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    Damphousse reacted to Mattias Burling in How I got scammed through "Ebrahim Saadawi"   
    I say it sounds about right. I did a side by side with the D750 and the BMCC 2.5K Raw and the Nikon isn't to far of.
    But I dont think this has jack to do with the topic, total low ball to take the opportunity just because some guy didn't agree on some random spec of a camera.
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    Damphousse reacted to Jimmy in How I got scammed through "Ebrahim Saadawi"   
    At least give him a chance to give his side of the story
    The guy with the facebook post only has 9 posts and the OP 35 posts, yet it is all being taken as gospel (i'm not accusing either of you of lying, but it can happen).... I'm in no way taking sides here, If he did do it ... He deserves plenty of abuse, but think rationally first. It is not too hard to imagine that there are scammers out there who actively seek out these sort of "For Sale" sub forums and hack the account of the person in their country with the highest post number.
    It is also not unfeasable to imagine that someone could get pissed at an online user for something and set up a couple of account to destroy his reputation around the internet. (Again, not accusing the OP here, just playing devil's advocate).
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    Damphousse reacted to DBounce in C300ii has dropped to $12K   
    It's a business, they all do this... Apple, Ford... everyone. Bodies are not investments in hardware, they are investments in your talent. If you want a healthy return on that investment you need to produce paying work.
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    Damphousse reacted to Andrew Reid in 4K RAW 120fps for £3k?! Say hello to the second-hand Canon C500   
    Isn't film and music so very middle-class these days?
    Read the full article
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    Damphousse reacted to Andrew Reid in Turns out people hate being filmed   
    First 4 minutes are hilarious, then I stopped it - does it get a bit repetitive after that? If not then I'll watch the full 50 minutes
    I think in the 90's there wasn't the urge to control our own images quite so much or the suspicion over how the material would be used.
    The internet changed all that and it does make it more difficult to capture a slice of life, documentary style, undetected. People behaving naturally. If you ask them permission, it changes the nature of the footage, it feels stiff and staged.
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    Damphousse reacted to henryp in What bugs me with B&H - Switching to Amazon   
    There seem to be two issues here -- our schedule and deleted product reviews. One at a time. B&H's schedule is on our site at http://www.bhphotovideo.com/find/HelpCenter/HoursOfOperation.jsp.There are two week-long events but in general I think the comment, "many weeks per year" is hyperbole. We appreciate some days we're closed do not conform to mainstream US or Christian holidays but they are unavoidable. We take pains to ensure customers are aware of each event well in advance with notices on our site, our Facebook profile, Twitter, our email newsletters etc. You wrote, "I didn't pay attention..." I am sorry you did not but I do not think it is reasonable to hold that against us. YMMV
    Reviews get vetted by PowerReviews before we get them and are then vetted again by us before they're published. Once they are, anyone can click to flag a review for any reason at all. That immediately takes the review offline until it can be vetted yet again. If you have an issue with one or more particular reviews please email henryp[at]bhphoto.com and I'll be happy to inquire.
    Once upon a time, 20 years ago this may have been true but today our staff is as diverse as NYC itself.
    Some employees are Hasidic; some are non-Hasidic orthodox Jews; some are less observant or non-observant Jews. Some are Christians or Muslims or
    Zoroastrians. At least one is an outspoken atheist. There's no "reserve in NJ." There are communities in NJ and in suburban NY and in Brooklyn where like minded families tend to live near one another for support and convenience. The buses are run by a private company with no relationship to B&H or to our management. Some smart person saw a business opportunity and began a bus service. Anyone who wishes can by a one-day or monthly ticket and ride. I don't but I'm the atheist and I don't live near the bus routes so I use Metro-North. Regarding Christian holidays, we're closed Christmas Day.
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    Damphousse reacted to The Chris in The elephant in the room. Sony's operating income increased by 72,7%   
    Sony now includes its medical division in Imaging, Canon, Olympus and others do not. From the report:
    "In addition, the medical business, previously included in All Other, is now included in the IP&S segment as a result of a change in the Corporate Executive Officer in charge of the medical business. "
    Those numbers don't look all that great next to Canon. But the SAR guy obviously doesn't bother to read the report, he just goes for clickbait. 
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    Damphousse reacted to Andrew Reid in Not just vinyl for hipsters! The return of Ultra Panavision 70! Film is back with a vengeance and Tarantino has a behind the scenes look for us   
    For his upcoming snowy western Tarantino unearthed special cameras and 1.25x anamorphic lenses at Panavision which hadn't seen the light of day since 1965.
    The film was shot on 65mm film and will get a 'Roadshow' release on Christmas day in amazing 70mm.
    Read the full article
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    Damphousse reacted to maxotics in Steve Jobs on Xerox PARC - this video explains EXACTLY why photography companies are failing to innovate with consumer cameras   
    Having lived through the PC/MAC years I don't remember it as a slam-dunk.  Keep in mind that Gates did the same thing with IBM.  Hindsight for all this is 20/20.  
    I see the opposite with modern cameras.  What they've been able to achieve in the past 10 years is nothing short of astounding to me.  When I get into film in 1970s, the technology had been more or less the same for 40 years, the high end being 16mm and low-end 8mm.  Think about that, if the tech we were using today was petty much the same as what we were using in 1975!  Yet, I have a Panasonic LX100 in my bag that shoots as well as, if not better, than the quarter-million dollar cameras in "Phantom Menace" 15 years ago.  
    Better WiFi would be nice, but keep in mind that an app can't access the password to the wireless network and the only real solution is to build a second transmitter and that's not up to the camera companies (it's up to the smartphone makers).  That it works at all, given the constraints, is to be applauded.
    The number one problem all cameras make is light sensitivity (as it was in film).  Software can only do so much.  Anyway, there is a rich ecosystem of camera software out there, though not from the camera makers.  Building cameras and building software are two different skill-sets, IMHO.
    The biggest problem today is people don't spend the time to experiment and learn how to use the technology they have.  Most people put whatever gadget they have on "auto."  There needs to be more respect, love, and FUN with THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY/FILM.
    This blog does a great job at that, except when it looks at the glass as half-full and gets into arm-chair business discussions that are better left to the nit-wit junior financial analysts down in The City
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    Damphousse reacted to Glenn Thomas in Steve Jobs on Xerox PARC - this video explains EXACTLY why photography companies are failing to innovate with consumer cameras   
    What's ironic here is that Apple are now the company with the monopoly in many markets who are no longer innovating. Look at what Microsoft are doing. They have one streamlined OS that works across all devices from phones, tablets to desktops. They've just released new phones (Lumia 950 & 950 XL) that you can connect a mouse, keyboard & monitor to, and use as a full functioning computer with desktop apps. Their Surface range also continues to get better and better. Of course, they also have that Hololens technology that looks quite impressive from the demos I've seen.
    And what do Apple release? A big iPad with what is essentially the same OS as what the original iphone was running back when it was first released.
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    Damphousse reacted to douglaurent in Steve Jobs on Xerox PARC - this video explains EXACTLY why photography companies are failing to innovate with consumer cameras   
    I don't agree with this blog entry.  Canon for example has all the technology to build perfect and modern cameras.  The only thing you can criticize is that they limit the specs of their products to make people buy 2-4 different instead of 1 cameras, and try to set the prices as high as possible.  This is exactly what Apple is doing!!!  It's all capitalism and strategies of big companies with decision makers that are not complete idiots. 
    I don't think camera companies have problems to sell their product because of a lack innovation, more likely it's the competition of smartphones and the consumer's old exisiting DLSR's that are still enough for them for years to come!
    In hindsight, even Apple had only detail innovations in all their product series over the years.  They don't give you an open file system in an iPad (which makes no sense at all) and won't do that until they lose significant market share.  I will not upgrade my iPad2 until they do that.
    If you look back from the year 2020, then probably Canon and Nikon came out with a GH4 and A7R2 competitor probably 3 years later than Pansonic and Sony.  But so what?  Mercedes just did release a competitor to the BMW X6 more than 7 years later.   In former decades it wasn't like Nikon came out with an answer to a Canon innovation 3 months later, it took years.  People are just too impatient now.  
    Other than that of course I am also happy if the perfect camera is out tomorrow for little money.  But a wish doesnt always become reality.
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    Damphousse reacted to Mattias Burling in Is Samsung shutting down their camera business?   
    That they did. No doubt in my mind.
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    Damphousse reacted to Mattias Burling in Is Samsung shutting down their camera business?   
    Just checked the top 100 most popular cameras currently at B&H. Not the Nx1 nor the NX500 are in it.
    Number one is a 1 year old camera and the 5dmiii is still in the top.
    Even the NX30 and Lytro made top 100.
    That was top Digital Cameras. If we look at mirrorless system cameras its in 51place.
    Just to give you an idea of how small of a player Samsung is in this game.
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    Damphousse reacted to neosushi in Is Samsung shutting down their camera business?   
    Well problem is the resale value if samsung shuts down the business...
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    Damphousse reacted to Mattias Burling in Canon Q3 profits down 21%. Where to now?   
    Nope that's not worth pointing out one single bit.  
    Please link to a forum where I have claimed that its so.
    All I said was that I don't believe that 90% of all cameras sold goes to a person that has grand children.

