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  1. Gopro popped 6% today on buyout rumors. We could be seeing the beginning of the end of this company as a stand alone entity.
  2. I am definitely getting a BMPCC 4k but I could still see myself buying some kind of C camera like the C300 mk II or C200. I don't do video for pay but if I can do a little at work and get the tax deduction for purchasing the equipment $7,500 isn't that much. I won't have to do that much internal work to come close to breaking even. Plus by the time I get the BMPCC 4k and use it for a few months to see how it works out the C series cameras I am eyeing will probably have gone down by a thousand or two dollars.
  3. I too have been grading and editing raw files directly on a PC for years. What does this Prores raw bring that is new? Yeah I don't like closed licensed stuff. When Quicktime was dropped on Windows I really didn't appreciate the scramble to reimplement Prores support.
  4. I gave up on hybrid. I have a Canon DSLR and a BMPCC. There was no other way I was going to get Prores and raw 1080p for $500. No new expensive hybrid camera has compelled me to upgrade. Obviously the new BMPCC 4k is now going to be my next camera. I do like that it has photo capabilities but the Canon stays and I will definitely upgrade to some kind of Canon full frame. Once I stopped looking for everything in one camera I relaxed and a lot of possibilities opened up. Obviously you never used the original BMPCC. The raw and prores were solid. You had to spend thousands of dollars to get a new camera that even came close. The BMPCC is the real deal. I thought the GH5 was going to be basically what the BMPCC 4k claims to be. But as you noted for whatever reason it fell far short of the BMPCC. BMPCC files are a pleasure to grade and the noise when it does appear is very film like. There is no macroblocking, harsh highlight roll offs, banding, etc.
  5. I like DaVinci because it is not subscription and it is available in multiple OSes.
  6. I think you summed it up well. This is a watershed moment. Assuming this camera is what we think it is there will really only be refinements going forward. If you can't get it done with this thing it's not the camera that is the problem. Sure the camera is missing Canon's DPAF, IBIS, internal NDs, etc. But two or three years ago nobody was even asking for that stuff (except maybe some people asked for NDs).
  7. I think you know the answer. Most companies don't do a presentation and then open preorders six months in advance so I am not sure what you expect us to compare it to. It is 2018. Blackmagic is a different kind of company. Frankly Blackmagic of 2018 is different from Blackmagic of 2015. People are even getting tripped up comparing it to Blackmagic of five years ago. The product and the company have evolved. What usually happens with these cameras is you get a bunch of rumors of varying quality from different websites and a company that refuses to answer any questions. Blackmagic cut out the BS middle man and has given you a lot of the FACTS. Do you mean to imply you prefer the sketchy rumor route? What Blackmagic is doing is unusual but I don't get the angst. Just treat their announcement like you do the rumor sites and wait six months.
  8. No noise reduction and can't use as high a resolution as full resolve... to just name two issues. There is a full list on the Blackmagic site. I am happy Lite works for you but I had my eye on full Resolve for some time now. No. Not really. I meant I would be interested in hearing people's genuine reasons for using other cameras not just internet fight nonsense. The BMPCC 4k seems like such a no brainer I wonder what I am missing. This is the camera everyone has been asking for six years. If lack of full time autofocus and lack of IBIS are the main complaints then I'm all in. Of course we have to see footage and in depth hands on reviews. But if their claims are true I really don't see any competition for this camera. A C200 can do things this camera can't. A GH5 can do things this camera can't. But those things cost way more. Do NOT do that with a Blackmagic Pocket. The build quality on this new camera looks a lot better but I think you will have many tears if you use it in a situation like that.
  9. I remember a few short years ago all the "pros" made fun of us hobbyists for even talking about autofocus. Now we have a 4k pocket with a decent screen a ton of modern connections, and a bigger sensor and we are now being told lack of AF and IBIS is some fatal flaw! For $1300 with DaVinci Resolve I have no complaints. A tripod or monopod for such a light camera is not a massive inconvenience. And I use IS on my Canon lenses via a speedbooster. It is no substitute for IBIS + IS lenses but it does help a lot with micro jitters. Nontrolls should start a Blackmagic Pocket 4k alternative thread. I would love to see people's analysis on using other cameras. If you exclude the price of DaVinci resolve the GH5 is DOUBLE the price.
