting year since a decade for video gear? If this is true then yes. Canon rumors is usually reliable unlike Sony Alpha Rumors that is pure BS. Especially when rated CR3. So here you have it.
    Canon EOS R5 for photo + in february
    45mpx / IBIS / 8k30p and 4k120p / canon DPAF. Comes with Canon colors and menus that we know.  My dream camera and then more... the one I have been wishing for since many years on EOSHD. The one that could take me back to Canon. 

    Also if true, Sony is dead. Canon took a massive hit with Sony being far better than their products since the A7III. They saw a massive number of people like me jump boat, even if massively invested in their system. They released in rush and too late an absolutely shitty EOS R, with laughable video specs, mediocre stills performance (FPS, dynamic range...), no IBIS and early gen mistakes. They should be dying now or soon. Yet before dying it seems they are giving all they can now to make a turn. We can clearly see that with the 1DX3, and HOPEFULLY we will see that with that thing. 
    Why R5? Is it to rule the Sony RIV? :).
    Anyway Specs sound unreal... so brace yourself. But dreaming is free.
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Andrew Reid in The digital film look on a budget - 10 years after the Arri Alexa, what gets closest for cheapest?   
    Hard to believe it, but EOSHD is nearly 10 years old!
    2010 was a big year for digital cinema. The 5D Mark II was in full stride kickstarting DSLR filmmaking. Arri's first proper digital film camera the Alexa was released and revolutionised filmmaking at the highest levels. Now all these years later I'm still looking - not for the sharpest, highest K, most featured packed modern camera but for a camera costing less than $1000 which has the most Alexa-like image.
    Not on a technical level, of course, but in terms of the feel of the images and how cinematic the end-results are when viewed on the big screen.
    Read the full article
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    Hitfabryk got a reaction from mojo43 in First documentary - A7sii _ GH5   
    Love it because it's a interesting story and lovely images.
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    Hitfabryk reacted to mercer in Canon 1DC in 2018   
    Well how relevant is a C100 in 2018? I’ve seen some beautiful footage from the original. And when they go on sale... the price seems unbeatable at $1700.
    Have you guys noticed an increase in work just by having a C100 in your kit?
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Django in Canon 1DC in 2018   
    i think I'll be repurchasing one sooner later. Nicest 1080p of all non-raw cams imo. Great ergonomics. DPAF. Fantastic assist  tools & tiny files..
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Mattias Burling in Canon 1DC in 2018   
    When my company needs video for webb, TV or huge stadiums we are still more than happy with the C100. 
    And the prices on it now... Im constantly fighting the urge.
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    Hitfabryk reacted to thefactory in Sony XAVC import on iPad (a7rii)   
    Thought this might be useful for Sony users. For ages I have been trying to find away to import and view XAVC files on my iPad Pro. (12.9 gen 2). Ipad always cried about USB power and would not work. I have tried complicated methods and failed, but here’s one that works for me. Maybe the latest iOS update has bought support as well.
    1. Set USB Connection to MTP
    2. Set USB power supply to OFF.
    He does not make it clear in the video, but the pinnacle studio app is apparently required as it supports XAVC. Once imported I can view the files in the iPad photos app and also edit them in LumaFusion.
    I have tried this on the iPhone 8 as well and it works without the pinnacle app or LumaFusion. 
    I dont  need to carry the old 15inch MBP to view XAVC anymore!
    although they do take forever to import. Wonder in the USB 3 on the a7riii would be quicker?
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    Hitfabryk reacted to kye in Canon 1DC in 2018   
    In terms of GAS, I'd suggest making a list of what you need to shoot your videos, and what problems you have with your current setup.
    Then look at the potential purchase and see if it fixes any of your problems while still meeting your other criteria.
    Then think about if the size of the problem is large enough to justify the cost of buying the new equipment.
    If the purchase passes those tests (and you can afford it), then buy it.  If it fails, it's GAS.
    Good luck!
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon 1DC in 2018   
    Good point
    However on the other-hand it has some advantages.
    Sigma 24-35mm F2 ART becomes a 30-45mm which is quite useful with the extra reach you are almost getting a 28mm wide angle and 50mm prime in one.
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon 1DC in 2018   
    Yes of course.
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Dave Maze in Canon 1DC in 2018   
    I use the 1DC on a daily basis and switch between the 4K and super35 modes according to what I’m doing. The super35 mode is like having a C100 with better low light (except you can’t mount most EF-s lenses on it!) the 4K mode is to die for. It’s been so hard for me to justify “upgrading” to anything else because when I shoot with a modern camera... it still pales in comparison. Even the 1DX II doesn’t do it justice because of log. Andrew makes a great C Log for it... but it’s still just not the same and even he would admit that I’m sure. 
    I recently built out a rig that is the most balanced and amazing handheld rig I’ve ever built with it. Wooden camera DSLR cage, with handles and the smallhd focus. 

