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  1. The PeauPro87 is interesting. Thanks for bringing it up. One concern I have is they don't have much good footage demonstrating the results of the mod. I'll definitely keep my eye out for more footage though. I'm intrigued. How about a GoPro HERO6 Black? The image quality will be much better. If I were you I would look at some comparison videos. I have NEVER liked GoPros because their image quality sucked. But I think the tech has finally matured to the point in decent light you can get some good footage. For the first time I am seriously looking at a GoPro camera. Which reminds me I need to update my Gopro stock thread.
  2. You don't necessarily need a model release for videos with people. Some sites don't require them. The clips can be used for editorial work. I find a lot of sites sell royalty free clips for a set price. That's why I like photo. You can sell photos rights managed and the price goes way up for advertising vs editorial. Fixed price royalty free kind of sucks. Gear certainly matters! But you can take an 8 year old Canon Rebel and create 4k time lapses with it. And 8 bit is okay. So if you have an 8 bit 4k camera go out and shoot. I just encourage people to go out and shoot creatively with what they have and see how it goes. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on gear if you are going to just give up in a few months. Shoot with what you have and see whether stock shooting is for you. If you like it then you can upgrade. As has been mentioned with the BMPCC 4k coming out the stock video game is going to level up in a few months.
  3. Yeah, the majority has been positive. I just got rubbed the wrong way by some of the complaints about the full size HDMI, the USB-C that outputs raw, and the front button placement. No one is forcing anyone to use any of those options. You can ignore all of them and have a perfectly fine $1,000 4k raw recording camera. If Blackmagic throws in an extra button for free and someone doesn't like it they can just ignore it. Screaming vloggers shouldn't use this camera is ridiculous.
  4. What camera do you own now? You could do time lapse photography and make 4k movies from that. Stock video sites certainly do accept 8 bit 1080p footage. I suppose if you are going to shoot a bunch of footage it might be best to future proof your work. Honestly though I would have to check to see if they even accept 10 bit footage. Due to space constraints some may not. These clips are going a few seconds long. As others have stated broadcasters and Netflix have stringent requirements for A cams but B and C cams that are used much less have more latitude and a 10 second clip? LOTR used a crappy Gopro for a few seconds. So some 1080p clips aren't a problem. I don't know where you live but just because the place looks nice doesn't mean clips will sell. If you are shooting on spec get ready for a less than minimum wage payout. Unlike photographs I haven't found an easily accessible site that sells stock video footage for a reasonable price. I've sold pictures for $800+ as a hobbyist. Usually prices are a lot lower for editorial stuff but $500 sales happen from time to time for advertising. But that assumes a model and property release depending on which is applicable.
  5. The absurdity of the complaints tells me this camera is going to be a hit. People really expect a $1,000 camera to have SDI ports?! There are complaints because for $1,000 a USB C port that outputs raw is tossed in just for fun?! My how times have changed. Looking back at what people were begging for three years ago I am rolling with laughter with the critiques in this thread. If you don't want the camera don't buy it. But please stop pretending this thing isn't damn near perfect. Honestly if I were the people at Blackmagic I would tell a bunch of people to f off. This camera is totally unprecedented. They've given you the codecs and the ports. It is up to you to figure out some hacks to make it work just the way you would like.
  6. I did something similar on the original BMPCC with a straight connector for power. Put the camera in a cage and clamped the connector in place. Never touched the camera port after that.
  7. Agreed. For whatever reason there are a lot of documentaries out there that look like crap. I suppose some of them were shot years ago before the large sensor camera thing really came into its own. I do cringe a lot when I watch documentary stuff these days. It's embarrassing. You can pick up a sub $1,000 camera and get excellent result. There is just no excuse anymore for this type of stuff.
  8. I have no idea. I don't take that kind of thing personally. I was just shocked because I did quite a bit of research including listening to A/B comparisons before I purchased. It wasn't a snap decision. As far as the mark I is concerned build quality is irrelevant. I was being denigrated based on sound. And I am not a pro. I have never managed to break any of my audio or visual equipment. Neither have I ever made a claim that my consumer stuff is designed to stand up to the same abuse as all metal pro gear. Battery is irrelevant. I have never used the MK I with an internal battery. I run my BMPCC and my MK I off the same consumer grade Anker battery. I put the battery in a pocket and run long cables to the camera and recorder. No need for even a cage. I do have a cage though just to protect the BMPCC ports. Digital steps? Not an issue. I'm not a pro. I'm a one man band. I don't sit there and constantly ride the gain during a take. I set it and have a back up track. I also mostly record human voice with a bit of ambient noise from time to time. As all the reviews state the digital step isn't a problem with human voice unless they are singing and your ride it hard. And price? Well you are working with no information. You have no idea how much I paid for the DR 60D MK I. It was HALF the current going price of the DR-70D my friend. No idea where you got that 35 Euros number. I haven't bought anything in Euros in years. And anyway it doesn't matter what you think about Tascam. I trust my own ears and the majority of the people replying in this thread. I mean I understand the idea of pro gear. But I also understand the idea of diminishing returns. I understand that all metal, geared, clickless aperture, similar sized cinema lenses are going to cost way more than consumer lenses even if they aren't noticeably sharper. I don't think cinema lenses are over priced but I also don't think consumer lenses like Canon's sub $100 nifty fifty are unusable trash. There are different tools for different jobs but let's not get hyperbolic.