  10. The camera game is rough. I feel bad for Panny. I honestly thought about a G7 or something like that just to get a taste of 4k without breaking the bank on a GH5, but then... Blackmagic. This thing is my next filming camera. I will probably get a full frame Canon sometime in the next year for stills but Blackmagic has my video money. I honestly thought about a C series camera but I'll pass for now. I can get the Blackmagic and try that out. Even if I don't like it for some bizarre reason it is only $1,000 (gonna keep Resolve). The depreciation on this camera is going to be minuscule. Sorry C200. I'll let you plummet in price before I look at you.
  11. Canon guy here. Still own a T3i. Bought a BMPCC for video during fire sale because... no brainer. Blackmagic has done it again. I have to see some camera tests to evaluate DR and highlight roll off but I have a feeling this is going to be a winner. I just can't justify buying a different brand of camera. Full Davinci resolve thrown in for giggles?! Amazing.
  12. The uniform level of disappointment with the "pro" line and Apple in general in the comments pretty much tells the tale. I like to read the comments just to do a reality check. I like to see where my assessment is compared to the general population. I don't have vitriol like some of the people posting in the comments but I figured out what was going to happen with the "pro" line a long time ago. It is funny to watch people try and defend this even when Apple themselves says they screwed up... Mistake or not if it works for some people great. But the quirky designs and delayed updates and refreshes should really not come as a surprise to anyone in 2018.
  13. No one said anything about a "delusional side show" and I have no idea what you are a "part of". I get it if you picked today to be angry on the internet to get your rocks off but please do it in some other thread and don't quote me. It is just childish.
  14. Not sure what company you are talking about. This thread is about Apple. And as we all know Apple was not a computer company even before the iphone was introduced they made most of their revenue from the predecessor of the iphone. It was called the ipod. You proved my point. Apple's business is marketing expensive consumer electronics... Well two pieces of consumer electronics in their history to be exact. First the ipod and then the iphone. Everything else has been a side show. So anyone being surprised at the neglect for the professional world is delusional.
  15. Why would anyone buy a professional computer from a phone company? 70% of Apple's revenue comes from iphone. Every other category is single digits. Is anyone surprised they keep jerking pro desktop users around?! I remember all the photographers that standardized on Apple Aperture only to have Apple discontinue it years later. I get it if someone really really wants to use FCPX. But honestly you know who you are dealing with. Some kind of BS is going to happen and it will happen a lot sooner than you think.
  16. After my one and only post in this dumpster fire of a thread I swore I would not post again, but... Damn, girl! That is some funny stuff! At least some good came of this disaster.
  17. This. One of the main rules in business is to under promise and over deliver. If some kid doesn't have time because of soccor practice they shouldn't go on the web stating I can do 4k raw with this or that hacked DSLR/mirrorless camera. All the reactions in this thread are normal and predictable. If this guy really is a student then it is a good learning experience. If I did this at my job I would be fired. There are so many BS rumors, vaporware, and scams out there no one should be surprised by the reactions. And the legal excuse is nonsense. That isn't how the legal system nor the world for that matter works. Go on a thing called youtube. People mod and alter all kinds of things to function in ways the manufacturer never intended. And for a discontinued camera? C'mon.
  18. I love the rants that answer themselves. Saves me the effort of thinking.
  19. I enjoyed "Bright" more. Intellectual sci-fi is a bit of an oxymoron. Really intellectual people tend not to watch sci-fi. And sci-fi fans are not that intellectual. I just didn't get the point of a lot of the movie. It was so slow moving and played waaayyy fast and loose with the actual science. SPOILERS!!!! Also there were no heroes in the movie. Just a bunch of sad people running around. The soldier was the only sympathetic person. There were other sympathetic characters but of the big main characters he was the only one. He got f-cked over and then he committed suicide. I thought the woman was a piece of shit so I couldn't really get emotionally invested in whatever was going on with her. And the end was even weirder than the entire movie. Were we supposed to be happy she was going to spend the rest of her life f-cking ET? I mean I was happy the world wasn't going to get destroyed... presumably. Unless the alien was just doing the Trojan horse thing. It was weird. I didn't care about the main relationship that the whole movie revolved around. I felt bad for the soldier but that was about it.