    Either way Tug, Im sorry, but you have reached the status of a "Troll" in my book quite some time ago so I wont debate you. No point since you only read what you want and dismiss facts with your own guesses. I just don't care enough to spend the time.
    Where I live the big "Best Buy" type of stores carry Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and Fuji. But they are just not selling very well. Not to mention the used prices. I bought the NX1 when it was pretty new. My regular store gave me 20% discount just to try and get the sales going. Now they have stopped carrying it all together.
    The smaller Panasonics like the gm1 and gx7 are selling well now when they are just under $300. Same with the E-M5.
    I remember the Sony Nex-5t also got a boost at the $170 with lens sale just before it got taken of shelves.
    So I think those US stores are simply playing it safe. Inventory costs money and why bother when DSLRs are still selling just fine.
    Either way its great for me that can buy cheap gear. The little GM1 I picked up is a great house camera that we use for all kinds of stuff.
    Im also seeing an E-M10ii when it hits 50% of its current price. Should be before spring. 
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    Damphousse reacted to sondreg in Is Samsung shutting down their camera business?   
    Translation is wrong - it literally says they won't order any more once they run out of stock because they are no longer "committed" to selling their stuff.
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    Damphousse reacted to kaylee in B&H Photo - largest seller of camera gear in USA exploits workers   
    you guys are boycotting apple too right
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    Damphousse reacted to richg101 in iPhone 6S beats D750 for video   
    No amount of resolution can make up for the grain of rice sensor and the associated boring aesthetic it delivers.  I'd take 720p and some dof control over 8k from an iphone  
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    Damphousse reacted to jgharding in iPhone 6S beats D750 for video   
    Personally I'm not provoked by the iPhone, in fact I use it sometimes for quick shots on professional shoots.
    The thing that provokes me is using misleading titles as clickbait, which in turn serves to misinform those who are learning.
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    Damphousse reacted to jgharding in iPhone 6S beats D750 for video   
    That is some grotesque magentaface grading... it looks like what happens if you start with Sony colour, then move the colourwheels by using dice and whiskey to make your decisions.
    On the original subject I actually use the iPhone for little pickups and stuff, it's pretty good for that. In that way it's more useful than a Nikon SLR! The original video title is just clickbait though
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    Damphousse reacted to Don Kotlos in iPhone 6S beats D750 for video   
    "Anyone who sets out to shoot a film on an iPhone rather than a proper camera is simply doing it because they are either very silly or want to attract publicity for their film. Proper cameras that shoot wonderful video are so bloody cheap these days, there is no excuse. Shooting video properly with an iPhone is a right pain in the bum." 
    by Philip Bloom
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    Damphousse reacted to Cinegain in Which lens should I get for the Lumix G7?   
    Wait. lol. Now I get it. Darn diggety dang it.
    I read it like 'offa' instead of 'off from'.
    - btw. No kangaroos.
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    Damphousse reacted to TheRenaissanceMan in First test with my Panasonic G7   
    Same here! with the BMPCC as a compliment, I think the G7 will satisfy my need for 4K and stills. I can even buy a nice lens or an Olympus camera if I'm craving IBIS and still spend less than I would've on a used GH4. Here's what I posted in the V-LOG topic:
    According to a couple of long, rambling threads on DVX User, what I've gathered is that the GH4 has some sort of inherent problem with its processing that causes this magenta/green splotching/accuracy issue. Apparently, this problem is present in all the GH4's profiles to some degree, but the data pushing from encoding and grading from LOG hugely exacerbates it. My understanding is that these color errors occur at the processing level and before compression, so while 10-bit recording reduces compression and helps make the footage more pliable, it doesn't solve the underlying problem. 

