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  1. From your link... Makes sense to me. I really don't see the problem. DP Review says it is the lowest launch price they have ever seen for a DSLR. The actually retail price a few months out during Black Friday will be even lower. As Mattais indicated buying cameras for full price at launch is a personal choice. I wait for the inevitable price drop. I'm sure I could get a better deal on my groceries. I see stories all the time of people getting $100 worth of stuff from the grocery store for $5. They clip coupons and stack them and find out what is on special, etc, etc. They probably look at you and me like idiots. For some people they get great deals on cameras. For me it is clothes. Some other people it is groceries. There are not enough hours in the day for everyone to be good at all three. Funny story. I remember when the BMPCC came out at $999. I said that was too high for my purposes. I could list for you all the people in this thread who jumped down my throat and said I didn't know what I was talking about. Well I was very happy to pick up the BMPCC for $499 simply by just waiting patiently. I could sit here all day analyzing $150K sports cars and $5 shirts from Walmart. But you know what? It would be a complete waste of time because I am not the target market for that stuff and I don't know a thing about it nor do I know a thing about the lives of people who buy that stuff. It is totally okay to say, "I don't know," and just move on. We don't have to comment on everything. Otherwise there would be a section of the forum dedicated to point and shoots.
  2. That is hilarious. My jaw hit the floor when I saw 8k. Unless I was shooting a big budget motion picture I couldn't imagine any use for something like that. The vast majority of people don't even have 4k displays. Okay. Well that Red stuff is out of the question. C300II is possible depending on my needs at work. I'm not a video pro but if I can buy a camera for work I can save some dough outsourcing and also get a tax break. If I can then also rent it out that makes it a lot more plausible. The Red cameras are too expensive and I don't have a crew. I need something easy to work with. Well the C300II will probably have another multithousand dollar reduction before I'm even in a position to pull the trigger. The rental thing just takes the edge of the deprecation pain.
  3. It isn't a get rich quick scheme but I use stock agencies for photography and video. I haven't uploaded in awhile because it is laborious. I just upload pictures and videos from vacations or whatever. Although it is kind of random what sells. Obviously even if you have a pretty good picture of the Eiffel Tower it is doubtful it will sell. But if you have a decent picture of some random thing that someone needs a picture of it will sell. I enjoyed reading your post. I own(ed) a bunch of those cameras. I actually sold a couple of video clips from my 50D raw days. I turned around and sold the 50D for the same price I bought it for after a few months. I found it too fiddly. But overall I was net cash positive from the experience. I don't make much. But sporadically I will get a check for $50 or a few hundred dollars depending on what the picture or video is used for. Very, very rarely four figure situations drop in your lap. Months go by with no sales. I only have a small collection. I really should upload more. It is funny though. I still have sales of images taken with an eight megapixel Canon rebel from my teenage days. I sell BMPCC 1080p clips as well. I've been denigrated by many a pixel peeper on this forum for my 1080p camera and taking pictures with a T3i. Funny thing though is the checks still keep coming in. I don't really want to contradict anyone but my real world experience is if I go out and get in demand content and shoot it well people will buy T3i pictures for ad campaigns and BMPCC output for their video productions. Sure if money was no object I would be rocking a C series camera and a full frame Canon DSLR.
  4. damn... What camera do you think one should buy if you want to do decent business renting it out?
  5. It's been that way for years. Video snobs just can be bothered to even do cursory market analysis. I've said it before and I'll say it again I don't know anyone who uses are large sensor camera for video. Actually I don't know anyone who would use anything more than a smartphone for video. I also don't know anyone who owns a 4k TV. I've sold thousands of dollars of video and photography all via online and I have never purchased a camera that costs more than $500. I suppose my BMPCC once I bought the speedbooster and camera cage costed more than $1,000. What I'm trying to say is there are plenty of hobbyists like me who buy sub $1,000 gear and have a lot of fun with it and some of us even make a little money on the side. I come from the photography world where bodies are disposable. I save my money for lenses. An $800 APSC camera with DPAF and downscaled 4k from the entire sensor in a reasonable codec would be a very natural fit for me. I would sell plenty of work from my hobby with that. And frankly it wouldn't stop me from buying a C300 mk II if I needed to do video for my day job. Maybe Canon fears losing some C100 sales. But honestly if I had to do this on a schedule for clients on a mission critical project I wouldn't fool around... C series all the way. Although you do need a good mirroless option for time lapse. Interesting that you mentioned the G7. Once I read about the crop of the Canon m50 I immediately thought of the Panasonic G7. You can pick those up on ebay for less than $500 new. Why would one purchase this Canon vs the G7? Canon colors, APSC for photo, already own Canon lenses?
  6. Those are two very different things. Other than over the air broadcast television which the government has mandated to be of a certain quality everything else is subject to heavy compression. Maybe at some point in the future they will come up with better compression algorithms but until then just about anything you see on TV other than over the air broadcast is going to have an unacceptable amount of compression artifacts... and broadcast ain't perfect either. It's just most of the time it is the best of the worst. It is what it is, but there is simply no way you can work backwards from a lossy compressed final output and start commenting on the rest of the pipeline all the way back to the camera and the DP's brain. I see banding all the time on Netflix. That is one of the reasons I find 4k and HDR so baffling. Can we get at least broadcast quality 1080i first?!
  7. It could be as big as a house and there would be a decent chance it is crippled in some inane way. Those are two entirely separate issues. True there could be some legit limitations but the past has shown us there is a decent chance there will also be some illegitimate limitations.
