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  1. In my last trip to Europe, was shocked to see A LOT of EOS M5 in hands of tourists. Especially in London.
  2. All these references to the 2020 Olympics - do you all really think that a Gh6 would be the camera of choice for the broadcasters?
  3. "Breccia" was the name of the designer that made this (obvious) fake camera. https://***URL removed***/news/9037503969/this-vlogger-is-the-guy-behind-last-week-s-canon-g7-x-mark-iii-hoax
  4. Or sometimes is being just stubborn because of "pride" - Panasonic stated for years that lens OIS was "good enough" before moved to an IBIS solution (and executed it brilliantly - Dual IS is now a very strong reason to prefer Panasonic lenses instead of Olympus). They could keep DFD for S-AF and switch to PDAF for C-AF and tracking - best of both worlds.
  5. Yeap - as far as I know, specially Panasonic is known for supplying cameras with only japanese language available in Japan. Better check the camera's menu before buying.
  6. @BTM_Pix discovery of how to unlock Cinelike-D on the GX85 was one of the most valuable contribuitions ever on this forum.
  7. As a complete amateur (each day even more, filming less... :/), for me the G9 is very interesting too. But still waiting for the G85, GX8 and Olympus E-M5 II sucessors. And keeping an eye in he Fujis and the APS-C Sony line.
  8. About the option to disable sharpening - remember that this camera have an anti-alising filter, hence the sharpness is already a little refrained.
  9. Just want to say that this topic is marked as HOT in the front page. I guess that it corroborates future Panasonic's claims about heat dissipation with this camera. No IBIS for this topic.
  10. About the IBIS: - I even already mocked about the heat issue, and it really could exist. But (as least in my mind, that could easlily be wrong) to scan a 20mp sensor in 60fps probably would generate more heat in the sensor than a 10mp one? Not ot even mention the processing to downsample a 20mp sensor to 4k in real time - in theory, the 10mp sensor probably will have a 1:1 scan, hence less work in the chipset for the encoding. - The elephant in the room is that the A7SIII will probably have IBIS, and 4kp60 too. For a not too much bigger price - and if Sony puts the A9 autofocus system and tweaks their color science (the A7RIII clips already looks better in color terms, I think), a lot of people could wait.
  11. Probably there will be a lot fo PR talking for the reasons to strip IBIS - heat, etc. Reality: to prevent the (not unreasonable) rage from the GH5 owners. They forgot to copy the Sony segmentation to the last step - all guns forward always, no matter what was lauched before.
  12. Just for info, in my case used avidemux with GX85 4K MP4 files, worked flawlessly. But your mileage may vary with other formats.
  13. Sony also announced a press conference for today - and even Sonyalpharumors knows what it is. If they release the A7SIII by surprise today too...
  14. In fact, I'm interested in this camera for stills too - for concert photography, having ISO 6400 and 12800 ISO clean shots is a must (since you generally have to use shutter speeds above 1/360). And 10mp, for web use (or even a magazine cover) is enough.
  15. Edit: good move to make the GH5s. Not so much to make the GH5 - the G9 pretty much covers the "hybrid" role, in my point of view.
  16. Or maybe was just "Sony is selling, let's copy them'. But I think it is a good move.
  17. Yeah, I think that it is a really serious issue, but there are a lot of panic mode posts about it. Example: Intel sourced a tool to run in your computer which detects if it is affected by the Meltdown bug. Downloaded and ran it in my crappy Chinese tablet with Atom processor and Windows 10, which never (and probably never will) receive a firmware update from the shitty manufacturer. Windows 10 was not patched for it yet. And the Intel test said my computer was NOT affected by the bug.
  18. You forgot the "Is it the 8th yet?", clearly a mention about 8 bits on footage.
  19. Casey videos are crap, and "cinematic / DR / blablabla" is only talking - what he (and a lot of vloggers and gimbal people) needs is good AF, and in this Canon is very good. 1080p and "good color science" are very useful too for quick turnaround. For him, I think that it is a very wise choice. And for sure the GH5s will not have DPAF - Panasonic and manufacturers in general are stubborn to change routes. Panasonic stated for years that IBIS was not needed, that OIS was "better solution" - take years to change their minds and 2 GX cameras to start to use a 5-axis IBIS. And a lot of things like that - Olympus menus / interface (come on, you could not have histogram and levelling signs in the SAME screen?), Sony and Fuji with touchscreens (just now started using)... (whishful thinking: Panny usually try newer tech in the GX line - IBIS, tilting EVF, 20mp sensor - and no rumors about a future GX9...maybe will be their first DPAF camera?)
  20. ROFL The camera could be tiny, but nothing is TINY on that picture.
  21. Well, if Fujirumors is right, will not be this time: 4K, 1.17x crop, 30p, 4:2:0 8 bit 200 Mbps https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x-h1-4k-1-17x-crop-video-specs/
  22. About the sensor: crappy rendering hypothesis was confirmed. I think that it is not a G85 sucessor, this one is in a upper class, aimed at still photographers - and $100 cheaper than the E-M1 MKII, even with the current discounts. I am surprises that 4k60 was included, I thought that only 4k30 will be included. For video, GH5 is clearly better. If Panasonic had jettisoned its "pride" about DFD (as it did about IBIS) and implemented PDAF on sensor, this camera would be a home run for stills (it could sell well as it is, but PDAF would be an icing on the cake).
  23. I thought the same - no way that Panasonic would get a different sensor for only one camera. But that V MODE button - I agree that it is in a very strange position - and the square opening... And yeah, it is a E-M1 II competitor. Even have exactly the same width.
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