    I have to wonder if the G7 would experience this too. Its low-light processing seems to be much improved from the GH4's, and creates far less splotchy color artefacts. 

    See the low light samples in this review: http://www.cameralabs.com/reviews/Panasonic_Lumix_G7/
    Check out the comparison with the GH4 at 5:45: http://dslrvideoshooter.com/panasonic-gh4-vs-g7-video-review/
    And Brandon's high ISO samples at the bottom of the page: http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?337827-g7-vs-gh4/page4
    I wonder if they could improve the GH4's performance by offering the new NR algorithm as a firmware update or something. Maybe it's part of the underlying hardware or LSI. I don't know. But it reminds me of the G6's massive noise advantage over the GH2, despite using the same sensor (and actually reading less of it in video mode). 

    After this V-LOG update, I had my heart set on upgrading to the GH4, but if the G7 is this much better with noise and $400 in the bargain, it seems like a no brainer. Shame, because I already have the batteries and whatnot from my GH3. :/
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    Damphousse reacted to Mattias Burling in First test with my Panasonic G7   
    Its nice and small. Very well built. The image is nice if just a bit brittle and the 100Mbps feels limiting.
    The screen is nice, EVF is ok, price is great.
    So far it feels like a solid c-cam/still cam.
    I hate that you often need to double tap record to get it to start (might be a setting, haven't had time to check).
    4K Frame

    Here is my first dirty test, just used vintage glas. No real grading just quick fiddle with curves, LUTs and some presets.
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    Damphousse reacted to Mattias Burling in IR and ND filters for Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera   
    I agree, but both Brawley and Kholi have tested the SLR Magic and said that they find it better than the Tiffen that pretty much won Dougdales test.
    I bought my Genus based on his testing but if I was to redo it today I would go SLR Magic.
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