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  1. I use the Poor Man Drybox: Daiso hermetically sealed plastic boxes, with bags of orange silica and a little digital higrometer inside each box (I've read that below 42% of humidity in your dry box could dry the grease of some lenses). Keep the silica bags until reach the desired humidity, take the bag out and (for the less opened boxes) it is enough to keep the humidity in the same level for weeks. Box looks like this one (I have only small cameras): but any sealed box could serve (there are much larger ones). Higrometer like this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-Digital-LCD-Indoor-Temperature-Humidity-Meter-Thermometer-Hygrometer-WOUS/182188821858?hash=item2a6b4ccd62:g:0Y8AAOSwhOVXc-07 But by far the best solution is a dedicated powered dry cabinet like @jonpais have.
  2. Samsung will not come back to professional camera market. Period. Nor will supply sensors to this market. Smartphone sensors are much more profitable (better yields, more volume). They pŕobably already repurposed the NX1 sensor factory line to make smaller sensors - if they are willing to sell that amazing NX1 sensor to other vendors, they would done it a long ago. I doubt that Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Fujifilm like to be in Sony's hands when it comes to sensors. About this collaboration with Fujifilm: Fujifilm still have a very strong chemical arm, and I remember some time ago an announcement of a plastic film designed to enhance sensor's performance - this collaboration with Samsung is just it, supplying a product to enhance their sensor performance, and that's it. Samsung coming back to professional cameras is just wishful thinking. They are leaders in smartphone camp, which makes MUCH more money nowadays than stand alone cameras. And profit margins are MUCH higher in this camp too.
  3. @sgreszcz I have a Crane M, never messed much with the default settings, use much heavier lenses with my GX85 and it works ok (albeit rarely do the movement that you are describing). Did you manually balance the gimbal with the camera + lens combo? When I started playing with it, incorrect balancing even sometimes shut down the motors. Correct balancing and "resetting" the gimbal - there is a (somewhat complicated) procedure for it in the app that seemed to help. After a while, when I got the hang of balancing it fast when changing lenses, no more problems. I recommend to put a very small Arca clamp (I used one like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/FC-25-Quick-Release-Plate-Clamp-Adapter-for-RSS-Arca-Swiss-Benro-Tripod-Ballhead/382455971141?hash=item590c26fd45:g:JP8AAOSwG~ta1b6X) since it helps the balancing (and take the camera out) without much weight.
  4. About the Xume adapters: I've bought it for my last vacation trip to Europe, because I was using a single camera to stills / video, and wanted to remove the ND filter for stills (and occasionally put a polarizer). If you will use a variND with them, be sure that your variND does not need a lot of force to rotate when adjusting, like mine - when used directly in the lens thread, it is an advantage (since it is harder to make unintentional shifts on adjustment), but when using Xumes it could cause all the filter to rotate, instead of just the front part. Xume's magnets are strong (no problems at all with falling filters), but I had this issue. And could be just unluck in my part, but after 3 weeks (changing filters a lot of times during the day, I must say), the magnet on my Xume's lens adapter detached from the adapter. Managed to glue it back, but was an annoyance.
  5. Use a Spyder 4 Pro too; have two monitors, with some years of age between them, and even calibrating both, the color (especially saturation) is somewhat different. But since I'm an amateur, did not invested in better ones. For final color grade I use the newer one, since most of the people see videos on mobile screens nowadays, which usually are more saturated. Interested in the development of this thread - curious to see how are the solutions that people here have.
  6. They are so scared of smarphones that the next will be RX100 X, with a notch on the rear lcd. Maybe to realize (which now should be obvious) that video CDAF will never get traction with vloggers...
  7. Thanks for the site / forum / content, Andrew. Even as an amateur, EOSHD is one of the responsibles for falling in love with video. About the GX9: I second the opinion for a straight comparison with the GX80/85 - almost all sites compare it to the GX8, which I think it is downright silly (the GX9 is not a GX8 sucessor). Especially about resolution / low light performance / crop differences / color science - I have a GX85 and still thinking if it is worth to upgrade.
  8. Never will could thank @BTM_Pix enough for the Cinelike-D hack. Never used another mode since (except in that occasion that I need to match the GX85 to the LX100, went Natural on both) .
