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  1. Although this year we have a fellow Greek in the Oscars, for me they are dead since the LALA land disaster.

    If you witnessed this mega cringe where they had the whole cast on stage thinking they had won and then they took them all down...i dont want to watch the oscars again.

    The second problem is the PO overdrive, where they put films like "WE WUZ KANGS" aka Black panther contesting for best pictures, and all the PO bs where people get nominated because "me too" or because they are minority.

  2. You beat me to it Andrew, I was thinking of starting a thread on leaving VIMEO,  after 164 video uploads being a paid member since 2011 they send me dmca notices and some threatening messages of this type:

    > " You have 5 minutes to download your video due to a copyright strike" sent in the dead of night I am in Greece by the way 7 hours time difference from NY.

    >If you do not wish to contest the strikes but are seeking access to your other videos, we are able to place your account into Temporary Access Mode. This will restore your account in a limited capacity for 72 hours so that you are able archive your videos.
    However, there are a few caveats: 

    1) You may only be granted access if you are not filing a formal counter-notification regarding the strikes on your account. 
    2) We can only provide 72 hours of access. Since this is automated, we cannot extend the access period. Any content that wasn’t downloaded may be lost. 
    3) The videos will be restored with a restricted privacy setting. They will be locked and only available to you for archival purposes. They will not be publicly available.
    4) Per our repeat infringement policy, you may not open any additional Vimeo accounts

    So for 3 songs that were in some ancient videos long forgotten not embedded anywhere, one of them Private, they actually HOLD HOSTAGE another 160 videos,.I talked to them and they had the courtesy to allow me to download them over a week but i have to sign off any rights over that..i have left the account in Limbo

    What I see is that they are driving out  all the small creators that used to be the paying backbone of Vimeo, they killed the FORUM where voices of members were heard and they are turning VIMEO into a stock footage video gallery (eeeeek).

    In the meantime WISTIA is way expensive 100 bucks per month, youtube is a temporary solution..



  3. 7 hours ago, wolf33d said:

    Let’s stop speaking all over the web about this joker, that would be a good start.

    Now he became even more famous thanks to media and bloggers posting about him, even if it is negative on him like on your article.

    Reminds me of US elections.....

    I aggree but there is something we can do, there is a pettition to delete his Youtube channel i have already signed it. 


  4. us being born at internet BC and our kids being born with the internet as a "nanny" at internet A.D., my son doesn't watch tv. I have limited his access to youtube after the daddy finger crossover Dino crossover Lighting mcqueen autism inducing videos drive him insane as mentioned above. We filter the crazy, its sad that the next generations view these things as tame. Not at all shocking anymore

    8 hours ago, Germy1979 said:

    If you've ever suffered 5 minutes of Youtube Kids, your "algorithm" statement is completely correct.  Watch Sonic the Hedgehog drive Lightning Mcqueen off a skyscraper 1500 feet onto a farting velociraptor with breasts and Don Johnson loafers...  while "Daddy Finger" repeats in the background. 



    the canon 17-55mm F2.8  could hit the mirror and it also could not focus to  

    i have a moded 85mm FD 1.2 and it cant reach to ∞ because it would break the mirror, 

    if the sigma 18-35mm does take filters its a good choice,since it will work directly no fuss, and with 72mm thread i have the tiffen nd to fit 


    14 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    Speed Booster does not go on the 5D. I am talking about if the lens was used on the GH5 with Speed Booster.

    Meanwhile, I might be looking at a similar lens situation myself as I get back to shooting some Magic Lantern raw.

    andrew and now that the canon Mark 3 is my second cam I can shoot ML raw without stress

  6. Thank you guys, im looking at the sigma lines, every time its the same thing i look all the lenses and end up selling a kidney and buying canon... my options so far are Voigtlander Color Skopar 20mm f/3.5 SL-II and canon EFS 17-55mm f/2.8 

    the sigma 18-35 as proposed by most is unusable where i live I need a vND as the sunlight is scorching everything..

    about the tokinas...well i have managed to stay clear of them all these years! you could use a plastic lens and get better footage.

    i need a wide lens so that i get a 35mm or even standard 50mm when in crop mode 4k

    thank you for all the input!


  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWPyRSURYFQ

    Ok, check some scenes on the cinematography of the 1982 film

    What do you see? Well people have actual skin tones. When I saw the first scenes of the new one I was shocked, mainly because I love Deakins.

    How can he make something look so bad? It reminds me the starwars second trilogy fail. And how can you praise this 'film" not even shot on film.

    Too much CGI! Too much orange/ blue grading. This is not Deakins work, this is the graders film. Not a natural skin tone in sight, not a natural light or color in sight. Every scene looks like a commercial, fake, very proppy, very artificial and lacking in that futuristic reality, everything too clean and new and staged. Poorly designed surroundings no grit no dirt no reality.

    The first film was so fantastic because it looked so real!

    Coming to the acting, dear me, I can forgive the Gosling who is like a replicant in real life anyway. But JARED LETO? that babyfaced ass*&le? Too young too Jokery Too typecasted..

    my humble opinion..

  8. Hi, has anyone tried the Sankor 16C on a full frame camera with a 100mm taking lens?

    I have it on a pentacon 135mm and I am thinking to get a 100mm canon to use it on my Canon but im afraid it will vignette as hell..

    I cant find any footage on a 100mm, although it is said it can be used,

    kind regards 



  9. to get the "film look" over video, try to use less grading and more in camera capturing of the light and color, so as your footage can look beautiful without hours of grading. Never say ill fix it in post...as for all these luts and things i think they tend to look all the same, you should try to create your own coloring look, and i think less is more, if the end footage looks ungraded for me its a win

  10. i cant wait to see the video in low light and the canon gel murkiness, 

    if they have managed to fix those two its good for me, the cropped 4k ok i expected that,

    the price is not that high for profesionnals, the camera can get its money worth with a couple of jobs

    remember the 1DC price?

    On a commercial standpoint, canon is clear you want cinematic cameras feel free to get our C Line....

    I dont blame them, they will not antagonise their own products. 

    as for sony cheap 4k etc...these cameras are not workhorses they fall apart 


  11. vimeo pro for me is the best choice, also somehow my videos stopped getting cut for using commercial music tracks. I dont know if its because im Pro. I can upload whatever i like.

    youtube is a pain for any commercial work. But its a huge marketing tool if you want to reach to the masses.

    so for specific clients i would use a sleek account on Vimeo

    but for tutorials, videocasts or personal work that i would want to get a mass audience i would use youtube


    xxx chris


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