  8. Let's wait till we see the image before we declare it is 4k. Canon is synonymous with line skipping chicanery.
  9. I don't know anyone that owns a 4k television. https://www.cedmagazine.com/data-focus/2017/05/cta-survey-shows-4k-uhd-tv-ownership-rise-united-states There are tons of 4k televisions for sale and it seems to me they are fazing out HD televisions at least for the medium to high end. I think pretty much all decent TVs that are being sold now are 4k. The problem is most people buy TVs so rarely. True, but no one questions Canon's camera division profitability. I can walk into multiple local stores if I need to do a channel check on Canon. The same due diligence on Panasonic, Fuji, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, etc will make you want to put on a green visor and start digging through Q's and K's to find out what is really going on.
  10. At no point in this thread did I tell you what to do with your money. Why on earth are you being so abusive? This is a hobby for me. Seriously. WTF?! Declining, at this time, to purchase a $1,200 TV for a HOBBY is not considered aberrant behavior or in any way worthy of such a tirade. You need to step back and get some perspective. 1) I shoot BMPCC raw so I don't know what your think I am missing out on "creatively". I am not going to buy an Alexa. 2) I do not live in a "shithole country". Where I live the capitalists are pushing 4k and HDR TVs everywhere. I do not need to purchase every TV first before I can make an informed decision. I can just go buy some milk and walk past a wall of your precious HDR TVs. Me waiting to buy an HDR TV is not a threat to you.
  11. Damn! That warranty though... https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2018/2/20/17031256/worlds-largest-ssd-drive-samsung-30-terabyte-pm1643 Get comfortable with 8k kids. It's coming! Every excuse that comes up keeps getting eliminated.
  12. Maybe. Or it could just be a bullet in their own foot. We will see.
  13. Inaccurate things have been posted in this thread... Let me be clear. I am not here to talk anyone out of buying an HDR TV. It is your money and your choice. If I HAD to buy a new TV today I would definitely be taking a hard look at the technology. Considering we just made the unimaginable switch from analog to digital TV broadcast a few years ago I wouldn't bet any tech will ALWAYS be with us. The whole point of highlighting the HLG comment is there is no HLG content now and no concrete plans for it in the immediate future here in the US. I can wait for the format stuff to get ironed out and prices to come down. What is the point of me rushing to buy a HLG TV when there is no HLG content? What bothers me is the inaccurate information posted. Usually a legit point of view speaks for itself. There is no need to mislead. That is your opinion. It certainly isn't a fact. VHS had so many issues other than the image quality. Those things were bulky clumsy contraptions that were prone to mechanical failure. If there is something I am not understanding or I am mistaken about I do appreciate education and clarification. But I think you guys have really misrepresented where we are with this emerging tech. I personally don't care but I hate to see people go out and spend their hard earned money and wind up with something different than what they thought.
  14. I want to believe. Unfortunately if past is prologue get ready for some kind of stupid crippling.
  15. Are you serious? https://www.cnet.com/news/all-about-hlg-what-hybrid-log-gamma-means-for-your-tv/
  16. I don't know about that. I'm going to wait until the HDR format war is over. I'm not into buying a new TV every 3-4 years. If someone needs a new TV that's cool, but since my TV is perfectly fine I'm going to wait for this new technology to work out the issues.
  17. 0:55 in on the right side of the frame is where the weirdness happens... jus' sayin'
  18. I think the same thing about construction workers that buy big pick up trucks. I know a lawyer that makes more money than any construction worker I've ever met and he rides a bike to work. Ergo no one should get a pick up truck for work.
  19. I agree with your logic 100%... But, they are also allegedly planning to expand into large screen production. So like other display manufactures they may want to get as many high "k" shooting tools out their to drive demand for their displays. But yeah. The average person does not have the home setup to deal with editing 4k... let alone dealing with 8k. If they did it at a reasonable price I would be interested. Down sampling 8k to excellent 4k would be amazing. We are reaching the limits of resolutions just based on the average size of people's homes.
  20. Even third world countries have all digital TV. Who in their right mind would watch analog TV in 2018? For the vast majority of consumers out there their clearest, least compressed, most high resolution image available is government mandated digital TV. The sad thing is most people don't even realize it. When I cut the cord and put my antenna up I was shocked at how much better the government mandated free option is compared to the oligarchy satellite or cable option. I've never actually heard anyone complain about digital broadcast TV. If indeed any business resisted this I am glad if the government put them out of business. Lol. Someone was winding you up. TV stations happily broadcast digital AND analog simultaneously for YEARS. It wasn't an overnight thing. http://articles.latimes.com/1997/aug/04/business/fi-19226 I doubt that is true. There is consolidation across the economy and widening pay disparity. The trends with local TV stations match up perfectly with the trends across the entire economy and in the media sector specifically. There is this thing called the internet and it is sucking up ad dollars. Revenue across all traditional media is down. And as far as consolidation is concerned welcome to America... https://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-incredible-shrinking-stock-market-is-bad-news-for-this-type-of-investor-2017-06-09 It's funny. This phenomenon was happening right under our noses but most of us couldn't step back and see the big picture. People come up with explanations they understand given their narrow life experience, but in fact the phenomenon is happening throughout the entire economy. Networks are nowhere near bankrupt. They are some of the most sought after assets in the stock market. Hardware producers are a commodity. Look at the fate of once mighty Cisco. Content is king. And the government's role? If I were you I would be concerned about the current administration rolling back decades of regulation and allowing unprecedented levels of consolidation and shuttering of local stations... https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/25/technology/fcc-media-ownership-rules.html President Bush signed a law that prevented these types of mergers. The government was the only thing standing in the way of this mega merger and the shuttering of a bunch of local studios. But with one election that all got swept away.
  21. I got ripped off! Lol. Actually I don't think that was out when I bought the Canon. Damn. I wonder what the optical quality is like? And the image stabilization. The Canon is supposed to be pretty good.
  22. I don't believe you. Women do not behave that way.
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