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  1. I know that here is a video oriented forum, but it is looking interesting... I thought that was a very bad rendering error in the front image, but looks like that this will be the trick in this camera: a multi-aspect sensor. The opening in the mount is clearly square (hence the hypothesis of a rendering error). But there is a V MODE button on the side of the EVF, and it is not the button to switch EVF behaviour - as in the GH5, this button is assigned by default to a button on the back. V MODE looks like "vertical mode" - you could take a portrait oriented picture keeping the camera in the usual landscape position, with full resolution. But let's wait to see if they will not use the same LX100 "trick" to make the sensor "multi-aspect": cropping. It is hard to imagine Panasonic getting a custom sensor for only one model, but...
  2. Already found one, freeware - link if someone need it in the future. http://avidemux.sourceforge.net/
  3. Hi, guys. Do you know any software (free is possible) that allows you to trim Panasonic's (GX85, in the case) MP4 4k files without recoding? I have a lot of footage with begin / end without usable material (the shutter button of the GX85 sometimes did not stop the recording), and I wish to trim the excesses before moving it to my permanent storage. Thanks.
  4. Arriving in London on Monday. Better be far away from that store...
  5. Very strange back without the D-pad...don know if lose programmable buttons is a good choice.
  6. Yeah, the bigger wheel is a follow focus. Only for electronic lenses, I suppose - and probably restricted to some manufacturers (I know that Canon have this possibility - Aputure UFC-1s comes to mind).
  7. Already teased in their Facebook page. Announcement tomorrow. https://www.facebook.com/ZhiyunGlobal/
  8. Appeared from nowhere. What are that dials? https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1359107-REG/zhiyun_tech_crane_2_3_axis_handheld_stabilizer.html
  9. By the descriptions on "case studies" link, something related with leg deployment.
  10. Indeed - f/1.8 or 2 zooms would be very useful for me (most for stills than for video).
  11. Will be in London only in September, probably no chance - craved for this lens in the past, not so much now, but... Did not know CEX, another good London stores recommendation, beside the more known ones?
  12. Do you have the link in hand with the button sequence to enter this mode (I've lost the link)? Will try to convert my GX85 to EU framerates for a trip (and avoid light flickering).
  13. If I understood right, the focus peaking on the app is still not developed?
  14. Anyone else here bought the Crane-M? @Mattias Burling, you still have it? Have you tried it with larger cameras?
  15. I'm curious to see the E-M5 MK III - if they kept the video specs and the IBIS form the E-M1 MK II, with a lower price tag (I don't need very big fps for stills), would be a perfect option. Unfortunately, no rumors about it yet.
  16. A drycabinet like @jonpais showed is ideal, but in some countries with insane import taxes (like mine), you have to come with alternative solutions. First I tried a regular cabinet, "sealed" with rubber gel in the wall seams, adhesive foam on the doors, and a standalone peltier dehumidifier, monitored with a hygrometer inside. Kinda worked - the humidity stayed in the 40%, but the dehumidifier was kind of crap and killed two power supplies (the second have twice the power of the original and was blown too). Now I tried a simpler solution - lockable plastic boxes, sealed with the same adhesive foam rubber (there are sealed storage containers, with rubber in the covers, used for food storage - but could not find ones big enough here), with digital hygrometers inside, and organza bags with silica gel inside (buy the orange ones - the blue ones contains cobalt, which could be dangerous); they stay in the 35-40% range for almost a month.
  17. I have it, and did not liked it too much. Bought this one in eBay after and to my taste is much better: https://varavon.com/collections/accessories/products/sling-follow-focus?variant=858184235 (albeit I have not used it from a long time - kind of got the grips with focusing manually, since I take a lot of stills in concerts in MF or vintage lenses) About the grip, just wish that Panasonic (or someone) make some external grips like Olympus does... but found something interesting in Varavon's page that I was not aware: https://varavon.com/collections/rod-accesories/products/eng-grip-b-type?variant=860241427. It's an ENG grip to use with rods, but looks like that is the same grip that they use in some of their cages, the rod part is fixed with two screws that I suppose that could be attached to a cage / L bracket.
  18. My bad, I did not saw that there is one for the G85 (which is very similar to the GX85).
  19. Saw some samples of the Leeming LUT, but (at least in the ones that I saw), skin tones are not well balance (too white in some shots, too orange in others). And for which camera do you use (since there is not one specific for the GX85)?
  20. Did not liked the kind of colors of EosHD Pro Color (only taste, I think is a great work from Andrew), at least in first sight. In general, yes, Panny's AWB is very good, but I think that use manual WB is feasible at least in daylight - set it in the street with the sunlight, and set it again if go indoors. At night, yeah, probably use autoWB could be a good idea. I generally protect the highlights - only way to recover it, shadows are more flexible, albeit noisier. My GX85 is an american model, don't remember if it has 25p/50p framerates...hope so, because of the light flickering. Did you tested Twixtor in 4k, or is an info that you have? And the last point - already a priority. In fact, will (I hope) do a lot of preparation just to avoid to mount a tripod, change lenses between stills / video...the trip have priority. Thanks, @jonpais. Will take a look. Since i will probably render the final output in 1080, I guess that I could get some gains in noise. What do you use if you need some noise reduction (Neat Video or similar)? Have you ever tried to use Cinelike-D at ISO 1600? (I will use the primes at night to try to avoid it). The question about the color card is exactly for the hipotesis of having to use another profile - it could be used for some kind of color matching? I know that for stills you have tools to help it.
  21. Posted it first in another thread, but (correctly) was suggested that I asked it in a new thread. I have a incoming trip - London, Barcelona and some Portugal cities in september / october), and I wish to make some travel videos with a little bit better quality. Since I will go with my girlfriend, time consuming setups are out - my idea is to buy a Crane-M in London (than I could bypass a tripod / slider for panning and slider-like shots), and use the 12-32mm or the 14-42mm with a VariND for daylight shots, and the 14mm 2.5 and the 20mm 1.7 for indoor shots. Probably will use the GX85 for stills too, planning to get Xume magnetic adapters to fast removal of the variND filter. My questions are somewhat overlapping with the @meanwhile ones, but I will ask them again (pardon for the repeats): - White balance: since we don't have raw, I guess that it is good advice to set the wb manually. The best practice is set the camera in the profile that you will use and set the wb with a gray card, and set again if the lighting changes? Any other procedure needed? - Profiles: liked the Cinelike-D in the GX85 (best hack ever), but it is the best profile for every situation? I guess that I will have 5 scenarios in this trip: daylight landscapes, daylight city streets, indoors (churches, castles, etc), night landscapes and night citty streets. a) I suppose that Cinelike-D is good for the daylight ones, the additional DR is useful to balance the skies and the scenery (mostly buildings). But I saw lots of complaints with it in other cameras reagrding two aspects: noise in the shadows and skin tones - how are your experiences with it? And I'm not versed in grading techniques - no problem in learn that, but I don't know wht is the learning curve... b) For the indoors and night scenes, Cinelike-D is adequate, or the shadow noise becomes a problem? c) If Cinelike-D is not recommended for me (because of use cases / noobism / complicated post processing), which profile and settings do you recommend? d) For Cinelike-D and / or other profiles, how is the base ISO and exposure recommended method? ISO 200 and ETTR? e) Shot a color card (X-Rite or something) is each lighting situation is useful? - Slow motion: would like to make some shots in 1080p60 for slowmo; I know that the GX85's 1080p is somewhat bad, but it is usable? If not, someone tried 4k downscaled + Twixtor or something similar)? And if I put this 1080p60 in a 24fps timeline, will there be some cadence problems? Thanks in advance for any help.
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