  9. Not surprising. I've pointed out ludicrous things numerous times on this forum. I refer you to just about any NX1 fanboi thread. Nice camera but I predicted its demise well in advance... and even now when it is dead people still keep talking about a second coming. Size of the hybrid market is also constantly way over estimated. I've discussed this numerous times, but some people just want to believe the majority of people are just itching to ditch their iphone and get a hybrid mirrorless camera, a third party lens adapter, and spend hours trolling ebay for vintage glass. I could go on and on. People figure out what they like and then extrapolate a nutty theory from that.
  10. Is that how patents work? So you can patent something and never use it and sue anyone who ever does?! That doesn't sound correct. There are a lot of companies that infringe on other companies' patents and a lot of the time they just come to some type of licensing agreement. http://www.ipglossary.com/glossary/blocking-patent/
  11. I'm a Tascam DR60D MK I user. Seems the DR60D is the most popular series here. It's funny in another thread awhile ago a sound snob told me flat out I wasn't serious about audio because I used a DR60D! I guess he wanted me to pair a $2,000 recorder with my $500 camera! I've listened to reviews for a bunch of sound records from cheap to painfully expensive and you really have to spend a chunk of change to get a noticeable difference above the DR60D. That money is better spent on microphones.
  12. That's kind of a nebulous statement. Who knows what will happen 20 years from now. Maybe they will be back. Anything is possible. But as for right now? I doubt they are going to be back any time soon. Consumer electronics is a rough business. I said it for years that the camera market couldn't support so many players... at least not profitably. And I certainly called out the issues with Samsung while a small but vocal group of people were fanboing the NX1. As I predicted Samsung exited the interchangable lens party in short order. Now the BMPCC 4k is months away from launch. If they couldn't last with the NX1 years ago they certainly aren't going to last very long in a post BMPCC 4k world. $1,300 with full Resolve, raw, false color, recording via USB C, 5 inch touch screen, etc? SLRs have always been a niche thing. It's not like in the 80s a quarter of households had a Canon or Nikon SLR and a couple of lenses. I don't know why people think just because these cameras are digital the majority of people are even interested in them. People with smartphones have no desire to go out and get some bulky (yes even mirrorless is bulky) device for $1,499 and pay through the nose for some lenses just to take pictures. Given a choice between that and and a couple of iphones, an ipad, and a netflix subscribtion for a year we know where the money is going to go. How many single items do most people commit $1,500+ dollars to?! House, car, maybe TV (if they are a guy). Well I guess Apple fanbois buy overpriced laptops and desktops for that much but most people don't spend $1,500 at a go on one item. Agreed.
  13. Well it is objectively an extremely slow lens. f/5.6 on the "long" end. I can't think of any legendary f/3.5-5.6 lenses. If you are looking for low light or shallow depth of field this isn't the lens for you. And considering the in camera processing that Panasonic assumes with many of their lenses performance is sure to suffer on a Blackmagic camera that doesn't do that processing. I have the cheaper longer version of that lens. I only used it a couple of times before I bought a speedbooster and used my Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS. I don't know about the version he linked to but reviews I've seen recommend using smaller apertures for consistent sharpness with heaps of praise at f/8 for my version. So f/8 on m43. Say bye to low light and shallow DOF. I've hung onto my so I could theoretically use it as a walk around lens. I guess I will do some landscape stuff with it with the BMPCC 4k while I figure out my lens strategy.
  14. Whoa! I'm no Apple fanboi. In fact I am quite the opposite. But consumer protections vary from country to country and state to state in the United States. I'm not so sure there are laws everywhere that say a company has to repair something free of cost outside of the warranty period. That may work in the UK but I have my doubts about the US. Also one year warranties for consumer electronics is pretty standard in the US. Apple unfortunately is not an outlier. I have to say if I were to blow thousands of dollars on an Apple computer I would pony up a few more dollars and get Applecare and extend the warranty. If those guys had just done that they would be fine. No sense complaining on the internet. Applecare covers accidental damage too. If you really have a mission critical "pro" piece of hardware you pay for the extended warranty and the accidental damage coverage. It's a freakin' tax write off!