  20. I think that is a bit ecologically irresponsible. The proliferation of always on or stand by electronic devices in the home is getting ridiculous. Each one might not be a huge draw but across millions of homes? We've had perfectly good nonelectronic ways of looking at art for thousands of years. Reminds me of this... Just some statistics from wikipedia... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standby_power
  21. Thanks. This is going to be down the road. Not right now. But it was nice reading this thread. I was clueless about this stuff.
  22. LX100 is a $650 camera! If my child was getting into photography I would not buy them a small sensor camera. I also wouldn't get them something that locks them into one lens. The basis of every photography class I ever took was 35mm and nifty fifty. End of story. You explored all aspects of shutter speed, aperture, depth of field, etc. Start simple and hammer the basics. After that you can move on to more specialized pieces of hardware for various situations. I don't know where people got their photography training but there are still high schools and community colleges in America that teach film. I can't imagine what someone getting into real photography for the first time would need that this camera doesn't have. Sure 35mm would be nice but that isn't happening below $400. Photography and videography are very different fields. Ansel Adams created timeless art with an 8x10 view camera and film. I would put Ansel Adams work up against any modern photographer using any modern camera of their choice and Ansel Adams would come out on top or certainly be in the running. Bells and whistles are nice but you simply don't need them to get great shots. I get DPAF for video because we can't all have a fully rigged out focus pulling system with a dedicated focus puller following us around. But for photographs? Can't think of too many innovations beyond basic autofocus that are anywhere near that profound. Even 8x10 view cameras don't need a crew to operate so there is no feature that eliminates them.
  23. Sony A7 is an $800 camera! This thing is being announced at $385. I wonder what "feature set" this guy thinks would make a difference. For photography there just aren't that many bells and whistles that matter. You already have APS-C, interchangeable lens, optical viewfinder, ergonomics, and hot shoe. If that isn't enough for you a slightly better screen or 1 or 2 more fps isn't going to make a difference. By the time someone has decided to lug around a DSLR they are on a mission.
  24. Did you read Mattais' post or mine or did you just "ignore" it? ALL of these cameras drop in price after a few months. Body only this thing's announced launch price is $385. A few months down the road on black Friday the price of this camera will be closer to $300 than $400. That's the jumping off point for doing your analysis. It doesn't mean I'm going to buy this camera or the billion other cameras I have spoken about over the years. It means I use real world numbers when I walk down the street and see what is available not some phony aspirational number from a manufacturer or someone making disingenuous arguments on the internet. As far as reviewing and buying this camera, please read my post before replying... We are not the target market for this camera. And after observing the business acumen or lack there of on this forum I don't think there are many businessmen on here. Canon could very well make plenty of money with this camera... or it could be a money losing flop. In America we have a company called GAP. They have at least two other brands. Old Navy is the low end brand and Banana Republic is the higher end brand. I have seen Banana Republic shirts on sale with an additional coupon selling for a few dollars more than Old Navy shirts. It is somewhat unusual but it does happen from time to time. The Old Navy shirts are garbage. I steer clear of them. Banana Republic shirts are high quality. If you pay attention to the business press the Old Navy brand consistently makes more money than the Banana Republic brand. There is example after example like that in business. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/01/gap-q4-2017-earnings.html You guys are clueless about business. And the sad thing is all you have to do is turn on the TV or read something on the internet other than camera snob posts. The price difference between Old Navy and Banana Republic is far narrower than between a 4000D and a 1dX ii. But the quality difference to even the casual observer is far bigger. And yet Old Navy does a tidy business selling their shirts. It would not surprise me if the same is true for Canon. You guys post rants but I really don't know what they are based on. You may think Canon is ripping people off and that this camera has no use case at this price. That's fine. That's your opinion. Hey you might be right. But to declare Canon are idiots and have made a mistake is a bit much. I've seen numerous things that I wrote off as money losing crap that turned out to be moneymakers.
  25. No. I read the whole article. I believe others covered other aspects of the article. In fact it was I who posted the parts that were ignored. Sorry for breaking the echo chamber.
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