  9. I guess (more experienced users can correct me if I'm wrong) that the colors could be somewhat different - I have a LX100 (same generation from the G7) and a GX85 and, using the same settings (picture profile, etc) between the two, the colors are not the same, LX100 (and maybe the G7) have a more greenish hue, as used to be in the past Panasonics.
  10. About the problem switching between stills and video mode: put your preferred settings for each mode on the custom positions of the mode dial (1-2) does not work? (I use my GX85 for shooting concerts alternating between modes stored in the C1-C2 memory - even with Cinelike-D enabled in C2)
  11. Maybe you can use it with a counterweight to help balancing, if your gimbal can handle the weight of the camera+counterweight. Moment, which makes lenses for smartphones, sell a counterweight with this purpose: https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2017/11/21/16686030/moment-lens-dji-osmi-gimbal-official-counterweight-iphone-8-plus
  12. What a contraption. https://***URL removed***/news/1929459569/the-yongnuo-yn43-is-a-micro-four-thirds-smartphone-clip-on-camera-with-canon-lens-mount
  13. It would be awesome. But I guess that the noise levels will not get better, it was the GH4 image pipeline. Never had a GH4 to know how was Cinelike D on it, though.
  14. Our @Mattias Burling already gave the firmware a spin. That Eterna colors are really beautiful.
  15. Always thought this way about my LX100 - a lens with a free camera. Have to use it back to tinker a little bit with photo quality - always have the impression that the lens is a bit soft. Unfortunately the video quality is now lagging behing the GX85 - G9 - G85 - GH5; the noise levels are from the GH4 generation. If it could be updated to the GX85 level, would be amazing.
  16. You could compare camera+lenses sizes (some of them) in the same Camerasize site. - Go to https://camerasize.com/compact/ - In the menu bar at the right of the combo box which you choose the cameras, click on the last icon (camera+lens) - Choose a camera and click the "+" button - The camera body will appear in top view, and over it there is a link "click to add a lens" - Choose the lens that you want - Add a 2nd camera body and repeat the process. You can copy the generated URL that your browser will show in the URL bar when you have the comparison you desired and share it, like this: https://camerasize.com/compact/#698.613,698.366,ha,t
  17. "The camera achieves HD Tier 1 because of the sensor size, while smaller than the preferred 1” size, is greater than the minimum-acceptable 2⁄3” size. The wording of R.118 is not completely consistent on this because testing is required whatever the sensor size, but the camera passes the tests anyway." Huh?
  18. Dialogue in Panasonic headquarters meeting: (Manager) Well, Cinelike-D and Cinelike-V should stay available only for our bigger body cameras... (Engineer) Ahn...there is a problem... (Manager) What? (Engineer) A guy in a site was messing with our wifi transmission protocol and discovered a way to enable it in our smaller cameras. (Manager) Oh, fuck. Where? (Engineer) Looks like a Canon site by their name, EOSHD. @BTM_Pix is the handle of the guy. (Manager) Can't we disable it with a firmware update? (Engineer) We can...but since we usually only release updates to fix errors in our smaller cameras, and not to improve them like that Fujifilm assholes, probably will not be a good idea. (Manager) How did that happened? (Engineer) An internship guy was assigned to handle the wifi protocols and... (Manager) Amazing job, geniuses. Now we have to enable it to not look selfish... The engineer was moved to Panasonic's washer division. ================================================================= New firmware v1.1 [Cinelike D] and [Cinelike V] have been added to [Photo Style]. [Flash Mode] can now be set to [Forced Flash Off] for the built-in flash. http://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/fts/dl/gx9.html
  19. In fact just bought a very battered (but working) S5Pro just to see if that CCD colors justify the hype. @Mattias Burling could contribute somewhat in this topic (if he comes back).
  20. New account, 3 posts...hope that it will not be a 4k movie of Rick Astley (or some DNG from a NX1 Raw).
  21. For size comparisons, it is in Camerasize already. http://camerasize.com/compare/#782,727
  22. Very good option, but in my short experience with USB-C cables (only have a tablet with it - my older computers are still running fine), it disconnects much more easily than HDMI. A locking solution will be needed, I guess.
  23. Probably not - still have the half of the price factor.
  24. Curious about the weight, not mentioned anywhere.
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