  15. Good to know. I have a kit panny lens but never used it much. I promptly got the BMPCC specific EF speedbooster and just used my Canon lenses. I don't like the whole adapter thing and it was kind of dumb to let in all that light with the speedbooster and then have to put on a crazy heavy ND filter but I liked working with a more s35 field of view. I may follow your lead and get a c-mount or Voigt as a compact walk around solution. I still have that crappy kit lens so I'll play with that till I make my decision. I haven't preordered yet so I guess I will get my camera in Summer 2019!
  16. Really? Hasselblad's pixels are 5.3 micron. This things pixels are 75 micron. Base ISO is 2,100! Microlenses are not without their issues. I like B&W pictures. I can't say I care for B&W movies though. I wonder what the performance is for the color version. Could be interesting for architectural videos. I just wonder if this adds anything to a s35 setup with a tilt shift lens. Cost is going to be a big factor since this thing is only 12 megapixels. I mean by the time you lug around an 8x10 view camera might as well just shoot film. What you will get with film would blow a 12 megapixel camera out of the water.
  17. Just a heads up m43 lenses can have some issues. They cut corners when they design them and then the camera bodies do an on the fly correction to the image before it is written to the SD card. Since the BMPCC 4k doesn't do these in camera corrections your results will not match what comes out of a GH5 or whatever. Obviously quality varies from lens to lens. Some are rated pretty well even without the image correcting interpolation... others... well not as well. Each lens will require research.
  18. Just glad a nonnative English speaker pointed that out. I didn't want to touch it. At least he is trying to speak my language. The OP is Swedish so the slang mangling is to be expected. Nice effort though. Wow. If they are that clueless it must be a joy to work there as a brown person... or if you are under 50 years old! On a side note... the former CEO was black. I assume no one ran their urban outreach program past him... or anyone under 50.
  19. I bought my pocket new for less than $500 so this type of pricing is not unprecedented. It is an unbelievable deal... so people keep not believing which is fine. More deals for me. Price. Panasonic GH camera price goes up, up, up with each iteration. Currently the GH5 is $2,000 at reputable retailers with no Davinci Resolve. GH5s with no internal raw is $2,500. Add internal Raw? Say hello $3,000. Sure the GH series has certain features some people will really want but for me $1,300 with full Resolve is a much better deal. My depreciation on the camera after years of use will be a few hundred dollars at most. Panny? Thousands. All those cameras will have their markets but $1,300 is hard to beat. You can use the IS on Canon lenses with a speedbooster. That is what I do with my BMPCC. I also use tripods. I am in the market for a monopod. A gimble is also in my future. IBIS does not trounce raw for me, and I suspect many people share that sentiment. It is amazing how internal raw was the holy grail for half a decade and now people are treating it like trash. IBIS is great. But it is not the top feature for everyone. I have a BMPCC and besides crappy AF literally none of that affected my shooting. Wifi?! Really?! Alfred Hitchcock is rolling over in his grave. A film student saying they can't make a film because... ya know... no wifi! Full Davinci Resolve and internal raw DCI 4k for $1,300... and this is the complaint list?! I've never seen a Panasonic GH camera at any photo retailer in the cities I've lived in. I've posted about this numerous times. Most people aren't even aware of the Panasonic GH series. You go into a retailer it is all Canon and Nikon with a bit of Sony tossed in there. Some random Panny stuff shows up but the high end Sony and Panny stuff is nowhere to be seen. Everywhere reputable that sells Panny GH also sells Blackmagic.
  20. The camera does not work without the Resolve Studio. The free version cannot handle all the resolutions. I don't know how many times this needs to be repeated. If they sold it without Resolve Studio there would be a bunch of people screaming they got ripped off because the free version of Resolve doesn't work with the BMPCC 4k's high resolution footage. Seriously guys. Quit complaining. Sell your Resolve dongle on ebay for $200 and move on. This is nothing like a cable company charging you $80 in perpetuity. Companies have to do what will cause the least amount of post purchase anger. If they sold it with the free version of Resolve they would be excoriated. Plus this low price and bundle may be a way of boosting the amount of full versions of Resolve out there. They may be making a profit on the BMPCC 4k but they may also be using it as a vehicle to get wider acceptance of Resolve as a complete editing and color suite. I believe the original pocket was their best selling camera ever. Piggybacking some software sales on to that seems like a smart marketing strategy.
  21. Yeah, I simply don't understand the need for this Prores raw thing. I don't see what it adds compared to compressed Cinema DNG. Yeah... Just pointless.
  22. No. You need the included full feature version of Resolve to use the camera fully. The free version of Resolve does not work with all the resolutions this camera has.
  23. So will the atrocious rolling shutter. No free lunch.
  24. Lol. No prob. Happens to me all the time. I am such a US centric person I tend to be stuck in that mode and overlook the fact a lot of people don't benefit from our wonderful retail environment. The US has a lot of problems but the retail is SOLID.
  25. The guy is outside the US. Super shady.
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