    I convert all my footage I shoot in 4K to ProRes LT. It’s a pain but whatever. I don’t care. 
    Edit Ready 2.0 is a great program for it, and I’d imagine on an iMac pro it would convert in no time. Even on my base model 13” MacBook Pro it doesn’t really take that long. 
    1.3x is the only thing that drives me crazy to be honest. If it were true full frame a 24-105 would be all I’d carry around, but because it’s a weird crop and no lenses are designed for it... you kinda have to own a 16-35 AND a 24-70. 
    I only use my Contax Zeiss glass on it and they pair perfectly. That nice vintage character paired with that milky smooth 4K canon log. It’s the best image quality I’ve ever had and I’m so happy about it still in 2018. I never want to part with it unless I become rich and buy a RED EPIC VV or Arri Alexa Mini. 
    I don’t think the camera is impractical for handheld work or whatever. Just treat it like you would with a RED or Arri and it’s the same type of workflow. 
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Ty Harper in Canon 1DC in 2018   
    Definitely still a great camera for video and pics. I have one and will probably never sell it because I love its look so much. 
    That said, I doubt that I would've bought it if i'd seen and read this thread beforehand: http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/archive/index.php/t-333479.html
    And unlike most Canon dslrs the 1DC can't fix dead/stuck/hot pixels internally. You have to send it in to Canon which will cost you, and is also only a temporary fix because the issue apparently returns in time.
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    Hitfabryk reacted to IronFilm in Canon 1DC in 2018   
    Sounds like you already have a tonne of cameras!

    Thus worth looking deep inside yourself to see if you're a GAS sufferer and perhaps you need to nip this thought off at the bud.

    One approach which helps for me is to consider ROI (Return on Investment). 

    Will the 1D C earn you more money than not having it? Will it do so better than any other place you could put that money? (technical term: "lost opportunity cost". I'm a hard core economics nerd by the way... if you can't tell already! ha)

    We're spoiled for choices around that price point! 

    Got also the Sony FS700 / Sony PMW-F3 / JVC LS300 / RED ONE / URSA Mini / etc

    Have used the Ninja 2, and its monitor is so shit it is hard to really use it as a monitor / recorder.

    The Atomos Ninja Blade (I own the Samurai Blade, which is SDI, for my Sony F3) is so dirt cheap as well that I very strongly recommend the small extra cost of this over the Ninja 2 (or instead of a Ninja Blade, a BMD Video Assist is a good choice too). 
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon 1DC in 2018   
    You can use any 1080p HDMI recorder for that. Yes Ninja 2 would work. Ninja Star as well (to keep small form factor).
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon 1DC in 2018   
    It's pretty good, better than 5D3 internally, benefits from Canon LOG too.
    In 1.3x 4K mode it does the best 1080p you've ever seen out of the HDMI to recorder. It's just... stunning.
    More cinematic than C100.
    One of best stills camera available today.
    1D X basically. 1D X Mark II image is practically identical, just adds Dual Pixel AF. I had a hunch that the 1D C image is less plastic looking than 1D X Mark II, because of off-board A/D conversion rather than moving to on-chip (in-line A/D) on the 1D X 2. Not sure if I am right or not as not gone too deep into testing it, because they are so similar.
    It's definitely got mojo, that's for sure.
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon 1DC in 2018   
    Absolutely the best image you can get in 2018 on a pure 4K quality basis (if you don't mind 1.3x crop) and an absolute monster of a full frame stills camera.
    It depends how you are going to use it though.
    Manual focus only in video mode, stick it on a tripod and hit record. Ok. Handheld with IS lenses...hmm... ok-ish I suppose. Anything more elaborate than that and the ergonomics will hurt you. The lack of articulated screen, EVF, audio functionality and HUGE file sizes are the complete opposite of your C100.
    Long recordings on this baby are a no-no unless you love buying MANY large CF cards, MANY batteries and transcoding to ProRes LT before editing.
    Absolutely the bigger brother in terms of image quality but the smaller sister in terms of literally everything else haha.
    2500 euros with 1 year support is a superb deal
    At least if you don't get on with the handling, you could sell it on eBay for more and buy something else.
    The ones to consider are:
    GH5/GH5S with Canon EF Speed Booster XL
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    Hitfabryk reacted to Dave Maze in Sony (A7Rii/A7Si/RX10/RX100) & Canon 1DC   
    Sony and Canon just don’t mix. Wouldn’t recommend it. 
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